I felt like drawing Ohm, why? Cause I just wanted to see if I could give him an eye so he can look at things. And I wanted to make the bunny suit look nice.
So the first Ohm (on the left) is a kind of test and the second one is Ohm hiding very poorly and annoying Terroriser, because of how poorly he has hidden.

Please do not use without permission.

also don’t tag as ship art, not keen on it yo!

Ever since I found out that khajiit morphology is based on the lunar cycles I just have… so many questions. Like, do they plan their conception really carefully so they know what kinda kid they’re gonna end up with? Because the possibilities range from “cat furry” to “basically an elf” to “remarkably intelligent housecat” to “a literal tiger” like… also how the fuck does pregnancy work when the breed is determined at the time of birth? Is there just one basic khajiit baby from which all possible khajiit babies can develop at birth?? What is the kinship system like between breeds?? Like, you’re an Ohmes and you can pass as a Bosmer except your parents are Suthay-raht straight up furries and your sister is an Alfiq that could pass for a housecat like, WHEN DO THEY HAVE THE TALK? Like,

“Son… we have some news. You’re not adopted, we’re your biological parents and also the cat is your sister.”