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It tastes like honey! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 been a busy bee last few days harvesting flowers, plucking petals, extracting nectar, straining and canning this delicious jelly! Very Tideaous work but it’s worth it!

3 cups dandelion tea (made from 4 cups of petals in boiled water overnight ) 4 cups of sugar 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 6 tbsp of regular ball fruit pectin Water bath can for 10 minutes Makes 6 - ½ pints

ID #81702

Name: Jamie
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hello there! My name is Jamie, and I live in the United States of America, in the state of Ohio. I’ve never had a pen pal before, but I love to write so this should be a piece of cake!
Anyway, my interests are photography, writing, cooking, gardening and trying new things. Except maybe skydiving.. I cannot handle heights(but if I had to I guess I would). I am an avid watcher of anime, movies and television(when I have time), and I am always open to recommendations!
I am currently trying to learn German, and so far I think I’m doing well… Just don’t ask me to say too much just yet. I’ve found that I am better at reading German, than I am at speaking it. I am also interested in learning Hungarian, due to my Hungarian heritage on my father’s side(he’s half Hungarian).
My plans for the future are to:
- Become a published (successful) author. (I am currently ATTEMPTING to write my first book. Ask me about it, I dare ya.)
- Travel through Europe and Asia
- Successfully learn a second (and hopefully third) language.
I am open to talk about anything. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Preferences: I don’t have many preferences for a potential pen pal, only for us to be around the same age. So 20 years and up? Oh, and I’d prefer to have an international pen pal, as I would love to learn about other cultures and see pictures of different places. Doesn’t matter where you are from, just as long as you want to exchange post cards, emails, photos, or mind me sending you origami flowers or cookies. If you aren’t comfortable with those things, then we can stick with letters.



This weekend was a REALLY quick gardening week for us. Pretty much just watering and slight weeding. So Far the Pine needle mulching is doing it’s job and doing it well! 

Not much to report. Our Wheat is also already coming up, but the pics were not good, but perhaps I’ll get some snaps next weekend. 

Next weekend is planting for the rest of our crops and items.. except beans, and squash since we are using the Native American three sisters method. So, it will be time for the Strawberry corn, Sweet corn, Quinoa, cucumbers and probably watermelon transplants. 

Most of my herbs were direct sown a couple weekends ago, but I have my Basil under my grow light and I also have a good bunch of marigolds under my grow light as well. They will also probably be planted this weekend and WE NEED THEM… pests are already starting to munch on pepper leaves. 

Just a note: Keep those dandelions around as these are some of the first feeding plants for honey bees. I was so happy to see just ONE single honey bee flying around while I was outside. After Ohio harsh winter and it’s massive toll on the honey bee colonies.. I am grateful and happy to see any honey bee I can in these parts. I secretly root them on in my mind when I see them. They make me very happy. 

Happy planting, Everyone!

PICTURES: Top: Cauliflower, broccoli, Cabbage plants. BOTTOM LEFT: Pepper plants, Bell peppers, tomatoes. BOTTOM RIGHT: Raspberry bush. 


Cleveland, OH / Howell, MI - May 2015

I put together some pages for my Zine (minus all the commentary) I’ll be putting out in a few weeks, “In Real Life” about all the trips I’ll be taking and people I’ll be meeting for the first time this summer. Cleveland/Michigan will be the first section. These are all using film Tiara and I took throughout the week. 


Kingston Onatraio ~ Canada ~ Penitentiary Museum ~ Historic Buiding ~ Cedarhedge by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
Built entirely by convict labour under the supervision of staff Trade Instructors, the house took nearly 3 years to build. The cost? Approximately $ 9,000.00 (in 1873 dollars). Designed in the Italianate Vernacular style by Acting Penitentiary Architect, Henry H. Horsey, it was constructed using a combination of local Kingston limestone quarried on the penitentiary reserve, with Ohio Sandstone accents. In the late 19th century, the residence became known as “Cedarhedge” in reference to the extensive manicured cedar hedges that once lined the driveway.

