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Sammy Wilkinson Imagine: “Here For You”

Request from anon:

Can you do an imagine where Y/N and Sam have a 3 week old son named Collin and one day they go to the mall to Christmas shop and some fans come up up them and ask for pictures and Y/N gets really nervous because Collin is only a newborn and she walks away with him in the stroller Sam calms her down and tells her that he is perfectly fine and that nothing is going to happen to him? Thanks love


               We stood in the nursery of our 3 week old son, Collin’s room, packing up a diaper bag along with anything else we may need just to go shopping. I was scared to death to go out in public with Collin, but Sammy helped me so much. We were engaged and planned to get married after things settled down a little more. We walked out to the car, and strapped Collin into the car seat, before Sam and I got in the front seats and drove to the mall. When we arrived, we put him in a stroller and began shopping for some Christmas things. The mall was pretty packed, which made me even more nervous. A 3 week old baby was so fragile. Sam stood by my side the whole time, holding my hand tightly. After being in a few stores, we sat down at a bench to take a rest, when this big group of teenage girls came running over to us. Sammy’s fans, of course. They were so supportive and sweet but I just didn’t need them right now. They all were freaking out and taking pictures with Sammy, but I was scared about Collin, so I quickly slipped away from the crowd walked away. I didn’t have the chance to tell Sam, but I figured he’d notice soon enough. I stood from a distance, watching him interact with his fans. He was so good with them; they really had a special connection.

           After about 10 minutes, I could tell Sam noticed I had left, and he told the fans he really had to leave. After finally getting away from them, he ran over to me. I was sitting on another bench, in tears. I had a newborn, anything could happen to him which scared me so much. I needed Sammy by my side all the time. He sat down next to me on the bench and put his arm around my, rubbing my back. “Y/n… please look at me, babe.” He said. After hiding my face in my hands, I looked up slowly to see Sammy’s beautiful eye staring back into mine. “Baby, it’s going to be okay. I won’t let anything happen to Collin. Or you.” Sam said firmly. “I’m just scared to take him anywhere…” I said. “I’ll be here right by your side, baby. I love you so much. I love the both of you. I’ll keep you two safe. I promise.” Sam said calmly. He stood up and held his hand out to me. I stood too, and he wrapped his arms around me, rocking us back and forth. I  got his shirt a little wet from my tears, but he didn’t seem to mind. I looked up into Sam’s eyes, before looking down at Collin. He had his father’s eyes and beautiful eyelashes. I was so lucky to have these two boys in my life. They were my world, and I knew Sam would be there for me no matter what.

a/n: so sorry, this is kinda bad and short, but I still think it’s really cute. (: