Nash Grier/Nate Maloley imagine- “Beautiful Mistake”

Request from anon: Can you do an imagine where me and nash are dating, and everything are going fine but then we get into a hurtful fight (you pick the reason) and we break up, and i went to nate house because he was my best friend, and we get drunk, and we end having sex and nash find out that … ( you pick the final)


               I stood in the mirror, admiring myself. I was dressed in a white sundress. Nash, my boyfriend, promised me he was going to cook dinner for the two of us tonight. Hoping he’d be home by now, starting dinner, I walked downstairs anxiously, only to see an empty kitchen. No surprise. It was 7pm, and he told me he’d be back from work by 6:30. He’d been really weird lately. Never home, always on his phone, you know. It felt like he didn’t even care about me anymore. After waiting a few more minutes, I pulled my phone out and called him. He answered after a while. “Hello?” He said. “nash.” I said. “Oh, hey, y/n. What’s up?” He asked. “What’s up?? Nash. Are you forgetting something?” I asked. “Oh shit… babe! The dinner!” He said. “Yeah, the dinner. Where even are you?” I asked. “At the office… look babe I’m so busy with everything going on in this upcoming movie.” Nash said, quickly. “Nash. We need to talk.” I said firmly. “Okay, let’s talk.” He said. “No, in person.” I said. I heard him take a deep breath. “Look baby, I’m really sorry…” He started to say, but I interrupted him. “Nash, I don’t have time for time. Come home, now or I’ll come to your office. We need to talk right now.” I said firmly. “Uh… alright. I’m heading home now…” Nash said. I hung up and slammed my phone on the counter as my eyes filled with tears. I felt so bad about myself. How could he forget about our special dinner date? I got all dressed up for nothing.

               A few minutes later, I heard the doorknob turn, and in walked Nash. He looked so good, but I had to remind myself I was mad at him. He walked towards me and tried to kiss me, but I pushed him back. “Nash, you stood me up. You forgot. You promised.” I said. He sighed and said “I know, baby. It won’t happen again.” He said. “That’s another lie. It will, because you’ve said this all before and it always does happen again. You promised, and you broke that promise. I can’t trust you anymore! How do I even know you were at the office?! How do I not know that you’re actually off with another girl?!” I asked, now shouting. “Y/n! Would you chill out! Oh my god, I’m trying to actually make money to support myself… and you. Since you barely do anything.” Nash said, mumbling the last part. My jaw dropped at his words. “I turned around and ran upstairs into our shared bedroom. I grabbed a bag and threw some clothes in it as fast as possible, before hearing Nash’s footsteps running upstairs. “Where are you going?” He asked. I refused to look at him, since there were now tears coming down my face. “Away. Anywhere but here. Since apparently you’re the only one that supports the two of us. You’re the only one that pays rent and for everything here.” I said. I turned around and walked past him, back downstairs. “Y/n, can you please calm down? You can’t leave.” Nash said. I reached my hand on the doorknob. “Watch me.” I said, before opening the door and walking out.

               I ran to my car, and got in, sitting for a few minutes, just crying. I realized though I couldn’t go back there tonight. Where was I going to sleep? In my car? I remembered Nate, my best friend. I pulled out my phone and dialed his number. He answered after one ring. “Y/n?” He answered. “Nate… Can I come over?” I asked immediately.  “Sure, uh, is Nash coming too?” He asked. I sighed and said “No. can… Can I stay tonight? I just need somewhere to sleep.” “Of course, of course. Stay however long you need.” Nate said. I smiled and said “Thank you. I’ll explain when I get there.” “Alright, see you soon then.” Nate said, before hanging up. I started my car and drove to Nate’s house which was really close. Once I got there, I walked in, with my bag slung over my shoulder. He was sitting on the couch, and when he saw me, sprung up. “Y/n, hey,” Nate said, wrapping his arms around me tightly. He looked at me in the eyes and said “You’ve been crying?” It was always obvious when I was crying; my cheeks and nose turned bright red. I looked down at my feet, and he rubbed my back. “Come on, talk to me.” Nate said, walking us back to the couch.

               “Well Nash, he’s never home anymore, always working. So today, he promised he’d make us dinner and we’d have a nice night together. Of course, he didn’t come home. SO I called him and he said he was still at the office, and then he came home. And I yelled at him, and he said he supported both of us, and that’s why he was always working. Because I didn’t do anything to help pay rent on the apartment and all of that.” I said, beginning to tear up at the end again. Nate shook his head in disappointment. “Don’t believe a single word he said.” Nate said. I cracked a smile at him. “Thanks, Nate.” I said. “Seriously though. So you just left?” He asked. I took a deep breath and nodded. “I just want to get my mind off of him. I don’t want to lose him though. I just needed this break.” I explained. Nate smirked at me and said “Well… I know a way we can get your mind off of all of this.” He walked over to the kitchen and brought back two beers. We started drinking, and talking about everything in the world. I really loved Nate, we’d been friends forever.

