Cata: For anyone looking for a place that supplies EVA foam, TNT Cosplay Supply is a site with a good range of EVA foam sizes (and styrene)! 

The second picture shows their sample pack (the blue piece is not a sample, just a divider). As you can see, I got a square of 8mm, 6mm, 4mm, and 2mm. 

From squishing the foam between my fingers, 2mm and 4mm feel similar to craft foam you get in most hobby stores. 6mm feels a bit denser than the craft store counterpart, there’s no 8mm equivalent.  It’s not as dense as SoleTech EVA , though that foam is used in shoes. The surface is very smooth on both sides.

My initial impressions are good. At some point I want to do some sealing and heat-forming tests, but I imagine it’ll work the same as the foam you can get at craft stores. I really like the selection of thicknesses and the size of the sheets is  great too. I’ll definitely be ordering from them on my next project.

You can get a free sample pack at the following link:


Shout out to @coregeeknet for the heads up!

Edit: They now carry 10mm sheets.  $15.95 for a 24"x 60" sheet.