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A RANDALL INN On the Expressway in Downtown Chicago. Combination tub 7 shower - Free transportation around the Loop - Free Radio - T.V. - Air-conditioning - Coffee Shop - Room Service - Free Parking. AAA Approved. 

OU grad student seeking Ohio House seat

GLOUSTER — An Ohio University graduate student has announced he will be a Democratic candidate in 2012 for the new 78th Ohio House District, which includes Athens County’s Trimble Twp.

When new boundaries were redrawn earlier this year due to the 2010 census, Trimble Twp. was put in different Ohio House and Ohio Senate districts than the rest of Athens County. While most of Athens County is in the 94th Ohio House District, Trimble Twp. is in the 78th, which includes portions of Fairfield, Pickaway, Hocking, Athens, Morgan and Muskingum Counties.

On Friday, it was announced in an Ohio House Democratic Caucus news release that Jeremy VanMeter of Fairfield County will be a candidate in the 78th.

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Text by: Monica Zaleski

As host city of the first World’s Fair in the United States, Philadelphia held court for millions of visitors during the Centennial Exhibition of 1876.        

 The fairgrounds must have been a splendid sight, flush with exhibits, both permanent and temporary, featuring international achievements in art, engineering, and commerce.  

From May to November of that year Fairmount Park transformed into a universe, crammed into a garden.

Two buildings from those days remain in the park today:  Memorial Hall and The Ohio House. They evoke the spirit of what America was coming to be known for back then, and still is today—a land of contrasts.  

Philadelphia is not without its grand palaces. Built in commemoration of the nation’s first centennial anniversary, Memorial Hall was used as gallery space to display collections of fine art from around the world during the World’s Fair.   

An early example of Beaux Arts architecture in America, the granite structure is ornamented in details of copper, marble, and plaster. Two colossal statues of Pegasus in bronze flank the approach. Pavilions at each end are connected by arcades, and atop a beautiful central dome of glass and iron stands Columbia, poetic symbol of the United States.  

Neoclassical statues at the base of the dome allegorize industry, commerce, mining, and agriculture. In one, a stately goddess of the harvest, with sickle ready at the hip, honors the toil of her seated companion, who is perhaps a homesteader taking a rest after a long day spent reaping his fields.

The Ohio House serves as a picturesque counterpoint to the monumental style of Memorial Hall. Rusticated sandstone inscribed with the names of quarries forms the ground floor. The second story is finished in painted wooden clapboard, with gabled roofs covered in slate tile. A crab apple tree stands to the side of the building. Its branches overspread the tidy lawn of this doll house estate, providing a shady patch for picnicking—and excellent climbing opportunities.

The Ohio House was one of many state-houses built for display space during the Centennial Exhibition. It is the only one left standing today, preserved by the Fairmount Park Trust.   

The city has taken special care to keep visitors coming to see the surviving treasures of the Centennial Exhibition in Fairmount Park. Now home to the Please Touch Museum, Memorial Hall remains an attraction for children grown and young. The Centennial Cafe has made the Ohio House the place for a grab-and-go coffee or a cozy lunch.  

Vote for Ohio's future - Vote against SB5

Dear Ohio Representative Gerald Stebelton,

(Note: This is full version of LTE published in Lancaster Eagle Gazette 3/19/11)

SB5 is against what your wife devoted her professional career to. SB5 is against your grandchildren’s education. SB5 is against police protection, fire protection, highway maintenance, and countless other services delivered by hardworking and dedicated Ohio government workers. SB5 is against the City of Lancaster, Lancaster City Schools, and every municipality and school district in your Ohio House district. It is against the majority of your constituents. And it removes effective collective bargaining from Ohio government workers and this is wrong.   

You saw the rally in Lancaster. You saw a rally in support of collective bargaining and against SB5 from your law office windows at Main and Broad on Saturday, February 26. For Fairfield County, you saw a huge rally.

In Lancaster, Ohio, the police and firefighters union members are mostly Republican leaning voters. Are you saying members of your party are dishonest? Sure sounds like it when Ohio Republican Legislators say the unions are the problem!

I insist that you vote against SB5 because either outright, or by trickery, this bill takes away the privilege of collective bargaining for Ohio government employees.

Do you want to be remembered as someone who harmed and hurt others? Or, remembered as someone who helped everyone and nurtured our society?

Collective bargaining is part of our system of employment checks and balances. Collective bargaining is not the problem. It is, at best, a scapegoat. The collective bargaining process is not being abused. The problem is elected officials and government management making bad bargains. Here, in Fairfield County, that means mis-management by a lot of mostly Republican office holders.

The problem is the Republican officeholders who gave away taxpayer dollars by not looking out for taxpayers!

Today, I pray you offer a new bill that codifies what should be done when collective bargaining occurs - require agreements that are financially and actuarially sound. Or, as some would say, management and officials can not bargain away the future.

So, Mr. Stebelton, will you be part of the problems or will you be part of the solutions?

Your vote will show everyone your true nature. Vote for SB5 and show yourself weak, selfish and mean. Vote against SB5 and show you are strong, compassionate and kind.

Be a hero, VOTE AGAINST SB5 and propose a good, fair and equitable law to replace it.

Reed Bailey
Bloom Township
A constituent - a Fairfield County Resident. 

(Eagle-Gazette link: http://www.lancastereaglegazette.com/article/20110319/OPINION03/103190314/Gerald-Stebelton-needs-hero-vote-against-Senate-Bill-5 )

Athens’ state legislators divided on abortion bill

The nation’s most aggressive abortion legislation has split not only Athens County’s representatives but also Ohio’s once unified anti-abortion movement.

Ohio House Bill 125 — or the “heartbeat bill” — has been a contentious piece of legislation in the Ohio Senate after it passed in the Ohio House of Representatives last June. The bill — which has divided the support of its original backer, Ohio Right to Life — would make any abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected illegal.

Right to Life is now neutral regarding the heartbeat bill.

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