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Alton Coleman was born November 6, 1955 in the Chicago suburbs. His mother, Mary Bates, was a prostitute who drank and did drugs throughout her pregnancy. Alton never met his father, nor did he have any idea who he was. According to Alton’s grandmother, Alma Hosea, Mary never wanted Alton and threw him in a trash can, which she rescued him from. After that, Alton was taken in by his grandmother (Mary had four other children, all of which were raised by relatives)and raised by her, but his childhood was anything but idyllic. Alton still lived close to his mom and neighbors recall the small child being beaten by his mother with a chair and a baseball bat.  

Alton’s grandmother Alma ran a brothel and gambling parlor out of her home where Alton slept on a pallet made from rags. Alma was a voodoo practitioner who would send Alton out to kill animals so she could use the carcasses for her practices and collect dirt from cemeteries.  Alton was subjected to sexual and physical abuse at home and often neglected.  At school, Alton was frequently bullied due to his wetting his pants until the age of 12 and on occasion, being sent to school wearing girl’s clothing. Schoolmates and family alike would refer to Alton as “Pissy”.  Alton dropped out of middle school and it wasn’t long before he gained a reputation with local law enforcement as a troublemaker. His first arrest was for breaking windows in a housing project.

In his teens, Alton was known for his strong sex drive. People in his neighborhood reported that Alton was bisexual and willing to have sex with anyone, any time. His sexual appetite only seemed to increase in time and become much more deviant.  Between 1973 and 1983, Alton was arrested on numerous occasions for various sex crimes, often taking plea deals and other cases being dismissed, including one from his own 8 year old niece. Alton informed people he was able to stay out of legal trouble due to his grandmother teaching him voodoo, however, in 1973, his luck would change. He kidnapped, robbed and raped an elderly woman. While he was able to dodge the rape charge due to the victim being too scared to testify, he did serve 2 years for the robbery. Once released from prison Alton continued on his rape and robbery spree, once being acquitted for rape and had an upcoming trial for raping a 14 year old girl. It was around this time that Alton Coleman met Debra Brown.

Debra came from a well respected family. During her childhood, she suffered from a head trauma which doctors stated had made her “borderline mentally retarded” with a dependent personality. Debra was 21 years of age and engaged to be married when her paths crossed with Alton. Debra immediately fell for Alton, left her fiancé and moved out of her parents home to be with him. Shortly thereafter, Alton and Debra would purportedly develop their relationship into a master/slave role with Debra anxious to please her man in any way he saw fit.

In 1984, when Coleman found out he was a wanted fugitive for the rape of the 14 year old girl, he and Debra fled to Wisconsin. Once there, Alton befriended Juanita Wheat, a mother of a 7 year old boy and 9 year old girl, Vernita. Alton used aliases for Debra and himself.  On May 29th, Jaunita gave Vernita permission to go with Alton and Debra to their apartment to pick up a stereo. Instead, Alton and Debra kidnapped Vernita and drove her back to their home in Illinois.  On June 19th, Vernita’s badly decomposed body was discovered in an abandoned building, approximately 4 blocks from Alton’s grandmother’s home.  Her cause of death was ligature strangulation and one of Alton’s fingerprints was discovered at the crime scene.  By this time, Alton and Debra had stolen an acquaintances car and were staying in Gary, Indiana.
It was in Gary where the couple spotted Annie (9) and Tamika Turks (7). The girls were walking home to their grandmother’s from a candy store when approached by Alton and Debra, who convinced them to play a game in the woods.  Once in the woods, the two girls were bound and gagged with Annie being forced to have sex with the couple.  While raping Annie, Tamika began crying loudly and Debra covered her mouth while Alton stomped on her chest, followed by strangling her. Annie survived, although she had extreme injuries and suffered severe blood loss. Some cuts were so deep, her intestines were protruding into her vagina. Tamika’s body was discovered on June 24th with the cause of death being strangulation. Annie and Tamika’s grandmother took her own life after the ordeal. After raping Annie and killing Tamika, the couple kidnapped 25 year old Donna Williams and took her car. Her decomposed body was discovered in an abandoned house on July 11th in Detroit, Michigan with the cause of death being strangulation. While in Michigan, they robbed a couple and beat them, stealing their money and car. 

