Blog Update: WE’RE ALIVE!!

Hey guys! Sorry we kind of went MIA these past two months. I had a lot going on, and I forgot to post a message letting everyone know I’d be away from tumblr for a while. THANK YOU  to everyone who sent asks, messages, and emails checking in and asking if we were okay. You guys are awesome. 

A couple updates…

I’m officially a high school graduate!

Sounds small, but one year ago I was walking into the school ready to drop out. I was done with missing so much class due to drs appointments, migraines, horrible panic attacks, depressive episodes, and other health related reasons. I was done with falling behind in my classes, failing tests, and trying find extra hours in the day to finish everything I needed to complete just to stay afloat. I was done with it all. However, a little voice that day told me to keep pushing. Now I’m glad I did. 

For everyone who’s struggling through school thinking they can’t, PLEASE don’t give up. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here. I know how hard it can be trying to manage your mental/physical health while trying to balance your schedule and pass your classes. It DOES get better though! 

We leave for Ohio in August!

Faith and I will be going to a small college in Ohio starting this August. I’ll be majoring in animal science/pre-veterinary in hopes of later becoming a small animal vet and studying theriogenology. Faith and I will be living in the dorm with my (awesome, animal loving) roommate for the first year until we can find an apartment to rent.

Thank you everyone for all your support over the years! I’ll be getting to my ask box as soon as I can.

[Was feeling restless so I went over to the pond. Was about to give up then I saw this big guy chilling on the bank. Dumbass didn’t even try to get away. Put my net in front of him and he didn’t even move. I had to prod him in and then he freaked out. Brought him home long enough to get this picture and for him to scare the shiy out of my mom then I took him back.



An Ohio mother is sharing a magical surprise her teenage son planned for his younger sister.

Photographer Christina Angel said her 13-year-old son asked her to get him a Prince Charming costume so that he could do something special for his 5-year-old sister and best friend.

Angel told ABC 7 Chicago her son suffers from depression and his sister has become his biggest cheerleader, so he wanted to thank her with a princess photo shoot.

Angel bought the costume and her son found a pair of black dress shoes at a thrift store. He wanted to get the details perfect, she said, even shining the shoes the old-fashioned way with polish and a rag.

When they were ready, the mother and son surprised the little girl with a brand-new Snow White dress.

The proud mom said her little girl loved every second of her photo shoot with her “favorite boy in the world.” And it shows!


Ohio quadruplets pick Yale over Harvard

  • The quadruplet brothers who were all accepted to both Yale and Harvard announced on Sunday that all four of them will attend Yale together.
  • The decision wasn’t easy for the 18-year-old Wade brothers — Zach, Nigel, Nick and Aaron — who hail from Ohio’s Liberty Township near the Cincinnati metro area. 
  • They received offers from a combined 59 schools, according to NBC.
  • NBC News reported after a campus visit to Yale and an “extraordinary” financial aid package, the university’s appeal was too good for the brothers to pass up.
  • “I absolutely enjoyed the people and the social environment and appreciated the strong arts and humanities at Yale,” Aaron Wade told NBC. Read more (5/1/17)

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Tyler and Josh’s fathers imitating twenty one pilots as a whole x)

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stay alive frens |-/