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carriediariesfan-blog  asked:

are u sure thats how u think to do it? i did the gaussin blur set it to the highest, and tried with all the modes but it still doesn't seem to do the trick. sorry :/

Yes I’m sure. I set the Gaussian Blur to 20.5 and then set it to Screen and I tried the other modes and some of them did the same effect. 

carriediariesfan-blog  asked:

how do i sharpen a gif to make it look high quality? (ex: do u have the link to the tutorial? thanks :)

There are a bunch of tutorials on how to make .gifs look HQ by sharpening, etc in my links under my tutorial tags. 

But the basic is just to: 

FilterSharpenSharpen or the other options you have under sharpen.

To reduce the sharpening you can either:

FilterSharpenUnsharp Mask


EditFade Sharpen