Pictured above victim Tamika Turks

On July 5th, Alton and Debra drove to Toledo, Ohio.  Once again, they found themselves meeting and befriending a young mother by the name of Virginia Temple. They took particular interest in Virginia’s nine year old daughter, Rachelle. Days after their meeting and befriending Virginia, family members became worried that they had not heard from Virginia or the children. They went to Virginia’s house only to find the young children alone, scared and hungry. After searching the house, both Virginia and Rachelle’s bodies were discovered in a crawl space. They were both raped and strangled to death.

While still in Ohio on July 11, 15 year old Tonnie Storey would become the couples next victim. Tonnie was on her way to a junior high computer class, but never showed up. Her parents reported her missing after she didn’t come home after school. 8 days later her body was discovered in an abandoned apartment building. She had been beaten, raped and strangled to death. Alton’s footprint was discovered at the scene of the crime and Debra’s fingerprint was found on a Michael Jackson button the girl was wearing. It was around this time that the FBI had placed Alton Coleman on the “Ten Most Wanted” list, linking him to several of the murders. Two days after killing Tonnie, the couple arrived at the home of Darlene and Harry Walters. The couple inquired about a camper for sale in the Walters’s’ yard. Harry excused himself to search for the title for the camper, while his wife Darlene went to get the couple some lemonade. Alton followed after Darlene and proceeded to hit her with a wooden candlestick, raped her and beat her to death. When Harry returned, he too was beaten with the candlestick. Harry survived the ordeal, but with brain damage. His wife Darlene did not survive the attack. Alton and Debra stole Harry’s car and quickly left the state.

Pictured above victim Tonnie Storey

The couple stole yet another car in Evanston, Illinois and killed the man who owned the car, 79 year old Eugene Scott. On July 20th, while still in Evanston, Alton and Debra were walking along the street when a car passed them. The driver of the car was from Alton’s neighborhood where he grew up and he immediately recognized Alton and Debra. Since it was all over the news that the couple was wanted, the man pulled over at a gas station and proceeded to call the police and inform them that he knew the whereabouts of the couple. Shortly after, the police discovered Alton and Debra at a nearby park. When asked if he was Alton Coleman, Alton denied and stated he had no identification to prove who he was. Debra was searched and a gun was found in her possession. Both were taken to the police station and identified through their fingerprints.

Over a two month span, Alton and Debra had killed 8 people traveling across 6 different states. Law enforcement officials from each state held a meeting to consider which state would charge the couple first. Michigan was immediately ruled out due to their not having capital punishment. It was decided Ohio would be given the first opportunity, as it is known for its stricter laws on punishment and they were likely to be executed there much more quickly than the other states. Both Alton and Debra were sentenced to death for the murders of Tonnie Storey and Marlene Walters. Additionally, the couple were both sentenced to death in Indiana for the murder of Tamika Turks. Alton Coleman also received a death sentence in Illinois for the murder of Vernita Wheat. He became the first person to ever receive the death sentence in three different states.

During the sentencing phase of Debra’s first Ohio trial, she had passed a note to the judge, which stated in part, “I killed the bitch and I don’t give a damn. I had fun out of it.” While she  has a death sentence in Indiana for her part in the murders, she had her death sentence commuted to life in prison in Ohio due to her low iq cited as the reasoning as well as the master/slave relationship she was in with Alton and the influence he had over her. Since serving time in prison, Debra has become extremely religious and in 2005, she made a video apologizing to her victims. She remains in prison in Ohio without the possibility of parole.

Alton continuously worked on his appeals while in prison, but 18 years after being apprehended, he was scheduled for execution on April 26, 2002. Alton had spent his last day in prison watching religious programs, writing letters to family and friends and visiting with his spiritual advisors. At the time, Alton ordered the largest final meal that had ever been requested to date. His last meal consisted of: A New York strip steak (he requested filet mignon, but the prison didn’t have it) sauteed mushrooms, sweet potato pie with whipped cream, butter pecan ice cream, biscuits with brown gravy, broccoli with cheese, french fries, cherry coke, a salad with French dressing, collard greens, onion rings, fried chicken breast and corn bread. All the food came from the prison kitchen, except the ice cream.

