Met luke harper today and had him sign my drawing. He stared at it for a bit and then started giving me shit about how there’s so much grey in his beard. He gave me a hug and showed bray and was like ‘look at all the grey in my hair’ and bray was like 'that’s amazing.’

Btw. Luke surprisingly doesnt smell like sweat or anything. Quite nice, actually.


I am sorry I’ve kept you waiting, but here it is now, my WINNER PIC! Yeah, I’ve got my mail from the Ohio Comic Con and I am the winner of the STAN LEE VIP PACKAGE!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am not for the sweet, bubble-sticky mead of the mortals but I had to get myself a little drink to fully understand that I’ve just have won this baby!

WITH YOUR HELP, my dear friends and followers! I am nothing without you!


Q & A Sheamus and AJ Lee. Ohio Comic Con 2013

Hey, Ohio! Are you going to be at Wizard World Ohio Comic Con, Oct 31-Nov 2nd at the Greater Columbus Convention Center? So is Shawn! Stop by booth 1008 for C&H merch, sketches, as well as awesome stuff from Any Means Necessary, Shawn’s Ohio based clothing company. 
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