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Roadtrip 2017. Ohio Gothic. Hey, y’all. Took a little roadtrip with @darth-char last week and tried to photographic it extensively. Also, though, I got sickish, so I’m not firing on all cylinders, and subsequent uploading of Adventures is gonna be slow. But here’s the first leg: Getting out of Ohio. Yay adventures in liminal spaces!

Since I keep getting messages assuming this is Joyce, blackmailing herself let me make this very clear to our followers. No! My name Is Jinxx. I am a 25 year old real female real domme in real life and online based in Ohio. I have my own personal long term boyfriend turned into my very own personal sissy slut! Joyce has been a friend for a while now we’ve video chatted we’re both the real deal but she who made the mistake of spilling too much info to the wrong bad girl! Now in order to to not be outed in the most extreme ways and have her real life ruined she has to be trained and obey her domme Goddess and follow my every dark wish or else her life will truely be fucked up for mine and your very own entertainment.

Another year, another school. That was life for Blaine Anderson, always managing to  find ways to get kicked out of school. Now it was his last chance, or so his father said, before he was sent to military school, a place he would rather die before going there, and that last chance was at McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. His own little slice of Hell, for what he could tell so far. Dressed in jeans and black shirt and leather jacket, Blaine walked through the main doors of school on that Monday morning, walking directly to where his locker was supposed to be. People that walked by him gave him dirty looks, but he was used to those by now.




This weekend was a REALLY quick gardening week for us. Pretty much just watering and slight weeding. So Far the Pine needle mulching is doing it’s job and doing it well! 

Not much to report. Our Wheat is also already coming up, but the pics were not good, but perhaps I’ll get some snaps next weekend. 

Next weekend is planting for the rest of our crops and items.. except beans, and squash since we are using the Native American three sisters method. So, it will be time for the Strawberry corn, Sweet corn, Quinoa, cucumbers and probably watermelon transplants. 

Most of my herbs were direct sown a couple weekends ago, but I have my Basil under my grow light and I also have a good bunch of marigolds under my grow light as well. They will also probably be planted this weekend and WE NEED THEM… pests are already starting to munch on pepper leaves. 

Just a note: Keep those dandelions around as these are some of the first feeding plants for honey bees. I was so happy to see just ONE single honey bee flying around while I was outside. After Ohio harsh winter and it’s massive toll on the honey bee colonies.. I am grateful and happy to see any honey bee I can in these parts. I secretly root them on in my mind when I see them. They make me very happy. 

Happy planting, Everyone!

PICTURES: Top: Cauliflower, broccoli, Cabbage plants. BOTTOM LEFT: Pepper plants, Bell peppers, tomatoes. BOTTOM RIGHT: Raspberry bush. 

clubdevoarchive  asked:

hey can you tell me about anything from ohio? all the cryptids i've heard about from this area are from neighboring states

ohio actually has some great paranormal content!


-the loveland frog, a lovely reptilian biped



-the ohio grassman, a particular breed of bigfoot



-bessie, a lake monster in lake erie



-ohios very own troll bridge


-ohio also has its share of ‘alien big cat’ (wild cat species either outside of their known range or unknown species) sightings

-and a dogman-esque sighting



ohio has plenty of haunted places



-the gates of hell



-the gore orphanage, supposedly very haunted



-the witches tower


-hangar 18, a military base supposedly housing ufos



ohio has a history of ufos and plenty of sightings



I know I submit too many “fuck coworkers,” so I promise this is the last one.

I work at an auto body shop, and I know I’ve complained a few times here about my boss. Basically, he always shows up late, leaves early, doesn’t do his job, meaning it falls to me, and is a compulsive liar. Just a few of the lies he’s told us over the past few months:

*he was a sniper in the coast guard for 8 years. (The coast Guard graduated their first snipers last year)

*he was in charge of two departments at his last job but they laid him off because he was making too much money.

*he deadlifts 700 lbs

*he swims laps in his pool every morning at 3 am when he wakes up. His pool is inground, heated, and has salt water. (We Google mapped his house. His pool is one of those cheap, above ground, inflatable ones from Wal mart.)

*he has a nursing degree, and was a nurse AND an EMT for fifteen years. (He’s 36 and supposedly worked at his last auto body job for ten years.)

*told us the name of the nursing building at his Alma Mater… building was the engineering building and was torn down fifteen years ago.

*showed us a picture of the “awesome aquarium” in his basement. We Googled “awesome aquariums” and it was one of the first to come up. It actually belongs to some restaurant on the other side of the country.

*farms 5000 acres of green beans and garlic. Apparently he grows corn now, too. Keep in mind, I know where he lives. There is zero farm land near him, he works fifty hour weeks at the shop, and who the fuck grows that much garlic in ohio??

*owns a crossbow that has a 900 lb drawback weight, which I’m almost positive doesn’t even exist.

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: twenty one pilots is an american musical duo that originates from columbus ohio they leaked their own song and i haven't stopped listening to it since i've decided that i'll be playing this song at my funeral because i'm fucking dead the music video might be coming out tomorrow and i've never been so on edge if the new album is going to sound a lot like this i will cry i really like this sound they've really worked their ass off for us and i'm just really proud of the two boys but they've got me asking what's the new era going to look like is the theme going to be yellow because i've been hearing rumours the music video will have a lot of yellow man as much as i love this band they cause me so much stress i just want to know