Alton Coleman’s  last words were “The Lord is my shepherd,” which he repeated over and over again. Due to how many victims and victims family came to the execution, the prison had to set up a viewing venue outside of the prison to watch over closed circuit television. Alton Coleman is buried at Warren Cemetery in Lake County, Illinois.

Ohio Passes Law That Bans Abortion After A Month And A Half
Many women do not know they are pregnant until the second month of a missed period.
By Ema O'Connor

Ohio legislators passed a “Heartbeat Bill” Wednesday that bans abortion after a fetus’ heartbeat can be heard — on average around six weeks into a pregnancy. The bill has no exception for cases of rape, incest, fetal abnormalities, or the health of the pregnant woman.

The bill was tacked on at the last minute to another bill addressing child abuse. It was approved in the Republican-dominated state House and Senate, and will now move on to Republican and anti-abortion Governor John Kasich’s desk. He will sign or veto it within the next 10 days.

“A hallmark of lame duck” — a term used to describe sessions of lawmakers that sit between when elections are over and the new lawmakers take office — “is a flood of bills, including bills inside of bills, and we will closely examine everything we receive,” said Kasich press secretary, Emmalee Kalmbach.

The American Civil Liberties Union has said that they would challenge the bill in court should it become law.

Many women do not know they are pregnant until they have missed two periods, which can often be around eight weeks. Others may find out before the six-week mark, but might still be unable to get an abortion in time because there are a lack of clinics in Ohio and state laws require women wait 24 hours between an informational appointment about abortion and having the procedure done.

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I could very well carry her for one, two, three, four more months, my body continuing to stretch, strangers continuing to excitedly comment,…my husband silently suffering as he watches both his girls struggle, my face continuing to belie my grief, my heart continuing to break.

Last week, Ohio lawmakers passed legislation that would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can happen as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. The bill’s fate is now in the hands of Republican Gov. John Kasich. Ahead, Alexis S.* shares her very personal appeal urging the governor to veto the proposal.

“I Carry My Grief In A Visible Bump” — Don’t Ban Abortion For Women Like Me

Hunters on the Hellmouth

For @fangirlfolio. Thank you for helping me find my voice again.


Chapter 1: Meet Me at the Cemetery

“I didn’t know demons could hot wire cars!” Dean shouted as he punched the gas.

Their most recent desperate attempt to fight Lucifer had resulted in Cas bleeding in the backseat of the Impala while Meg in a souped up Mustang lead a host of demons in pursuit.

One vehicle in the fleet held Lucifer. He knew where the Winchesters were. He could easily pop into their car as they drove, but he didn’t. He wanted to play with them first.

“Drive faster!” Sam yelled. Dean pressed the old car as fast as she could go, but Sam couldn’t shake the blistered face of Lucifer burned into his brain.

Dean jerked the wheel, and they skidded off the rain-soaked highway onto a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it country road. The sudden turn threw off a couple of the demon drivers, Meg included. Not all of the stolen cars matched Baby, and a little distance formed. Maybe twenty more feet. It wasn’t enough and they knew it. The narrow road they were on couldn’t be too long.

“Little help here, Cas!” Dean shouted.

“He’s fading,” said Sam. Cas, pale and sweaty, had used all of his energy keeping them alive leaving none to heal himself.

Suddenly, a pale blue light consumed everything. Dean shielded his eyes. The light grew so bright, Sam couldn’t see his brother sitting next to him. He would have been sure this light was them dying, but Sam doubted approaching Hell would be so beautiful.

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Imagine Taking Sam On A Roller Coaster

Request: Can you do one where reader takes TFW to an amusement park and Sam and reader end up holding hands on a ride cause Sam is scared? – Anonymous

Author’s Note: I hope you like it! I used The Beast from Kings Island because I’ve road it (forever ago, but still) and I loved it. If no one knows what I’m talking about, here is some information about it. Y’all have a good Friday and don’t forget to send in those request! – Haley xx

“Can you even fit?” you asked Sam.

