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How to Sadden the GM

So, this is the same group as “When Crits Don’t Matter”, only with some different characters due to several deaths as well as one person dropping out due to real life issues. For context, we are at the final boss of the entire campaign, and it happens to be a Young Adult Acid Dragon. Our group, at this point, consists of a Vanaran Druid (me, former Sorceress) with an animal companion of a large Ape (we were jokingly called Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong), a Gnome Bard, a Human Fighter (former Night Blade), an Oread Monk, and a Human Kinetisist (former Inquisitor who a few sessions before had made a Paladin that got OHKed by an Alchemist miniboss during the last session). We were all walking along, getting ready before the final encounter, and when we do end up getting into the Dragon’s lair…this exchange happens…

Dragon: You mortal fools! Who dares enter the lair of Aeteperax?!

Most of Party half-heartedly introduces themselves, except the Figther.

Fighter: I do not give my name to the dead.

Before the GM can even have the dragon react, the fighter rolls to bullrush/charge the Dragon and gets a double 20. House rules are that double 20s are max damage.

While this is going on, the rest of the party is preparing their own stuff and scattering to avoid AOE attacks from the dragon.


We all rolled for initiative and all of us rolled fairly high.

Party then proceeds to smack the Dragon down to size, with the dragon not even getting off one attack as the only attack roll he managed to do missed entirely. At this point, the DM is both furious and depressed, and the party is cracking up.

DM: You guys don’t understand! I worked this boss up for weeks! This was supposed to be a challenging fight! But no, (Fighter) just ran in no-holds-barred and took out almost half the boss’s health, then (druid) summoned a Gravity Elemental and sent it running head first at the boss, and then (bard) kept using command and the boss kept failing their will saves!

Needless to say, the GM still hates this party, but we have another campaign coming up soon, so look forward for more shenanigans.


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Casual Summer Reading : What you say, what they see.

A Handbook on Destiheller History, Psychology and Behavior.

Note: This isn’t tagged Destiel so that the nice cool Destiel shippers can avoid this. If you are wandering in the anti tags, you ain’t cool.

JENSEN: Destiel? No, Meh.

Destihellers: Ohk .. Not meaning to be an asshole but Jensen is homophobic and it could be because just like Dean, his dad is homophobic too.Evidence? Here is some meta:Art imitates life.

Someone in SPN crew: Destiel? Where?

Destihellers: Ok, I respect everyone’s opinions but I’d like to say how wrong you are, it is there right in front of you.How can’t you see it? Your show queerbaits all the time. You are WRONG. You need to delete. You don’t understand your own shoe please get off twitter. 

Samantha Smith: Destiel? Ship? What? NO, thanks.

Destihellers: I don’t mean to be rude and this might seem harsh but you are really irrelevant, Samantha. You might have played Mary Winchester but you don’t understand the show and you aren’t even a part of it anymore so please, either ship and ship destiel or just don’t express your opinion. Because it is your opinion and we don’t agree with it and WE are SPNFamily and a part of the show, what you say and think is worthless.

Samantha Smith: Returns to the show.

Destihellers: ……. Well, I can’t wait to see Mary ignore her son Sam, be a mother to Cas and Dean and play a matchmaker for them because Sam can’t even do the role of Destiel Matchmaker correctly. Can he stay on the sides, hopefully dead for a while till Mary, his Mother manages to make Destiel canon in a TV show with audience who don’t know shit about shipping and have been falsely lead to believe for 10 years to believe that Dean Winchester is straight because he fucks too many girls and has relationship with too many of them to be actually straight. 

William Shatner: Destiel, uh not really. 

Destihellers: You are only saying that because you are friends with evil bibros. This is a conspiracy. I won’t believe that you are Misha’s friend because you just disrespected my ship that exists in the fanfictional world. 

William Shatner: This is all just about a ship.

Destihellers: You are using your celebrity power to bully poor Destiel shippers, you should be ashamed of being a celebrity and defending yourself. Being a celebrity automatically means you cannot defend yourself from people questioning your mental capability due to old age. 

Meghan, the Assistant of the new SPN Show Runner: I’ll read a Destiel handbook about how EVERYONE SEES Destiel and why it needs to be canon now.

J2/Bibros/casual non shipper fans: Ok, do it at home though. Not at work. Keep shipping away from the show, thanks. I don’t know how I feel about someone in the crew reading Destiel fanfiction. The show is about Sam and Dean first though.

Destihellers: Oh god, oh Lord I am so hurt and disappointed in the SPNFamily. Oh these few vile evil bibros, worshipers of unholy Wincest. HOW DARE YOU BE RUDE TO SOMEONE IN THE SPN CREW. LOOK AT YOU DARING TO TWEET ANDREW DABB. I CAN SEE YOU ARE TRYING TO GET THE HER FIRED. I can’t believe how horrible they are to the SPN crew its like they forgot only we have the right to do that since the past 6 years. Oh Maghan, you are already our favorite if you didn’t notice with all the asskissing we are doing. You will be a special example serving as evidence in the next ‘Why Supernatural Queerbaits and how its a conspiracy’ Article when Destiel still isn’t Canon in Season 12 finale. You’ll do what Katherine and other people related to the show we spent our time on couldn’t do – Teach Jensen the error of his’ not liking Destiel and loving SamandDean too much he might be one of those evil bibro accounts on twitter/tumblr’ ways. If you can’t do it, we will give you mention you along with Jensen and Jared and all the other professional queerbaiters. 

Jensen: Misha is a friend, he is really-

Destihellers: SEE I TOLD YOU HE IS ALWAYS QUEERBAITING. Its like he thinks he can queerbait like our lord Misha and get away with it. No one else get to queerbait us but Misha without being called a Queerbaiter even if have called him homophobe for many years.

Jensen: Thoughts with Orlando.

Destihellers: SPNFamily is amazing. So much support but I don’t think Jensen has the right to be a decent human being since he doesn’t like the idea of Destiel in Canon and it has already made him homophobic.

Gay/LesbianBisexual/Pansexual/Asexual/Trangender/Etc. fans:  No, not Destiel. No forcing other sexuality on a straight character for representation, thanks.

Destihellers: No, YOU. You are homophobic/biphobic, what do you know? Please fuck off we need representation for the LGBTQA society. Don’t you understand how important it is that Dean be bi and Destiel be canon for the LGBTQA society? 

LGBTQA Society: …. How about helping us and the people in our communities who are facing physical/mental abuse, being abandoned by family, living in poor condition, trying to commit suicide at least once or once every year before we turn 20 instead of trying to turn a stated straight character from a 10 year old TV Show into Bi so you can see some man on man action? 

Destihellers: Here is a handbook for you … see how Destiel is already canon and seen by everyone so that it can actually be officially canon. Thanks. Good Day. Lets all respect each other and live like a family. We love you till you love what we love and see what we see. If not, you can fuck off bye. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t straight, you are homophobic anyway.


I hope while you do your light reading this summer on how to identify a destiheller and what to expect when you come across one, this handbook helps you understand the Destihell logic and gives you an understanding of what to expect while dealing with one. Don’t try to use your general logic while dealing with these special creatures. Not being able to grasp their logic might lead to severe case of mental harassment and trauma.

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As everyone screams with these parallels…

Ohk so, could the animal symbolize the how fast their relationship turn into something romantic?

Ruby and Sapphire’s is a frog, and their relationship apparently leapfrogged into a romantic relationship as Garnet.

And Steven and Connie’s is a turtle, although with apparent romantic feelings, but their relationship seems to take forever to turn into something more… a ‘Slow burn’ type of relationship.


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