Ohio School Shooting

one student was killed and four were injured at Chardon High School in Ohio earlier this morning when a gunman (rumored to be a student) opened fire on classmates at 7:30am this morning with a handgun, before an adult forced him out of the building. he was then taken into custody by police.

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my thoughts and prayers are with the Chardon High students, the victims and their families, and members of the surrounding community

so so so tragic, i really wish we didn’t have to hear stories like this in the news. if only our society valued different sort of behaviors, and started taking a stronger stand against violence. really…when is it going to end?

As some of you may know, I go to college at Ohio state university. As some of you may have heard, there was a school shooting this morning.

So I guess the place to start is saying I’m safe. Luckily, I didn’t have a class this morning so I was in my dorm when the shooting occurred. The shooting took place right outside my dorm. I woke up to the sound of gun shots, and this email.

Apparently, one guy went in the building and pulled the fire alarm, and when everyone evacuated the shooter drove his car through the crowd, got out and started slashing at people with a machete, and then pulled out a gun. 9 people are hospitalized, thankfully only 1 in critical condition. This is a first hand account from someone there.

The shooter was killed. This is the view from my dorm window. It’s grainy, but you can see a dead body on the a white sheet surrounded by cones.

My friend was in a classroom directly across from the shooting. this is from his snapchat.

Police are still looking for the second accomplice. I haven’t left my dorm. I still have friends locked in their classrooms. This shouldn’t happen.


Urban Outfitters, you have outdone yourselves. Your “Eat Less” shirt was offensive. So was your “Depression” shirt. Your parody shirt with the Star of David that Jewish Holocaust victims were forced to wear was also sick and cruel. And now what? Now you are mocking a school shooting?

For some ungodly reason, Urban Outfitters thought this shirt would be funny.

If you don’t go to or have never been to Kent State, you’ve probably still heard about what happened on May 4, 1970. It didn’t directly affect me, but it was huge. It was a really big deal for our country and the war going on at the time.

In only thirteen seconds, sixty-seven rounds were fired through the air. Four unarmed students were shot and killed. It changed the history of a small town in Ohio forever. Kent State University would never be the same.

This shooting was featured in magazines (Time), newspapers (New York Times), movies (Born on the Fourth of July), and songs (Ohio). If you’ve never heard it, take a listen to Neil Young’s song “Ohio.” If you have heard it and never really paid attention, listen again. Pay attention. “Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming. We’re finally on our own. This summer I hear the drumming. Four dead in Ohio.”

People were horrified. And we didn’t forget. Walking on campus by where these shooting took place is… eerie. Walking near where those students’ bodies dropped… is sad and… frightening. It happened right here. We see it everyday. We are reminded everyday.

There is an entire building dedicated to educating visitors about what happened that afternoon. People come from very far away to learn about this. People take pictures. There are signs and explanations.

This was a terrible day. Historical, but terrible. The fear the students and faculty felt must have been unimaginable. Some professors talk about it, what it was like to be here when it happened. Some were students themselves. It may have happened over forty years ago, but that doesn’t mean it is irrelevant. People were injured. People were killed.

And we think this sweater is trendy and cool? We think it’s hipster? This is a joke? Well, we aren’t laughing. Fuck you, Urban Outfitters! We are Kent State!

When your reaction to school shootings is less shocked horror and more “Oh come on. Really, again?” your country has officially gotten too used to school shootings. How many more times does this have to happen before we actually DO something about it?

People obsessing over T.J. Lane; get a fucking grip, you're not special or cool for finding him hot or heroic. You're fucking sick and insane, he killed people, he's not a fictional character. He's a monster, so stop making him iconic here on Tumblr. It's disgusting.
Ohio School Shooting: Parents of Slain Student Forgive Suspected Shooter TJ Lane


When asked what she would say to the suspected shooter, Ferguson said, “I would tell him I forgive him because, a lot of times, they don’t know what they’re doing. That’s all I’d say.”

“I taught Demetrius not to live in the past, to live in today and forgiveness is divine. You have to forgive everything. God’s grace is new each and every day,” she said. “Until you’ve walked in another person’s shoes, you don’t know what made him come to this point.”

“It’s in God’s hands. Let his will be done.”

“God knew what he was doing. It’s not for my understanding, but mine to accept and remember him as he was,” Ferguson said.

The School Shooting in Ohio Today.

A 16 year old boy died today.  A 16 year old who got up that morning normally, did nothing wrong, and just went to school.  His whole life ahead, and it was just ended by the pull of a trigger. There are also 4 kids injured, 2 of them in critical condition because a PEER that opened fire in the CAFETERIA. It’s horrifying and it’s heartbreaking.  
Why did no one notice years ago that there was something unstable about the shooter? Why didn’t his parents notice he was angry or depressed?  Why didn’t the parents lock up their gun, if it was theirs?  School shootings always scare me and always sadden me, because they can be prevented and because innocent lives get ruined.    

I hope the students at the high school, the victims, and their families can find peace.