You born and raised in Ohio close to Columbus, but even closer to Kings Island. The four of you, Cas, Dean, Sam and yourself, were passing through Ohio heading back home, but you begged Dean to let you all stop for a day.

Kings Island was the place to go every summer. You and your family always went a few times during those hot months and you would stand in line for hours just to ride The Beast, the best wooden roller coaster in your opinion. Plus, you knew Sam and Dean had never been here or to an amusement park before in their life and they just had to go.

You and Sam were currently in line for The Beast while Dean and Cas stood off in the shade. Dean refused to get on a wooden roller coaster and Cas started naming off worse ways to die, so you pull Sam into line with you.

“I think,” he said.

“I hope so,” you bounced in your spot. “This is my favorite ride.”

The line moved fast and you and Sam were finally able to get on. You shoved Sam into the very first car in the train and strapped both of you in. “Should we be in front?” Sam asked.

“Being in front is the best part,” you smiled. “You aren’t scared, are ya?”

Sam scoffed, “Me, afraid of a roller coaster? Sounds like bullshit.” You laughed and pulled the lap restraint down across yours and Sam’s legs. The train lurched forward and you saw Sam hold onto the restraint for dear life. “There’s no loops, or anything crazy like that?” Sam asked.

“Nope, just some drops.”

The train took a slow turn left and everyone started cheering as it chugged up the first drop. It felt like an eternally getting up there, but when the train dropped, you threw up your hands up. This was the best part of sitting up front, the wind hitting your face, getting to see what came next, and being able to scream as loud as you wanted.

The twist and turns of the ride made you feel like a kid again. The second drop was getting ready to happen, and this was your favorite one because of the break before the drop. Adrenaline was rushing in veins and everyone else on the roller coaster train were chanting and yelling. You hadn’t been paying attention to Sam the last few minutes, but you weren’t worried, until the train dropped and Sam’s warm large hand held tightly onto yours.

When the ride was over, you had to pry Sam’s off of yours so you could unbuckle and move the lap restraint. Sam’s hands were shaking when you helped him off the train. “I wasn’t scared,” Sam said, trying to shove his hands into his pockets.

“Sam, it’s okay,” you reassured him. You all found Dean and Cas standing at the picture booth. The Beast had hidden cameras all over the ride and when you walked up, Dean was doubled over laughing. “What’s so funny?”

He pointed at a picture of you and Sam. Sam’s eyes were squeezed shut while yours were opened wild and you could tell you were screaming and laughing. You both looked ridiculous, but you could also tell that Sam’s fingers were locked with yours.

“I didn’t know you and Sam were a couple,” Cas said, looking between you too.

That made Dean laugh even harder. “Sam got scared, Cas.”

“I did not!” Sam said, defending himself.

Dean clasped his hand on your shoulder, “This is the best day ever, thank you,” before wiping the tears from his eyes. “I need a drink now, come on, Cas.”

You watched Dean and Cas walk away before saying, “Asshole was laughing so hard he cried.” You turned to Sam, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you get on.”

Sam seemed to calm down for a second and gave you a shy smile. “It’s fine. I just wish I knew I liked holding your hand before the ride of hell.”

You held your hand to him, “You can hold it again, if you want.”

