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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to your favorite followers. 🌈🌈<3 (Yay positive sparkles!) ♥

kara i would deadass take a bullet for u oiwejlakdfsl

-i like my tattoos

-i like how determined i am

-i like that im not afraid to do fuck anything with my hair bc it’s just hair

-i like that im gay as fu cc tbh

-i like my humor

  • normal picture of my favorite hockey player: i love him!
  • horribly timed picture of my favorite hockey player making an ugly face and looking like actual gutter trash: 😩😩😩ohmgydo yuo GUYs ilvoe him sso m much yOu don't even uNdersstand i would DIE😫 for tthis hideous boyy i would let himshoot a puck Right into my ASS hes too perfectt 😭😭😭😭

ok but guys… can we talk about this gif

im gonna talk about this gif. e n d m e. look at lexa, she’s just started to cry because she’s just been kissed by the girl she loves. her eyes are closed, she’s pretty much just working on not Dying because everything’s so overwhelmingly good right now and oh- okay i guess clarke wants another kiss ohmgydo okAY!!! HERE4IT!!! b u t c l a r k e. 9/10 times that i watch this scene my eyes are trained on clarke lksdfjlkdjsf she’s spent so much time holding onto her anger and keeping her walls up around lexa because she was SO damaged the last time she let herself fall for lexa despite her being in such a bad position to love her safely… she’s just. giving in. they cant love each other safely. they cant be together, lexa can’t be hers to keep, and this might be all they have but GOD! DAMN! IS SHE GIVING IN! WITH ALL! SHE’S! GOT! the only good thing about the fact that they might never see each other again is that they have this singular moment where they can be It for each other and give in, admit what they have, admit what they want, and cling to it for what’s left of an hour. and damn does clarke seize the moment oh my  g o d alsdjflaskdjflkajsdklfjskdf

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Chris whimpered around the gag in his mouth, struggling against his binds and wishing nothing more that he wasn't on his stomach with a blindfold on so he could see what the hell his husband was doing. A familiar weight covered his back and Darren whispered in his ear, "Ready, baby?" Chris nodded quickly and Darren chuckled hotly in his ear before moving back to smack Chris' ass lightly, making Chris whine. It was only the beginning, after all.