ohio shooting

T.J. Lane, the Ohio teenager who shot and killed three Cleveland-area high school students, was sentenced to life in prison today.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard about Lane’s sentencing hearing earlier today. His appearance, as well as his remorseless, cruel behavior towards his victims’ families throughout has gotten a lot of press, and be forewarned, is quite upsetting.

We had a discussion in school today..

Land of the free and home of the brave…?

Biggest load of bullshit!

Sorry but honestly, we were discussing the current events in school today, and everyone agreed that that little line of “Land of the free and home of the brave” is the biggest load of bullshit, it’s lies and lies and lies. Your entire justice system is corrupt, your healthcare system is fucked up and honestly, now american citizens can’t even trust the people whom are there to protect and serve. 

I know we are not better, I know we are just as fucked up (maybe not that much, since we have strict laws against carrying firearms) but this is not about that..

This is not about which country is better or anything, this is about how an entire nation is falling to pieces and we are seeing a clear repetition of history. 

To shoot unarmed african/americans citizens just because you are a cop and can walk away from it, that is not why you swore your oath, that is not what your job description is about. YOU as a cop are supposed to protect the citizens and NOT, I repeat, NOT be the judge, jury and executioner, whether the person is innocent or a criminal, your job isn’t followed with the description “shoot whenever you feel like it” or “kill the person whenever you want, because let’s face it your a cop and you won’t be convicted for it anyways”, your job is to protect and serve! And that goes for ALL people whether skin color or religion. 

I’m not an american citizen but I am a human being, I can distinguish right from wrong, and when I see a bunch of cops lining up in execution style to shoot down a mentally ill african/american man or shoot an unarmed boy in the back or kill a little boy for having a toy gun I know something is fucked up. 

That is not justice, that is not doing your job as a cop, that is being a killer in any form whether your cop or civilian, you are a killer in a uniform hiding behind a badge.

The fact that american prison is overflowing with more POC is evidence enough that USA is a country that is reversing and becoming more and more what it once was and NOT a land of the free nor is it a home for the brave (putting bullets in people and yelling threats at them whenever they raise their voices against injustice is not bravery, that is creating fear). 

Your country is broken, it has been for a very long time, when will the time for fixing it come?

I Hate Living in the Bible Belt

My local news channel (in Fort Smith, Arkansas) posted on facebook the story of the Ohio school shooting.  This erupted in people saying “IT’S BECAUSE YOU TOOK GOD OUT OF SCHOOLS”, “the devil shot those kids,” “PUT PRAYER BACK IN SCHOOL,” and “God is enough of a gentleman to quietly leave where he isn’t wanted.”

First of all, god wasn’t taken out of schools.  That is evidenced by the countless religious groups at both my high school and college.  I can’t walk to class without GOD being shoved in my face at every turn.  I don’t understand how these people can act so oppressed.  In high school they had “see you at the pole” meetings where people met up at the flag pole for prayer in the mornings before school.  This took place in the courtyard where you had to hang out before school so while you didn’t have to participate you did have to stand around and watch it happen.  People aren’t being prohibited from praying or reading their bibles at school.  The schools just aren’t allowed to force people to pray or read bibles during school time.  These same people would be furious if they even saw a muslim praying in a school.  

And the devil didn’t shoot those kids because the devil is a boogeyman that you should have stopped believing in around the same time you stopped believing there were monsters under your bed.  A disturbed person shot those kids.  That’s the end of the story.  There’s no supernatural force making people kill.  

The bottom line is that if “God is gentlemanly enough to know when to quietly leave where he isn’t wanted,”  I wish his followers would do the same.  

Everytime i bring up ferguson with my dad he always says things like “well if theyre gonna loot and riot then the response by the police is absolutely justified”. seriously? hell i even told him about the 12 year old kid who shot in ohio today by the police. know what he says? “well he’s partially at fault. not entirely but he is to blame to an extent. his parents shouldve taught him better”. my god. for living in one of the most democratic states ive never personally met a more conservative man who is never willing to look at anything besides what presented to him through fox news and his jaded views on the world.

About bullying and the ohio shooting.

My teacher and I were talking about this just the other day, saying that a lot of those kids who did those bad things were bullied. 

And the term “bully” sounds so unreal and distant and little-kid like, but it really does happen all. the. time. 

Everyone has said something mean, or even something that they didn’t think would hurt the person they said it to, and it could be anyone. So many things are miscommunicated, and people take it the wrong way all the time (and they have a right to if they’re hurting, even a little bit.) And for everyone that I did that to, I’m sorry.

Because you really have no idea how another person might be feeling or what kind of situation they’re in. So please, just please think about what you’re saying, or what you just said, or what someone else said, and speak out if it was wrong, even if you have to give up a little pride and go against the grain. 

If you expect people to stand up for you, you need to stand up for others. And even if people who say mean things are strong and it’s easier to join forces with them, join with the weak, because if we all do, we’ll be stronger.

School Shooting

Im so mad at the media for not telling the rest of the story. Okay this dude had no right to shoot at these kids but they refuse to say what made him do it. I’m watching CNN and they talking about ways to stop school shootings but they are not getting to the real issue which likely bullying. This kid targeted these others why do you think that is? The media will not get down to the bottom of it and say but I hope that they will because something needs to happen. I feel for the young man and the kids that lost their lives or got hurt because it was preventable! The bullying has got to stop period! And the media needs to get that message out instead of dancing around it. I’m waiting for it to be revealed and maybe we will find out today when this young man goes to court. Maybe he had some issues or maybe it was something else either way the media needs to stop generalizing and making it seem as if he just woke up one day and wanted to kill those kids. Something else was the cause behind this. Parents wake up!! Media…you have to do better!!!

Is it worth it?

So the shootings in OH last week really caused me to stop and think about my kids in school. Every morning I drop them off, give them a kiss and tell them how much I love them and what a great day I hope they have. Then I drive off to work.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job. But sometimes I wonder if it is worth not spending the extra time throughout the day with my kids volunteering at their school, participating in the classroom, being involved at a level that would allow me to monitor the day to day activities that happen at school. If we had more parents involved like this, would it help stop the tragedies that are happening inside our schools?

I don’t know the answer. But I do know this, my kids are worth it.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

You know,

This is exactly what happens when kids bully other kids. Shootings happen. I don’t believe for one second that the student in Ohio who brought a gun to school, wasn’t bullied. No one is going to come out and actually say “Hey yeah, i bullied him!”…they’re gonna try to cover their own asses acting like they don’t know anything. I’m not justifying the shooting ….it’s just this is what happens when bullying occurs. 

Frontpage: Tuesday, Feb 28th

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I don’t care if you were bullied or tortured, but going to shoot up a school, office, or any other place where there’s a mass of people, is by far the most selfish thing a person can do. No matter what the situation is. Chances are, there is a better alternative. Chances are, whatever you’re going through is not that horrible and in the grand scheme of things, it’s a hundred percent not worth doing. Take a second to think about the family and friends of the people you’re going to be hurting. Chin up kids. I promise you, school is and will be the least of your problems.