Had two passports. Lost the third. Been stuck in Rome and drunk in France. Went to a carnival in Venice and woke up in London on a second chance. Been around America four times, never gets old. East coast to West coast and all the way to the Georgia line. Seen Ohio, drove passed Kentucky, had Steak ‘n’ Shake in Florida and in Vegas I got lucky. Felt blessed in the Bay Side, fell in love in California and again in New York, happens where ever, no ocean too wide. Met a man in Bali who couldn’t feed his kids, seen rapids in New Zealand, hitchhiked once and fed families in the skids. I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I buy every coffee with a fiver. Don’t care where you’re from cause this world is all ours, never do anything half ass, life is for living, not just watching time pass. Learnt a lot of things. Never ride without a seatbelt, don’t reject help when you need it, carry on and cut the strings. Seen a lot of movies, listened to all kinds of beats, worked a lot of festivals and come across every kind of cheat. Been in three accidents, never broke a bone, seen a guy die, I’m never afraid to cry. Scared my folks once or twice, love my mother, love my father, love my brother. Bloods thicker than water at any price. I’m a dreamer, I’m a writer, I’m good vibes believer. Met people with nothing. Met people with everything. Met people who’d do anything. No plane ticket too pricey, no mountain too high, cause when I wanna go, I go, ain’t no fish too big to fry. I keep circling places on the map, in any city I don’t feel alone, but when I see Australia, you can bet, I know I’m home.
—  what I’d write in an about me section - c.p
Dean Winchester daughter imagine requested by Anon

“Can I request a supernatural one where you’re Dean’s daughter and he turns up on a hunt you’re on and you realise you are related? I love your writing :)" 

FYI "B/M” - Birth month

Out of every single creature on this earth, supernatural or not; Witches were by far your least favourite. You had no idea why, something about them just creeped you out. Your mom had always laughed when you brought it up and said it was genetic, that your dad always hated witches. You had a better reason than that now. 3 weeks had passed since you’d arrived in Mason, Ohio, 3 weeks had passed since that Bitch killed your mom.

It was meant to be a straightforward hunt, a run straight in kill the bitch and leave job. You’d underestimated the power of the witch, and before you realised it was too late she was gone.

You hadn’t left, you didn’t have anywhere to go. A few years ago you could have gone to Bobby’s, an old friend of your moms, but they’d had a falling out and you hadn’t seen him in about 2 years.

The cafe you were sat in was a dingy place attached to the motel but at the moment it was the only place you could afford. You were on your laptop researching the witches - being on your own at only 17 had its disadvantages, including the fact that you couldn’t really pass off as a journalist to get information - when two shadows appeared over your table.

Looking up you found two large men, around your mom’s age staring down at you.

“Miss Langdon?” They asked.

You frowned and began to shake your head before releasing Langdon was the name you had given to the witches. Quickly correcting yourself you nodded. “Yeah?”

“I’m Sam,” Said the tallest of the two, he pointed to his partner, a shorter man with lighter hair, “This is my brother Dean. We are in the same business as your mother, we’d like to ask you a few questions.”

You nodded nervously and they sat down across the table. Shutting your laptop you asked them, “By business, you mean not journalism right?”

Dean nodded, “Your mother, was actually one of us.” He said, “She…”

You laughed and cut him off, “She was a hunter I know. I am too.”

He frowned, “But you’re like 12?”

“17 actually,” You replied, leaning back against the seat and crossing your arms.

“Huh.” Dean looked slightly startled and sat back in his chair letting his brother take over, a frown spreading over his face as if he was suddenly realising something horrifying .

“So you know about the Hunting business? Wendigo’s? Skin Walkers? Demons?”

You nodded, “Yup, Witches, Angels, Vampires. I know most of it, I know all my mother knew anyway.”

Sam gave a sympathetic smile, and Dean looked awkwardly at the table. “I’m sorry about your mom, do you have any family you can go and stay with?”

You shook your head, “Nope, Mom was the only family I had, I don’t know my dad, he was just a one night stand kinda thing.”

Dean coughed awkwardly, and tipped his head slightly to one side. Sam nodded to you briefly before following him over to the entrance.

As you waited for them to come back your mind began to wander. Sam and Dean. The names were familiar, but you couldn’t place where. They were still stood by the door when you looked up, Dean frantically gesturing and Sam stood calmly, though a concerned look was gradually appearing in his eyes.

Their names still bugged you, you swore you recognised them from somewhere. Bobby would know. Bobby! That’s it! Bobby was always talking about a Sam and a Dean, Sam and Dean who though? You crinkled your brow and frowned, Winters? Windsor? Winches-Winchester! Sam and Dean Winchester. You smiled, thankful you’d solved that mystery, before coming to a horrifying realisation. You mother did not often speak of your father, but the one thing she always said was she would never keep his name from you. And she didn’t, the only thing you knew about your father was the fact that he hated witches and his name.

