Met luke harper today and had him sign my drawing. He stared at it for a bit and then started giving me shit about how there’s so much grey in his beard. He gave me a hug and showed bray and was like ‘look at all the grey in my hair’ and bray was like 'that’s amazing.’

Btw. Luke surprisingly doesnt smell like sweat or anything. Quite nice, actually.


I am sorry I’ve kept you waiting, but here it is now, my WINNER PIC! Yeah, I’ve got my mail from the Ohio Comic Con and I am the winner of the STAN LEE VIP PACKAGE!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am not for the sweet, bubble-sticky mead of the mortals but I had to get myself a little drink to fully understand that I’ve just have won this baby!

WITH YOUR HELP, my dear friends and followers! I am nothing without you!


Q & A Sheamus and AJ Lee. Ohio Comic Con 2013

Hey, Ohio! Are you going to be at Wizard World Ohio Comic Con, Oct 31-Nov 2nd at the Greater Columbus Convention Center? So is Shawn! Stop by booth 1008 for C&H merch, sketches, as well as awesome stuff from Any Means Necessary, Shawn’s Ohio based clothing company. 
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I’ve been looking forward to meeting Norman Reedus at Ohio Comic Con for months, and wow, I just had an AMAZING day.

When we first got there Norman wasn’t at his booth and he had a HUGE line. (I’m assuming he hadn’t gotten to the con yet. ) Anyways, I went over to Sean Patrick Flanery’s booth to get an autograph (he was very nice). My camera was acting up, so me and Sean had to stand with our arms around eachother’s back for quite awhile. Somehow I managed to get REALLY lucky. While me and Sean were standing there waiting for my camera to work, NORMAN REEDUS AND SEAN CLARK SHOW UP. They just walked up behind us and posed. Thank god my camera finally decided to work! You guys have no idea how excited I was for that. Out of all the moments they could have arrived, it had to be right when I was taking a photo with SPF!

When I went to meet Norman I brought him a little gift that was in a pouch. He kept going, ‘Omg, what is is, sdhdfhk whatisitwhatisit?!?!’ It was really darn cute. (I gave him these cut out quarters. )

He called me sweet and asked if he could give me a hug (of course!) He said the coins were awesome and gave me another hug (swoon). I then started showing him my Daryl Dixon tote bag (pictured above), he thought it was awesome too. I told him I brought another bag with me, and he said, 'Really, can I buy it from you?!’
Norman gave me $20, and I told him I was going to give it to him for free,  he was like, 'Yeah, You made some money, take the money and run!’
Norman gave me another hug, and I asked if he could sign my bag. He signed it on Daryl’s face (Which made me go, Ahhhh, not on the face!’ and he said, ’Yes, on the face!’.) Then I got my picture taken with him.  I got this all on video, which I’ll post shortly.

The second time while I was waiting in his line he must have recognized me because he looked at me and kind of did a 'what’s up’ headnod and whispered, 'hey babe’, which instantly made me all giddy and blush. When it was my turn to meet him his handler woman said something like, 'It’s the girl with the bag!’ and he said, ’Yeah, I know!'  I had him sign an autograph to my friend for her birthday, and I told him I’ve been trying to watch all of his movies, and that Six Ways to Sunday was my favorite out of them all. He said that it was a pretty fun movie to do, then I got another hug/photo with him. (During the Q&A panel Norman actually said Six Ways to Sunday was his favorite movie, which just elated me.)

OH HEY. Some of the highlights from the Q&A panel-
-Everyone sang Sean Clark happy birthday and they were all eating cake
- Norman being ADHD as usual and playing with a some sort of toy that made noise (He kept holding it up to the mic and making it scream)
- Sean Patrick Flanery singing Heartbreak Hotel with an Elvis impersonator (I have it on video, I’ll upload it!)
- A girl asked Norman if she could dry hump his leg. He seemed very enthusiastic about it. He was taping it on his phone, and after the girl was done he told her to come do it again because his phone didn’t record it the first time. It was hilarious, unfortunately there were too many people in the way so I didn’t get a good video of it.
The $20 Norman gave me. Part of me wants to keep it forever, the other part is saying, but I need the money!
Norman is such a sweet man.

Edit- Oops, I forgot to mention how great he smelled, and here’s the video x!