ohio state vs clemson

New Year’s Six Prognostication: Week 8

Alright, so last weekend was wild. I need at least one more week where things settle down so I can be more confident in my picks. This is the best I can make sense of everything so far.

Cotton Bowl: 11-2 Washington vs 11-2 Wisconsin

It’s not the sexy matchup, but it’ll be fun to see these fully fleshed out and supremely confident teams go at each other.

Fiesta Bowl: 10-2 Virginia Tech vs 10-3 TCU

I’m not confident at either of these teams right now in this matchup, but I think that it could definitely happen.

Orange Bowl: 12-1 Miami FL vs 11-2 Georgia

NOW WOULDN’T THIS BE FUN??? Mark Richt vs Georgia. I’m salivating. I hope it happens.

Peach Bowl: 10-2 Penn State vs 12-0 UCF

Penn State gets the G5 representative, who I still think will be UCF.

Rose Bowl (semifinal): 12-1 Clemson vs 11-2 Ohio State

A high quality rematch that will probably lead to another rematch.

Sugar Bowl (semifinal): 13-0 Alabama vs 11-2 Oklahoma State

I can’t make heads or tails of the Big 12 or PAC-12, so Oklahoma State is more or less here as a placeholder. I mean, why not?

Day 101: Discover Orange Bowl 2014 - Go Bucks! 
(Brutus Buckeye - The Ohio State University Mascot)