A cough sounded from behind you and you turned to see Sam and Dean stood looking down at you with slightly terrified looks on their faces.

“Look kid,” Said Dean, “When is your birthday?”

“B/M, Why?” You said even though you were pretty sure you knew where this conversation was going.

Dean turned pale and Sam’s calm expression turned to panic as he glanced between the two of you.”

“Look Kid, Y/N, I knew your mum, kinda, well we worked on a hunt, well 17 years ago, exactly…”

“Exactly 17 years and 9 months before I was born…” You interrupted, “I know.”

He looked up from the ring of coffee stained into the table, “You know?” He said raising his eyebrows. “That I’m your…”

“My father? Yeah I know.” You wrinkled your face and looked up at Sam who looked so confused you laughed. “Something wrong there uncle Sam?” You said as you began to gather your things and got to your feet to leave the booth.

“Wait! Where are you going?” Called Sam as you made your way to the door.

You didn’t answer, just kept on walking. The parking lot was almost empty save for a black 67 Impala that you assumed was Sam or Dean’s. You weren’t quite sure why you walked out, It wasn’t like you didn’t want a family, of course you did. It was more of a worry that your family didn’t want you.

“Y/N wait!” Dean appeared out of the diner, Sam following close behind.

“What?” You asked him, “You gonna be a dad now? Cause I think you’ve missed out on all the cute baby stuff. Now you’re onto mood swings and confused gender identity.”

Dean gave a confused look and you tried not to laugh at his expression. "I don’t care that I’ve missed all that, or that I just get the confused gender identity. I’ve never known that I had a kid, and I, well you’re family and you know family should stick together, I know I wanted my dad to be around more.”

He smiled, and you could feel yourself beginning to smile back. Quickly you corrected yourself. “And?” You asked, “What are you suggesting? You want me to go with you?”

Dean shrugged, “I don’t see why not, you can’t go round by yourself.”

The corner of your mouth twitched upwards. “Really?”

He smiled, “Sure, after all you’re already in the family business.”

If You Will (2/?)

Ship: AHOT6
Summary: Michael is an unpresented wolf from a pureblood Alpha Family. After being forced out of his home by his mother, he sets on a path to find his mate, what he gets is not what he could have expected.

Warnings: a/b/o dynamic, werewolves but like…not really. 

Thank you for the wonderful reaction to chapter 1! Now enjoy some familiar faces and lots of travelling. Thanks to tinypeckers and thanksforthefalloutboy for reading through!



Part 1

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They quantify you
in the inches of your hair,
your heels, your waistline,
how many men you’ve kissed,
laid hands on, met gazes from
across the room,
how many calories in your coffee,
on your lunch break, the back of a
crushed aluminum soda can.
He touches your elbow and calls
you sweetheart and tells you he
likes girls with large appetites
and you think about devouring
his heart whole.
You wonder what your mother
would say, her bright face shaped
like a measuring tape with numbers
sized too big and at the same time
too small.
You wonder if anyone will ever ask
how it feels to be quantified.
Vanity sized shopping malls have sales
on clothes that try to fit inflated egos,
and he touches your shoulder
in the parking lot of Victoria’s Secret
and tells you, “You’re a C cup, right?”
You wish your breasts were a hundred
venomous snakes and when he looked
at them he’d turn to stone,
because in your mind you’ve built
a garden around his erected statue and,
with a gold plated summary,
let the leaves know how many pounds
it weighs and maybe then it
will become apparent
how it feels to live your life inside
a bathroom scale,
on a stage completely naked, handing hangers
to a hassled-looking sales clerk
while your toes take the shape of beluga whales
forgotten on a beach somewhere.
Your cellphone buzzes with a text and
it tells you not to spend too much
money on clothes you’ll probably outgrow
in the next year and you say the word
“and” much too often like you know
your sentences stretch as much
as your waistband.
You sit on a bench outside a
Dairy Queen in Ohio and watch passing
cars that guzzle gas like starved children
all with license plates that say “E A T” on them
and window wipers that wink in your direction.
You wonder if any of them know about the pills
in your pocket or the dreams in your mouth,
but you figure if they can’t count them, then they
don’t really care.
—  S.M.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'll be passing through Ohio on Friday night and just wanted you to know that I'll be waving at you the whole way through!

