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Idk how into it you'd be but, t.raddysh/stephens/cirelli? 👀 ohl + team canada boys who are all on the bolts now in their little clique. and of course lots of hooking up because someone cough Taylor cough can't keep it in his pants

Is this. is this @mitchellstephenscousin bc I could’ve sworn we were just talking about T-Rad/Mitch/Tony. I’m fond of both T-Rad/Mitch and T-Rad/Tony so obvs when I’m torn I just OT3 the heck out of it. Like Tony already knows about Mitch’s uh assets and when the two of them are together in Syracuse while Taylor is back in Erie, they might. get close? Bc they’re O buddies and they bond over both sort of quasi possibly dating T. And when Taylor makes it to Syracuse or Tampa, well it’s nice that his two not-boyfs are already tight

A Guide to Major Junior Hockey Names
  • QMJHL: French names (Maxime, Alexandre, Cédric, Pierre-Luc, Benoit-Olivier, David)
  • OHL: Common white boy names (Ryan, Dylan, Michael, Nathan, Mitchell, Matt)
  • WHL: Uncommon white boy names + 50 different spellings for Brayden (Skylar, Braylon, Cross, Krz, Kale, Jaeger, Bode)