ohio festival

katiemonsters  asked:

I borrowed the Newsflesh books (loved them btw) from my library and someone was using My Little Pony Temp Tattoos as a bookmark. Also I suggested the Newsflesh books to a gal at work and she floored through them. She bought the audio version just to be able to listen to it on her hour drive to/from work. Thank you from a couple of people in Ohio for writing fantastic stories.


Also, depending on where in Ohio you are, it might be relevant to your interests to know that I will be at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival this October.  It’s not a traditional SF con, because it is a filk con, but there will be a book signing, and I always* adore meeting people.

(*For values of “always” that are not at 6am in the hotel Starbucks no really why are you making sounds with your face hole please stop I am but a simple alien plant invader, I cannot yet brain enough to understand you.)

As many of you may know already a Columbus Citizen and employee of Columbus Public Schools Chris Dodds, made a post to the Facebook page for Columbus Ohio’s Pride festival and Parade page, that called for the festival to be bombed on a scale of the Boston Marathon, stating that “All fags should be killed or at least re-located.” This is completely unacceptable and we need to take a stand and demand that this man not be allowed to spread this hate to the children in affiliation to Our school system.

Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/columbus-public-schools-call-for-the-termination-of-chris-dodds?recruiter=17140733&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=autopublish&utm_content=nafta_share_post_title_en_2%3AFB_share_copy_3


As promised, this was my outfit for the Renaissance festival yesterday. I was in a hurry, so the outfit isn’t as complete as I would have liked, and I threw on my worst pair of wings. BUT. I still felt so lovely! (It is the absolute most precious things when I’m walking about and I here children exclaiming softly “faerie!”.) Next month, my outfit will be SO much better.