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Ohm’s reaction can be explained with one gif:

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I found this comic in my sketchbook and decided to share it with you all. This takes place in my BBS GTA5 AU.

yes im back at it again with my horrible and sketchy comics >:D


Just a couple dudes beating on each other.

All We Need

This is just a short little oneshot about Ohmwrecker, Ryan, and his dog, Buddy, based off of an amazing art piece that @king-draws recently posted. (sorry I can’t link the piece. I’m on moblie right now)
Hope you enjoy!

10 weeks ago, his dad got remarried.
9 weeks ago, Ryan moved in with his mom.
8 weeks ago, he turned eighteen.
7 weeks ago, his first job application went out.
6 weeks ago, his mom got remarried.
5 weeks ago, both of his parents had kicked him out.
4 weeks ago, he stopped driving his car to potential jobs to save on money.
3 weeks ago, he started asking for spare change on the side of the street.
2 weeks ago, he had gotten a minimum wage job offer.
1 week ago, Ryan was still living on the streets alone.

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I made a polaroid version because Bryce looked very strange, just really close to the camera (?) and staring at nothing xD

After much debate with a friend, I have decided to tag @brycemcquaid and @ohmwrecker because they told me to-