I can’t help it - I just have to squee for a moment!  

A while back, someone commissioned a red Stan Lee cameo pin as a gift for Stan Lee himself.  Above are pictures of the cameo pin for Stan and the necklace for the person who commissioned me.  Anyway, Stan got his cameo and HE WORE IT at Ohio Comic Con!!  And not just for a little while…but an entire day apparently!  He wore it during his panel, for fan photo-ops, everything!

Stan Lee wore the Stan Lee cameo I sculpted!  *flails*


*qui is floored*


I’ll have them up for sale on my shop soon!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/GeekCameosEtc


These are my favorites that I’ve found so far from Wizard World Ohio. I was working the Heroes Alliance booth for most of my two days there, so I actually got very few pictures and had to rely on Jimmy Olson and the people kind enough to text me photos they took. If you happen to see any pictures of me from this con, please let me know, there are a few I’d love to see!

The top pic is a lovely lady I met at the con (Falcon introduced us), and by far the best Castiel I saw all weekend!

The third row, center picture is Michael Golden signing my suit! Now I just have to run into Chris Clairmont at a con and have him sign my other shoulder!

Oh, and the pic I want most to find is one of me with Steampunk Jim Henson & Kermit, so if you see it…

Had a positively fantastic time at my first Comic-con experience. The best part was just seeing all the people walking around dressed as characters I recognized. I actually even saw a bunch of Homestuck cosplayers, got my picture taken with William Shatner and went to a Doctor Who panel. And ran into a weeping angel. Not terrifying at all.

Met luke harper today and had him sign my drawing. He stared at it for a bit and then started giving me shit about how there’s so much grey in his beard. He gave me a hug and showed bray and was like ‘look at all the grey in my hair’ and bray was like 'that’s amazing.’

Btw. Luke surprisingly doesnt smell like sweat or anything. Quite nice, actually.