ohio state university

College Confession #94

I went to a club/bar one night knowing I had a huge test the next morning at 8. I stayed out til 2, got drunk, and then came back to the dorm where I studied until 5. I slept a few hours, got up, and went to take the test. I aced that thing. Best accomplishment of my life to this day.

- Ohio State University

College Confession #8

My dorm wasn’t wasn’t feeling halloween-y enough.  So naturally, I went to the Engineering lab (because they don’t check what you print lol) and printed out 192 skeleton war posters (8 unique posters times 24 each) and plastered them all over the walls of all 4 floors and the stairwells at 1 AM.

Come morning no one knew how to react. They’re everywhere and our dorm is quite spooky indeed.

- Ohio State University

Also I spontaneously decided to run the OSU 4miler by myself this morning using my roommates bib from last year, and every year we get to finish in the stadium! Definitely didn’t race it, but it was fun to run an actual event again. I haven’t done that since the summer.

Also talk about needing a new username.

As some of you may know, I go to college at Ohio state university. As some of you may have heard, there was a school shooting this morning.

So I guess the place to start is saying I’m safe. Luckily, I didn’t have a class this morning so I was in my dorm when the shooting occurred. The shooting took place right outside my dorm. I woke up to the sound of gun shots, and this email.

Apparently, one guy went in the building and pulled the fire alarm, and when everyone evacuated the shooter drove his car through the crowd, got out and started slashing at people with a machete, and then pulled out a gun. 9 people are hospitalized, thankfully only 1 in critical condition. This is a first hand account from someone there.

The shooter was killed. This is the view from my dorm window. It’s grainy, but you can see a dead body on the a white sheet surrounded by cones.

My friend was in a classroom directly across from the shooting. this is from his snapchat.

Police are still looking for the second accomplice. I haven’t left my dorm. I still have friends locked in their classrooms. This shouldn’t happen.

Bertha Lamme Feicht

(1869–1943) Engineer

Bertha Feicht is considered to be the first American woman to earn a degree in a discipline of engineering other than civil engineering. Her thesis addressed mechanical and electrical engineering. After graduation she accepted a position at Westinghouse as the first woman engineer at that firm. In 1973 the Westinghouse Educational Foundation created a scholarship in her name.

Number 160 in an ongoing series celebrating remarkable women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Ohio State University students thought that their home was haunted. They would notice their cupboards, oven, and microwave mysteriously left open all the time. They thought they had a “ghost.” One day they decided to search the house they were living on off campus and discovered a locked door down the basement. They got the door unlocked and found a fully furnished room with pictures of a man and what seemed to be his family.

The man had been living there un-noticed and would ocasionally let himself into the student’s home. He would help himself to their food and such. 



New $1.4 million Davis Tower up north of Woodruff.

Shockingly generic. Astonishingly unremarkable. Damned near useless. Has a clock face and LED screen on the other side but it doesn’t help.

Honestly WTF? $1.4 million for something that wouldn’t look out of place in the parking lot of some exurban shopping mall.

Oh, and they’re tearing down Adriatico’s now…