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ID #59616

Name: Elen
Age: 19
Country: USA

My name is Elen. I am originally from Armenia but I have been living in Ohio for about 10 years. I’m currently going into my second year in Fashion Design school and hopefully will get to travel a bit around the US and the world in the next few years for work.
My interests are drawing, exploring new music, and going down the rabbit hole of Youtube. Supernatural, Brooklyn nine nine, new girl and game of thrones are some of my favorite shows. My music is always changing, but I like the 1975, bad suns, sir sly, Billie Eilish.
I am home most of the time working on summer projects and I’m a quiet, shy person with a small circle so it gets a bit lonely. I’d love to meet somebody, become close buds with them and talk on a regular basis (preferably texting but idc). The one thing I ask for is honesty and bluntness. I’m terrible at picking up hints, so if you for example do not want to talk, just say so!

Preferences: 18-24


Ohio Ghost Town Exploration Co.

A dreamy picture of a sunrise along the Ohio & Erie Canal at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. Last fall, photographer Wookie Kim went on an epic 45-day trail running road trip, driving to more than 30 national parks – from Cuyahoga Valley to the Grand Canyon – and running a trail each day. Wookie says: “In all, I ran almost 500 miles of trails, gained 70,000-plus vertical feet, hit 33 states and had one unforgettable experience. It was the trip of a lifetime.” iPhone courtesy of Wookie Kim.