etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 7.26.15

looking for: mix and match stud earrings
requested by: hellosunshineandsnow

featured item: choose your color druzy stud earrings by ohkuol // round | square


etsyfindoftheday | bonus sale: ohkuol | 7.4.16

druzy jewelry, all on sale by ohkuol

  • crimson red druzy necklace with peach moonstone chain
  • white and natural two-tiered druzy necklace
  • cobalt blue druzy + aquamarine necklace with pearl chain

i subscribe to several etsy shops’ mailing lists, especially my faves like ohkuol. today, i got an email that they’re having a SALE, and it’s RAD, so you should totally check it out!! find their etsy shop here, and check out all their features on EFOTD here. happy 4th of july, everyone!!

etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 2.27.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: funky, cool large earrings, maybe some in 3D geometric diamond shapes

i love big-ass earrings – so i shared some of my faves in the list below. the FEATURED pair, by laonato, has pics of five different shapes available: diamond (featured), triangle, square, star, or heart – all in 3d geometric shapes. perfect.

some of my most recent earring faves:

  • ‘komparation’ brass & chain earrings from grundledgrundled
  • large pewter 'the nile’ earrings from isabellaraejewelry
  • labradorite 'drops of joy’ earrings from toosis
  • silver quartz crystal 'bridal’ earrings from ohkuol
  • large glitter-dipped brass dangle earrings from acutedesign
  • 'cascade’ rough diamond earrings from lexluxe

and oh mannnnn, i just found a super awesome shop to feature a few pieces from … stay tuned!! :)

etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 3 | 1.29.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: shops selling boho crystal/geode/agate rings

anon, you have come to the ultimate lover of all things boho and geode. srsly :) i have several shops that come to might right away!! let me know if you end up purchasing anything <3

  • luxdivine (featured) has several ring options (and GREAT boho jewelry in general)
  • gossamerandviolet sells many options of geode slice rings in tons of fun colors
  • one of my former shop features, mineralogydesign, has some beautiful rings to choose from
  • i love ohkuol’s druzy jewelry so much, i own two pairs of their earrings! their ring options are SUPER sparkly.
  • freaking love the varied agate, druzy and geode rings at amulettejewelry
  • take a look at the incredible geode rings at anatomi and try not to fall in love :)
  • find all kinds of crystal and druzy beauties at amandaleilanidesigns
  • skyejuice’s agate and geode rings have an earthy quality
  • and gsgjewelry has quite a few smaller and more feminine options

thanks for the fun curation request, anon!!


etsy find of the day 3 | 5.7.12

soft pink agate druzy necklace with moonstone and rhodolite chain by ohkuol

be still my druzy-loving heart. ohkuol continues to impress me with their lovely druzy jewelry, and this particular piece totally won me over. i love the soft pink paired with gold, plus the moonstone-and-rhodolite-encrusted chain. who wants to send it to me?