So I promised @hoenursey that if they did their work I’d write them a list of stupid things Nasher, our favorite cryptid goalie, has done INCLUDING places he’s banned from SO here we go

  • I cannot stress enough that the stupidest thing he does is literally swim in the hudson. It’s not super often? But like sometimes Clicks will come home and Nasher will have already showered but he will KNOW
  • Another Hudson related stupid thing? (I’ve yet to write about this AND I KEEP MEANING TO BUT) Has tried to take Nursey and Dex’s kids swimming and Nursey didn’t let him because he “knows he’s going to take them to the hudson” and he won’t have his kids “taking after this literal mess of a cryptid” and “No, Nasher, their immune systems wont ward off the literal filth of the Hudson river”
  • Has weird socks but like?? Not in the way people with weird socks usually own weird socks? Like most people with weird socks have them because they actively go out and buy them for the sake of having weird socks. Nasher doesn’t seem to know that normal socks actually exist in this world. Clicks doesn’t even know where he gets them?? More just show up??????
    • His favorite have some really delicate lace at the top with embroidered gold leaves
    • He wears them the first game of playoffs
    • His other favorite pair has Hams all over them
  • Nasher doesn’t even really like ham
    • When approached about this he just shrugs and says “Ham” and leaves
  • Also has a lot of novelty boxers but has some regular ones as well so it’s not AS weird
    • Favorite boxers have a bunch of Hams on them
  • Will go into scent stores like Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle or the perfume section of Macy’s and smell Every scent, but if theres testers he will spray them all onto one little tester slip and then carry it around the rest of the day
    • It smells. Terrible. Clicks can smell it on him when he comes home and makes him go throw it in the dumpster outside
  • Buys cereal for the sole purpose of the toys inside and will dig his entire, unwashed hand inside
    • Clicks basically had to train him out of doing this, but still buys his won (boring, by Nasher’s description) cereals Just In Case
  • Sometimes lies down on the locker room floor?? Not superstition, just sometimes does it
    • Also lies down on the floor in front of the bench sometimes too
    • If put in penalty box somehow, will lie down in penalty box and take 2 minute nap
  • Can nap anywhere. I mean. Literally. Anywhere. In any position.
    • Will threaten to fall asleep and Clicks WILL have to argue with him not to because he Has Done That in the past
    • Has slept on the kitchen table numerous times
    • Clicks will also find him asleep in an empty bathtub
      • He doesn’t even fit??? His limbs are like falling out
      • Nasher you’re 6′5″ in a bathtub that isn’t even 5 feet long how are you comfortable why do you do this??
  • Nasher’s superstitions include:
    • Eating a grilled cheese the night before a game
      • This doesn’t seem weird to outside people? But the fact that he’s a Beach Biter and he subsists mostly on sea protein
      • Clicks makes sure they have cheese in the house though
      • Will go out and buy very weird, very smelly cheese to make grilled cheeses with though
      • Like he doesn’t even seem to care about the taste? 
      • Just the weirder the better
    • Putting shutout pucks under his pillow
      • Clicks gets him to stop doing that after a while, but only right before Nursey gets him a stuffed Ham
        • Clicks: Goddamnit I literally JUST got him to stop putting the pucks under his pillow
        • Nursey: at least it won’t hurt his neck
        • Clicks: I literally have to convince him to cuddle me instead of the ham now
        • Nasher: I LOVE MY SON, HAM 
  • Has lovingly cradled his hockey stick while bored at the net
  • Will lick his hockey stick at the end of a game
  • Will also lick the goal post
  • Has licked the goalie cam
  • Sometimes throws his water bottle at the boards on impulse
    • Always goes and picks it up and yells sorry to the people behind the glass where he threw it
  • Sometimes squats at the goal and stays there until he NEEDS to move
    • Will also sit criss-cross-apple-sauce at the goal

This is getting long so this is places he’s banned from

  • A small hardware store in Ohio 
  • Two Olive Gardens in Tennessee
  • One Olive Garden in New Hampshire
  • All Ikeas within a three hour drive from all places he’s lived
    • On a watch list for the rest of the Ikeas in the United States
  • Actually banned from three concession counters within the NHL 
  • Half banned from his local starbucks? He can get drive through
  1. Entrance to the Garden
  2. Morning
  3. Girl with Rose
  4. Evening - Interior
  5. Autumn - Miss Larson Dancers
  6. Young Girl Asleep in Her Room
  7. Morning - The Bathroom
  8. Drops of Rain
  9. Still Life
  10. Ohio Landscape

by Clarence Hudson White