My phone is now covered in my two fav fandoms thanks to stupidoomdoodles (that gorgeous dbz phone case is available on her society6) and ohmonah (bill cipher charm from this awesome shop over here)!

91cms asked:

Where did you get that amazing phone charm???

Since a lot of other people have been wondering as well, I bought this charm from ohmonah​ at Kawaii Kon!  You can also order it online from their shop along with other rad stuff!

I went out of the living room to quickly change after spending 6 hrs in the same spot sweat shopping for AX and when I came back I saw what it looked like from the outside and I couldn’t stop laughing…..


Pretty straight forward concept, just reblog this with your artist name table number  + art tumblr and use the #OTAKUTHONAA tag every time you:

  • Have an Otakuthon AA related post
  • Advertise your storenvy with your AA merch
  • Feel stupid for losing that 1 business card and you need to find your senpai
  • Want just a *special* space for us, so it doesn’t get lost in the sea of posts in the regular Otakuthon tag
  • Can I just follow all of your guys? Seriously tho, I need to know who was there.. i need this.

MAGfest XI part 12- all the stuff I got there!

I got so much art! All of Melissa King’s Earthbound/Mother 2 prints from Fangamer; Megaman, Cave Story, and Chrono Trigger prints from ohmonah; my favorite Skullgirls print; one of DJ Cutman’s cd’s; a music box from the creator of To The Moon that plays Everything’s Alright; a handmade plush of Gunter from Adventure Time; and the Cards of Legend and Attorney Badge from Fangamer.