ohio garden


Cleveland, OH / Howell, MI - May 2015

I put together some pages for my Zine (minus all the commentary) I’ll be putting out in a few weeks, “In Real Life” about all the trips I’ll be taking and people I’ll be meeting for the first time this summer. Cleveland/Michigan will be the first section. These are all using film Tiara and I took throughout the week. 


Today finally we sowed some seeds, we will continue tomorrow. It feels great to start another gardening season! Hubby @redskins29 was a great help as always. Making sure seeds made contact with the soil….pushed in and covered up.
Our sweet Cherry blend seeds came in 2 colors… (botanical interests) never seen pepper red seeds but sure they will grow😊
Got to keep track of what we grow.
What seeds we got started? Well let’s see…

Antohi Romanian
Sweet Cherry
Anaheim chili
Orange king bell
Purple beauty
California wonder
Yolo wonder

pineapple pole
Tomatillo río grande
White Cherry
Ox heart
Better boy
Golden boy
Cherokee purple
Brandywine red
Lemon plum



So ready to garden! We’ve been gathering plants🌱, this summer is going to be yippie! 😆 couldn’t do it without hubby @redskins29 he has driven me around the last 2 weekends searching for the best plants 🌱 around…up far in the 🌄country 💑 . Last weekend plants are already double the size. 😲 but we are for sure planting them this weekend! !!
Our garden is looking good, the hay is doing its work. ..only few weeds popping but took care of it with more hay.

I need to do and inventory of our plants! 😧


IT’S ON!!! OUR FIRST 3 TOMATES THIS YEAR!!! couldn’t stop making them pose by the garden! 😉 we finally got things going on time this year! Sooo excited💑 hubby and I had few days off this week and we made sure everything is in the ground and ready before first day of summer and we did it! The round tomatoes are WHOPPER and the bumpy one is CHEROKEE PURPLE. Everything is looking soo good…flowering, growing, fruiting. I just wanna scream! 😆