My Avenge Baseball Tee came in the mail today from @olanrogers and @olanrogersapparel and yes it did come with the gummy bears at no additional cost. Olan has been one of my favorite online video creators/directors for years now and I really aspire to be on his level someday. Check out his videos and while you’re at it check out his apparel in his online store. Definitely won’t be my last purchase. Support good people and their talents! Thanks again Olan! #olanrogers #youtube #ohmyai #sweettshirtthatwillgetmeoutofspeedingticketsbecauseofitsepicnature

Now this is what you call a pizza. Papa Murphy’s makes epic pizza and I highly recommend everyone trying it if you have one within driving distance from where you live. So so good! #pizza #foodporn #papamurphys #ohmyai

Remember when these first came out? There was a soda machine by Ace Hardware and they were only $0.25 a can. Surge and another soda called Citra. My buddies and I would ride our bikes over and be sipping on these all the time. Oh the memories. Lol. #throwbackthursdays #80sbaby #90s #tht #ohmyai

Ok guys, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!! I’m officially running for “King Of The Web” in the music category. There are only 13 days left to vote. Everyone is allowed to cast 10 votes per day too. I really need everyone’s support for this one. All you have to do is go to http://kingofweb.com/users/adamivy and click the pink “vote” box under my posted video. You’ll be able to log in easily using Facebook in less than a minute and then once you’re logged in you can cast your 10 votes. If I win this I will set up a day where everyone can download any 20 of my beats for only $1.00!! Remember you can cast 10 votes per day so for the next 13 days I really need your help!! If you have any questions feel free to ask via comment. Tell your friends and spread the word. Thank you! #kingofweb #kingoftheweb #youtube #vote # videos #support #ohmyai