ohio state fans


for: Abigail @mcmharry​ 

 by: Morgan @colorreturningtolife​ 

 a story about how a college football rivalry might be more than just a rivalry

word count: 4499 

 warnings: some language 

 main pairing: Harry/ofc

Mackenzie Reynolds stood on the sand and watched the sun start to set as the water lapped at her feet each time a wave crashed against the shore. The summer was coming to an end and this time tomorrow she would be back home in Columbus and all of this would just be a memory.

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Police have used tear gas to disperse some Ohio State students and football fans following the Buckeyes’ 42-20 win over the University of Oregon.

The cheers, chants and car horn blowing from people caused gridlock early Tuesday after revelers spilled out of bars near the campus, celebrating the university’s win in the first national title game in college football’s playoffs.

Thousands converged on the Ohio State football stadium, where police turned them away. Most headed back to the bar area, where cruisers lined the street and officers limited pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The crowds began going home within about two hours.

A police spokesman says there were 30 to 40 fires in trash cans and dumpsters.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or arrests.


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And the nerve for them to chant hands up dont shoot

They asked if there were any foreign people in the audience and then this cute exchange happened:

B: Where are you from ?
Fan: USA !
V and B: *cheering*
B: What state ?
Fan: Ohio !!!!
V and B: *cheering*
V: where in Ohio ?
Fan: (name of a city ?)
V and B: *cheering*
V:…never heard about it.
B: We can tell that you are from America because you are the only one who goes: I`M FROM OHIO !!!!! *jumping*

(…..making fun of norwegian reaction…) a bit later:

V: But was it a question or why did you speak to the girl ?
B: Oh, I just wanted to know that people come from all over the world.
*wide smile*
No but why are you here ? Why are you here in Norway ?
Fan: To see you !
V: No… *startled and a bit flattered*
B: No… whats the real reason ? *startled and a bit flattered*
V: drug dealing ?

They seemed legitimatly surprised and it was a very cute reaction :) Thats what the GIF shows.

Here is the video (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co2j_jiRde0