If you’ve ever wondered why I hunt for type, it’s because of treasures like this. Porter’s Salve was formulated in 1916 in Piqua, Ohio. It was sold door-to-door by salesman with no formal advertising. It has relied mostly on word of mouth. The product was recommended as a “beneficial application for bruises, rough and cracked skin caused by inclement weather, insect bites, sunburn and local irritations.” I happen to think it’s most beneficial on the eyes as it is a beautiful example of typography and package design. I’m proud to display this original piece of #ohioquality on the shelf. This is why I search for unknown gems. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintage packaging #vintageadvertising

As a part of a recent talk I gave I shared the areas I have hunted for type. There’s definitely a focus on Ohio with most excursions happening in central Ohio. Good news is that I have all the remaining states and the rest of my life to discover unseen typographic treasures. #typehunter #typeplaces #typeexcursions #ohioquality

Found object artist and Ohio native Damon Drummond is about to blow up as Discovery Channel has recently been filming him. I’ve been enjoying his amazing work and collections on Instagram, but now the rest of us will get a peek inside his studio and hopefully his process. Another fine example of an Ohio maker. @damon_drummond_ #typehunter #vintagedesign #foundobjects #ohioquality