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College Confession #8

My dorm wasn’t wasn’t feeling halloween-y enough.  So naturally, I went to the Engineering lab (because they don’t check what you print lol) and printed out 192 skeleton war posters (8 unique posters times 24 each) and plastered them all over the walls of all 4 floors and the stairwells at 1 AM.

Come morning no one knew how to react. They’re everywhere and our dorm is quite spooky indeed.

- Ohio State University

As some of you may know, I go to college at Ohio state university. As some of you may have heard, there was a school shooting this morning.

So I guess the place to start is saying I’m safe. Luckily, I didn’t have a class this morning so I was in my dorm when the shooting occurred. The shooting took place right outside my dorm. I woke up to the sound of gun shots, and this email.

Apparently, one guy went in the building and pulled the fire alarm, and when everyone evacuated the shooter drove his car through the crowd, got out and started slashing at people with a machete, and then pulled out a gun. 9 people are hospitalized, thankfully only 1 in critical condition. This is a first hand account from someone there.

The shooter was killed. This is the view from my dorm window. It’s grainy, but you can see a dead body on the a white sheet surrounded by cones.

My friend was in a classroom directly across from the shooting. this is from his snapchat.

Police are still looking for the second accomplice. I haven’t left my dorm. I still have friends locked in their classrooms. This shouldn’t happen.


This is awesome 📯Thanks, Ohio University!


Ohio State University students thought that their home was haunted. They would notice their cupboards, oven, and microwave mysteriously left open all the time. They thought they had a “ghost.” One day they decided to search the house they were living on off campus and discovered a locked door down the basement. They got the door unlocked and found a fully furnished room with pictures of a man and what seemed to be his family.

The man had been living there un-noticed and would ocasionally let himself into the student’s home. He would help himself to their food and such. 




Can we talk about Ohio State University’s marching band?

Here’s their movie show, featuring harry potter, pirates of the Caribbean, superman, jurassic park, LOTR, and yeah. wow.

this is art, and I really dont understand the lack of appreciation or the need for mocking of marching bands because this is fucking incredible

Watch on saturdaystars.tumblr.com

Braxton chill


One of us is completely funded and ready to finish our dream of going to college but we need your help to get the other to college too! We hate asking for assistance but we were alerted today that we have until July to pay these sudden fees from our community college or we are in big trouble! 

Long story short, we had to drop classes last semester and we were hit with $700 each in fees. In order to transfer to Ohio State University, we need to pay these fees or our credits won’t transfer and we would to retake two years of college again.

We have great prizes for people who donate, including illustrations from me, sketches from our roommate, blanksy, and even custom figure maquettes from Noemi!

We cannot thank you all for you support, kind works, signal boosting, and donations. You are all extremely generous and kind people and we are so blessed to know you all! I am hoping I have business corgi vinyl stickers after my con and I would be HONORED to send each person who has donated a sticker!

Want to read our story and perhaps donate? Please follow the link below:



28 November 2016, a Ohio State University student named Abdul Ali Artan   was shot dead by police after he ploughed through pedestrians with a car, got out and then stabbed people with a butchers knife. 
11 people in total were injured and taken to hospital. 
The suspect wrote a Facebook status prior to the event and police are investigating whether the status is a link to what happened. 
“I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. … I can’t take it anymore. America! Stop interfering with other countries … [if] you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks." 

Noemi and I will be going back to college in the Fall after a long hiatus due to money but unfortunately, we owe our community college over $1400 in order to transfer our transcripts! Without the transcripts, we will need retake two years of college that we don’t need to and take loans that we will be denied for since we live in a lower class family. Money from our current day jobs is being used to keep our house ,fund the move to Columbus, and help our family with bills.

Maybe you can help? :) Feel free to go to the link below to see our story! 

We will be the first ones in our entire family to get a Bachelors degree! We want to make our family proud and it hurts us that money is keeping us from doing so. Any little bit helps! Prizes to be completed over the summer! 


Thank you! :’) 

Day 101: Discover Orange Bowl 2014 - Go Bucks! 
(Brutus Buckeye - The Ohio State University Mascot)