ohio unite against the war on women

muslimsoftheworld1"Bosnian Genocide (1992-1995). This July 11th marks the 20th anniversary of the massacre of Muslim men and boys at the Bosnian town of Srebrenica, the remains of the victims -arms, legs, heads hidden by Serbs forces - are still being discovered. A few months before the end of the Bosnian genocide, Serb forces under General Ratko Mladic took over a United Nations “safe haven” in eastern Srebrenica, separated the men and boys from the women, bound their hands, led them to killing fields and shot them. The bodies were later dumped in mass graves and then scattered to conceal the evidence. Some among the handful that survived did so by pretending to be dead and hiding under corpses. The atrocity was the worst in Europe since World War II. Spread the word and never allow something horrible like this to happen again. We Muslims must stand together against injustice towards Muslims around the World!“ - @theprincess_sabina #Bosnian #Muslimah living in #Ohio #MuslimsoftheWorld1