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Breaking: Ohio State University reports active shooter on campus

  • Ohio State University’s emergency management team tweeted Monday morning of an active shooter on its campus
  • The shooter is reportedly at Watts Hall, which the school website lists as a “materials science and engineering” building. 
  • Thus far no information has been released on whether there have been injuries or fatalities. This is a developing story

During his sentencing, Ohio school shooter Thomas ‘TJ’ Lane, made profane gestures and comments to the families of the victims, saying ‘This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you,

The judge during his sentencing quickly deduced that the whole stunt was a shallow attempt to garner more publicity, stating ‘It appears to the court that the defendant simply wished to make a name for himself, to make a big splash, to make front-page news.

“Well, society had their chance.”

James Huberty fits the profile of a mass shooter perfectly: Socially awkward, misanthropic, and solitary are perhaps the best words to describe the Ohio-born shooter. He was also bullied in school, like the majority of shooters.

Despite his obnoxious personality, he ended up getting married to his wife, Etna, who he met at mortuary school. He even became a father,  but he was no ordinary family man: Huberty was described as a “survivalist”, and was obsessed with the idea of the Apocalypse. He made a bunker in his basement which doubled up as a D.I.Y shooting range where he would spend most of his spare time testing out various dangerous weapons.

In 1984, the family moved to San Ysidro in California following an motorcycle accident that made it impossible for James to work as a welder, something he’d been doing for quite some time. He eventually found a new job as a security guard, but was fired for his erratic behaviour. This was the final straw for the would-be killer, and he ended up going on a rampage at a McDonald’s three blocks away from his apartment. On the morning of July 18th, 1984, James left the house and told Etna; “I’m going human hunting”. When she asked him what he meant, he replied with “Well, society had their chance” and with that, he proceeded to the restaurant carrying a 9 mm Uzi. In total, he killed 22 people and injured 19 others. His youngest victim was an 8 month old baby, who he shot in the face, and the oldest was a 74-year-old man who bled to death from his injuries. After a stand-off with SWAT, Huberty was fatally shot by a sniper.

(via 911 call: Madison Jr./Sr. High School shooting)

Feb. 29, 2015

At around 11:15 AM James Austin Hancock opened his lunchbox to reveal a .380 handgun. He then began firing at students in the Madison High School cafeteria, in Middleton Ohio. The shooter, 14 at the time, fired six rounds with his relatives .380 handgun. He shot two students-Cameron Smith (15), and Cooper Caffrey (14). Caffrey happened to be on the schools wrestling team along with Hancock but there was no indication that this was part of the motive. In his court statement Hancock said “I want the victims to know that they were not targeted”.

One victim was shot once, the other multiple times. No injuries were fatal however Smith went through three surgeries. Two others (Brant Murray and Katherine Doucette) were hurt while trying to get out of the way. Both received minor injuries.

Hancock pleaded guilty to four counts of attempted murder. He is to stay in a juvenile detention facility until his 21st birthday. If he misbehaves he could face nine more years in an adult facility.

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(CNN) – Convicted Ohio school shooter T.J. Lane, who is serving a life sentence for killing three fellow students at his high school in 2012, has escaped from prison, the Lima Police Department said Thursday evening.

Officers were searching the neighborhoods on the north end of the city, which is located about 90 miles northwest of Columbus.

“All available troopers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol have been joined by Allen County Sheriff’s deputies and local area law enforcement in establishing a perimeter and searching the area,” said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John Born.

“A Patrol helicopter with advanced infrared detection equipment has been deployed and is engaged in the search as well.”

Residents have been advised to lock their doors and stay inside.