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So what is a network? I don't really understand, but I love fitzsimmons.

A network is pretty much a separate blog that each person who is part of the network is added to. From there the people can use this as a forum. They can ask questions, give or get suggestions, the whole deal. If a network member ever wants to do promos or botm, they can ask the others in the network for help. For example, say you are 10 followers away from 100, you can ask the network members to promo you. Overall it is a separate place to “meet” with other lovers of the same thing, in this case fitzsimmons. I hope this made sense!

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What about when Jemma gets a call from her parents (twice in The Well)? Fitz knows and encourages her to speak to them. Surely that's being supportive of her as an individual?

Not really? He’s being supportive though, definitely. Although, when he kinda backed off a bit and let her come to her own conclusion, then yes, I’d say that was respectful and giving her freedom. But the act of encouraging her to speak to them was more supportive/being there for her.

It’s more like - a good relationship is about support and advice, yeah, but it’s also about stepping back sometimes. It’s about letting them make mistakes and make bad choices (and being there to help them out of it, and if it’s a consequence that could be really bad, then it’s about stepping in too, yes. But those are rare times.) And that’s the problem - Fitz never really trusts that Jemma’s choices are the right ones.

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Can’t call him a mutant. Marvel lost the rights. Plus, a mutant is born. Wouldn’t he just be an experiment?

Yeah after I posted this I discussed about Marvel rights with another blogger and they lost the rights in movies but not in the animated series because last time I saw Iron Man Armored Adventures on TV, Jean Grey was in it and they said the ‘mutant’ word. So I have hope they’ll get these rights back because it’d be so much more exciting to mix all the comics concepts. Also I guess you’re right about the mutant precision, he’d be a mutate then (depending on how he’d be exposed to get his new abilities). But at first I used the term mutant because I was thinking that Jemma could modify his DNA (adding the X-gene for instance) but that seems unlikely considering the whole Marvel rights thing.

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This is the absolute most perfect answer in existence for this prompt.

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