               Soon enough, everything started to become blurry. I was sitting on Nate’s lap, and his hand was on my thigh. “Are you getting tired?” He asked, slurring his words. “No, not really.” I said. I turned around to face Nate, and he pushed his lips against mine immediately. This kiss turned rough, quickly. “N….Nate…” I mumbled against his lips. “This will definitely get your mind off of Nash.” Nate whispered. I’d completely forgotten about Nash to be honest. I didn’t care though. Nate picked me up by the thighs and ran us back to his bedroom, setting us down on the bed. He began removing my clothes and kissing me all over. Things were happening quickly, but I didn’t mind.

               I felt someone tapping on my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes, and was hit with a pounding headache. I was wrapped up in Nate’s arms. He was smiling at me. What did we do last night? “Good morning,” Nate mumbled. I smiled and said “Morning.” He sat up and stretched. I realized I was only wearing panties. “Uh… wanna explain what happened last night?” I asked. Nate smirked at me and said “Y/n… I think you know.” “I was drunk!” I shouted, covering my face in my hands. I couldn’t stop smiling though. It was wrong, but I always had slight feelings for Nate, anyways. I looked at my phone and it was already 11am. There was a message from Nash that read “Y/n… come home already. I’m scared to death about you. At least tell me you’re alright.” I replied saying “I’m safe, Nash.” I didn’t want him to be worrying. I looked on my snapchat, and saw Nate had posted a photo of me sleeping this morning. You could tell I wasn’t wearing a shirt, but couldn’t see anything. I nearly screamed when I saw it. “Nate!” I shouted. “Yeah?” He asked. “Your snapchat!!” I said loudly. Nate smiled, but I was mad. “Nate, everyone will see that!” I said. “y/n.. my snapchat is personal. No fans follow it. Don’t worry.” He said calmly. “But Nash…” I reminded him. His eyes widened. “Oh shit…” he mumbled. Nate went on his phone for a few seconds before looking up at me. “he just saw it.” Nate said. I sighed and shut my eyes for a moment. “Y/n, remember how bad he treated you last night? Don’t feel bad about anything. I’m serious.” Nate said. I got up and grabbed one of his t-shirts, pulling it on so it covered everything. Nate got up and pulled on sweatpants, before we walked out to the kitchen. My phone dinged again, and it was another message from Nash, reading “Y/n? You’re with Nate? What the fuck. I know you did something with him.” I sighed and showed Nate. “Y/n… it’s gonna be okay. I promise. If you lose Nash, you always have me.” He said, soothingly. I looked at Nate for a moment and really thought about what he said. He was right. Nash treated me so badly, and we’d been having so many problems. Nate and I… I always felt like we had a connection. Especially after last night. I was scared of what was coming from Nash though. When he got mad, it was bad. I didn’t want to go back.

               About an hour later, Nate and I were sitting on the couch, watching tv, when there was a loud nock on the door. Nate got up and walked over, looking in the peep hole. He looked back over at me and mouthed “it’s Nash.” My eyes flew opened, as I ran back into Nate’s room where my bag was. I pulled on one of my own t-shirts and leggings, and threw Nate’s t-shirt I was wearing to him, so he wouldn’t be shirtless. He opened the door and Nash walked in quickly. “What, the hell is going on here?” Nash asked. “Dude, you’re lucky I even let you in. Don’t freak out on y/n,” Nate said. Nash looked at me with a serious expression. “Y/n. I’m sorry for forgetting about the dinner. I’m sorry for offending you. I understand that you didn’t want to stay at the apartment last night. But really? You come over to your best friends house, and you have sex with him?!”  Nash said, basically yelling by now. “Nash, I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing. But I realized something. You treat me like shit. You are always ‘working’ anyways. Nash, I didn’t want to lose you before, but now, I do. I think you need to leave.” I said firmly. “What?!” Nash shouted. I nodded towards the door. “I’ll come by sometime to get all my stuff.” I said, as he walked out, looking beyond pissed. After he left, Nate turned to me with wide eyes. “I… I didn’t know you were going to do that.” He said. I smiled and said “Me neither… but I’m glad I did. Besides, I know I’ll always have you.” Nate pulled me in for a tight hug. “Now about last night… can we just kinda forget about it?” Nate asked, laughing. I smiled and said “It was a mistake… but I’m glad it happened.” Nate kissed my lips softly and pulled me even closer to him.

a/n: sorry this is kinda long, but I hope you enjoyed! ALso, I’m really hoping to have the next part of “Forever and a Half” out tomorrow. Sorry for the long wait. Love you guys. :)))