well hey! don’t forget to stop at ur local Grandpa’s Cheese Barn © to pick up some delicious, one of a kind dairy products! haha yep nothing better than living in Ohio.

Ohio Just Passed a Dangerous 6-Week Abortion Ban
Last night the Ohio legislature rushed through a ban on abortion at six weeks of pregnancy — before most women even know they’re pregnant. The bill would, in effect, outlaw abortion in Ohio.

After years of passing anti-abortion laws under the guise of protecting health and safety, Ohio extremists have now exposed their true motives: to ban abortion in the state.

Oh..Ohio. You disappoint me so.

Despite the massive variety of beer, wine, and meads we have around this state, and our fantastically CHEAP rent - there are many things that make me foam at the mouth angry about my state.

It is now up to good ol’ governor Kasich (The previously SANE choice for president), a former member of Ohio-Right-to-Life, to veto a bill banning abortion after 6 weeks.

6 fucking weeks. 

Most women don’t know they’re pregnant until 12-14 weeks - and a huge number of miscarriages happen between 8 and 12 weeks. 

It’s perfectly possible to be 6 weeks pregnant and not have “missed” a period yet. 

Bills like this have been shot down by the Ohio senate 3 times - but according to yay voters this time around, TRUMP’s election and the murky fate of the supreme court made them take the chance this time.

This law has been declared unconstitutional in 2 other states - but if it passes in Ohio, and our federal district judge declares it constitutional, then it’s back up to the Supreme Court…

So please- if you’re in Ohio - call Kaisich’s office. It only takes about 3 minutes.

Kasich’s office number ls: (614) 466-3555

And say this: “I am concerned about the passage of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill.” This bill threatens the safety of Ohio women, was passed secretively and unconstitutionally, and violates a woman’s right to choose. I implore Governor Kasich to use his line item veto against the bill.“

Or something similar. It’s a very, very long shot, given Kasich’s track record on abortion - but if enough people call. 

→ Happy New Year!

With close to no interaction with her father, Quinn couldn’t wait to drive back up to Lima. At least there, her mom and stepdad attempted to spend time with them. She wasn’t a huge fan of them forcing her and Puck to be a ‘family’ but it was a whole lot better than being ignored. If anything was a success during their trip it was getting to see a different side of Puck that she hadn’t before. They didn’t fight once and she was actually getting used to having him in her bed. Seemed easier to fall asleep at night. There was no stress and no sneaking around, which was something she knew she was going to miss as soon as they hit Ohio. Here, no one knew them and that brought an ease to her interaction with him. Quinn didn’t have to pretend to hate him. 

Quinn even entertained the thought of staying in Savannah one more night to enjoy bringing in the new year with Puck, but she promised Finn she would be back in time to spend New Year’s eve with him and she’d already blown him off enough over the last few months. As much as she wasn’t ready to commit to just him, she couldn’t be with her other option. So that made Finn her only option. Especially if she didn’t want to raise any suspicion about her fucking her step brother. 

Most of the ride back was quiet, leaving Quinn to her thoughts. There were a few smiles here and there and at one point they even held hands as Puck took the wheel for a while. She dreaded having to go back to hiding their affections once they were back in Lima. She just wasn’t ready. And it was that thought that caused her to get off of the interstate right before they crossed the border from Kentucky back into Ohio. The sign they passed as she merged into regular traffic told her that there was a lake nearby and she didn’t stop driving until they were parked right in front of the giant body of water. 

Quinn sighed and looked over at Puck. “I’m not ready to go back, are you?” This was probably the last time they’d really be alone in a long while and she just wasn’t ready to give that up just yet.