ohio bookstore

newtascamanders  asked:

I called the Cincinnati Ohio bookstore for Chris's book signing and you either have to buy a book/ticket over the phone or in the store! The number to call is (513) 396-8960!!

Thank you very much for that info! The event information is not on their website yet, but the manager assured me it’ll be updated soon. Here is their website:


(513) 396-8960

Sunday, July 16 at 6pm

Corbett Center Theater

108 W. Central Pkwy Cincinatti, OH


Remember when I mentioned the bookstore I went to a couple of weeks ago? We went to the book loft in the German Village in Columbus. The book store is inside a really old house, there’s four levels, with so many different rooms and hallways. It’s such an intricate maze! Every room has it’s own theme. The horror section is one tiny cramped hallway with flickering fluorescent lights. There are even books in every cranny and corner. If you buy something there you can take your receipt to the cafe next door and get 20 percent off your meal. A lovely way to spend a cold day!