91cms  asked:

Where did you get that amazing phone charm???

Since a lot of other people have been wondering as well, I bought this charm from ohmonah​ at Kawaii Kon!  You can also order it online from their shop along with other rad stuff!



Opening preorders for DVA jackets 02.10.17. 
LIMITED RUN. Will close order after first 100.

Nonprofit, fan made track jackets with detailed embroidered patches in the front and back.

Keep posted on my twitter @ohmonah. I’m going to drop the store link an hour before i open it. 

So, I decided to make a follow forever! The blogs listed below are a mix of most of my mutuals and people that inspire me daily. Either it be artists or simply casual bloggers. All of these blogs, for sure, have 10/10 content! (sorry if within the categories the blogs aren’t in alphabetical order.. I just was too lazy to organise them)

p.s: If you want me to untag you please tell me!

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cosmic-creep, chradi, dogls, bannanabutt, animeadult, dr0idstar, chinburd, cruelkun, dekaell, defaultcode, enodio, dragoncalls, 8bip, azuredemon, crownoun, aliarlert, countingmystars, chicksnicket, armouredpoet, d123d3, double-dire-bear, cydonianbird, agoraphobic-greek, etahad, beesov, baroque-z, c2oh,

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homidice, hap-solitudo, futurebotanist, 8heartbeats, hearingsirens, fayrenheit, galaxiedesrois, fortheloveofrollingaway, juuzoucore, jakusz, henpai, glitchin-g, jotaconinja, gxylien, just-standupanndscream, firlachiel, genicecream, flunflun, internet-niche, faleep, 6-hours, galigayo, jel-lee, iguanamouth

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katthekat, mpreq, nolzx, lloet, kokkuri-kun, mrgenericmcprotag, offensivekid, mbabeme, milkyology, mercurykittens, musical-prince, loki-dokii, mutinisvodka, kilisq, kruziikqeth, kelpls, kidwiizard, kaiami, ohmonah, kiwipan, loekostrauss

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