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Duke fan mocks Flint water crisis with sign at basketball game against MSU

  • Contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, has left thousands of residents with lead poisoning and limited access to clean water for eating, drinking and bathing.
  • One Duke University fan saw this humanitarian crisis as ripe for trash talk during a basketball game against Michigan State University on Tuesday.
  • MSU star freshman guard Miles Bridges is from Flint.
  • Duke spokesman Cory Walton condemned the sign.
  • This comes after Ohio State fans created the above similar sign. Read more

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They asked if there were any foreign people in the audience and then this cute exchange happened:

B: Where are you from ?
Fan: USA !
V and B: *cheering*
B: What state ?
Fan: Ohio !!!!
V and B: *cheering*
V: where in Ohio ?
Fan: (name of a city ?)
V and B: *cheering*
V:…never heard about it.
B: We can tell that you are from America because you are the only one who goes: I`M FROM OHIO !!!!! *jumping*

(…..making fun of norwegian reaction…) a bit later:

V: But was it a question or why did you speak to the girl ?
B: Oh, I just wanted to know that people come from all over the world.
*wide smile*
No but why are you here ? Why are you here in Norway ?
Fan: To see you !
V: No… *startled and a bit flattered*
B: No… whats the real reason ? *startled and a bit flattered*
V: drug dealing ?

They seemed legitimatly surprised and it was a very cute reaction :) Thats what the GIF shows.

Here is the video (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co2j_jiRde0