OHM abstract wall meditation

48 x 60 inch canvas , spray paint and a lot of time. Picture taken 07.12.2013, This piece has been a great many things in the process, working with a similar approach as one may do a piece on a wall but due to the studio environment I have been able to do more intimate exploration of the wall. Compression of space has lead me to insight of adaptational techniques with a philosophy somewhat relative to painting on concrete and steel out in the exterior world. My work on canvas has become a type of inner graffiti that has been a defining force of my being as an artist.

24 x 30 graphite and spray paint on canvas. Work in progress, not yet titled. Began about April or May 2013. Quickly started but giving it some breathing room while completing other work;this can be said of the process of most of my work. I think of this as juggling chess games or something comparably cerebral and intellectually strategic.

Deck that I just finished painting for the Skate Your Fate show at The Fridge Gallery in Washington D.C. Being as tho I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, I am getting ready to package this and put it on it’s way. All is spray paint, some old krylon and rusto used but mostly montana 94. I really like the deck as a canvas.

“ I think that the way boards get destroyed skating has leaked into putting art back onto the board. A product of expression. Literally ”

“Unknown Mantis”

aerosol( Montana Aliens& MTN Hardcore) and acrylic on canvas

28" x 70"

started 2001-W.I.P.

 There were a few years prior to this painting that I had experiences with praying mantis that opened up a new world. Something between the human and also the insect world. Experiences where there was a mutual awareness between my own mind and also the insect. Knowing well the difference between the optics of each species, I began to grow into a world of vision. Broadening my perception, I continued to meditate on looking spectrum ranges,temperature,food,poison and also the kaleidoscopic vision of the world that many insects are said to have. These experiences and influences have carried into a lot of my work over the years since.  I felt as if both myself and the universe were looking at each other simultaneously. A reality I have learned to grow further within.