Vihasin win 8.1 jo läppärillä ja vielä enemmän kännykässä.

Ei saatana miksi vitussa en voi vaan poistaa numeroa puhelusovelluksesta ja miksi vitussa pitää vittu pistää se vitun puhelu piiloon yläslideen jos täppäät ohi ekalla kerralla ja viskaat ittes menuun.

Also, tilin ikärajasäätö sais imee hikistä sukkaa koska ei helvetti kun pitää alkaa vetää tehdasasetuksia uusiks ja muuttaa sähköpostin tietoja koska Microsoft uskoo vakaasti että vittu huoltajan pitää saada hallita mun puhelimen säätöjä.

(Ois kyl jepa soittaa Microsoftille ja käyttäytyä niinku en vois vaan kusettaa tästä itteeni eteenpäin ja kattoo mitä ne ehottaa kun kumpikaan vanhemmista ei kykene hoitaan mun kännykän säätöjä.)

TL;DR: Windows on paska käyttis puhelimelle.

Closed RP || the-lost-amo

Some days were just better than others. Riley had to figure if it wasn’t for bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. Nope. He figured that Kale somehow managed to suck up all the luck in this trio he managed to find himself teamed up with. What should have been a routine missions with Kale and Lydia was turning out to be a trip from hell.

The idiot in question had wandered.through one of those “rift” things and of course Lydia attempted to go after him, and Riley was forced to once again try and more of less save those two. But he guessed he landed somewhere away from them, because he not only didn’t see them, but he had no idea where he was.

He had been wandering around, hopelessly lost for at least an hour, actually trying to avoid inteacting with the locals, but this was proving not to be useful. He finally sighed and walked up to the first person that looked approachable and waves to them in greeting. “Ah, hi there.” Riley said. “Odd question here, but you didn’t happen to see a guy in red with spiky brown hair or a short girl with shoulder length red hair runinng around here?”

sanguinumtinea asked:

"Are you kidding me?!" {Yiska}

“My great grandparents don’t know anything so shh.”

    “My great Grandparents don’t know anything, so shh.” He had invited her to come meet his tribe, though, none of them questioned his still youthful appearance and eye color; they assumed he’d gotten contacts from the outside world, and was taking good care of himself. They didn’t know he was a Vampire. More specifically, he was going to introduce her to his family. Not in a romantic kind of way, just, as friends.

    “Just be kind, and they will be kind in return. My Tribe welcomes warm hearts, and turns away the greedy; So long as you show your gentle nature, they will not question you.”

The matriculation exams are finally over! I’ll have six free days until I’ll get the books to start studying for university entrance exam. Before that I’ll need to pack up my things, and uhh.. do the moving stuff by the end of the week.

Now I just want to zone out for a while. 

Stevie G - a player behind his time

“ On Saturday, the sixteenth of May, Steven Gerrard played the last game for Liverpool Football Club at Anfield. He came out on the pitch accompanied by his three daughters, swallowed hard, looked around, through the Kop, Eastern and all other stands, breathed deeply … and a hundred and some minutes later ended an era.

Steven Gerrard is the best midfielder in the world “, said once Zinedine Zizou Zidane. And when you say the name Zinedine Zizou Zidane,you know it’s a big thing.
"No, sir Zidane, I’m not the best,” said Gerrard politely, as befits people who,at home, at an early age learned to say thank you and please.

The history will write to Steve - he dedicated his entire working life in the joint organization of football from Livrepool. He, Gerrard, even if slightly, to retirement, is running in front of the Americans for big money, but it is, if, for history as a science, as to football as a game, for Liverpool as a club and its supporters as such, important just as much as the match against Crystal Palace. Maybe already next year Steven Gerrard will win a national championship, league, which, by the way, is not at all bad, but it will for the legendary captain, who was born in Liverpool, rooting for Liverpool, played for Liverpool, became captain, lifted the trophy of the Champions League one night in Istanbul, remain, as important as that one-three result,which is irrelevant and useless.

In the story it is the least, if at all, essential that he never, never, was the champion of England. Ask him is the title of English champions more important than bringing out his three girls for his last game at Anfield,and seeing all the fans cheering for him,crying because he is leaving,because he gave them something to dream about.

Steven Gerrard is possibly the last big story of National Football. He did it because  the players from Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich can’t, although some of them, too, from their childhood are in the same uniform: most of them, however come to Barcelona, Real and Bayern to reach the peak of their careers but they leave Liverpool to do so. For a quarter century Liverpool is a big club, but not a great team, regardless of the magical 2005, the last season, for all the goals of Suarez and Gerrard’s ball with eyes …

Former and eternal captain is indeed playing around his house for good, and for a lot of money, but he refused to achieve even greater things, three times, or how many times Jose Mourinho called and offered him to be the champion of England, Italy, Spain … He did not go. To him, that, was huge, the biggest in the world, playing at the club he supports, playing for the club he later became captain for and made sure he leaves some unforgettable memories for the Kop.

Liverpool - the city and the club, spiritually build on what they have been and what was and there is, easy, terribly easy to identify with them. “We will all celebrate when Margaret Thatcher dies”, chanted the supporters at Anfield skipping along, waiting for the former British Prime Minister to finally leave. They hated her not just because of the tragedy at Hillsborough that killed ninety-six Liverpool fans ,but also because of the economic policy which is practically destroying United Kingdom, and made the working and port cities into a place where the continuity of honest work was replaced with ruining it continuously. People would work in their home city,close to each other,getting children and then later those same children grew quietly listening to the roar of the Kop on  weekends, some took  balls and some guitars and became a Paul McCartney or the captain of the local football club, the important one, not the one Phil Jagielka plays for.

Today, the same Liverpool, the city, and the club,is a big museum: almost all of which is important to show, the past - from the docks, over the place from which they moved the Beatles, to the English League table with its most successful club on top,the club of  Ian Rush, King Kenny Dalglish, but first Bill Shankly and ,until recently ,Steven Gerrard.

All these years Steve G. committed to his  work to show how things used to be, but as they should be, regardless of the possibility of unlimited increase in earnings. Which is why he has never been a champion of England. He is, in fact, playing ball ,giving football a real meaning,not just some trophies that can be and are now bought for Russian or Arabian money.  

A man once said “ I’m the proud owner of a jersey that Kenny Dalglish gave me. That jersey glows in the dark! “

The Dalglish one,but also the one with the number 8 and the name Gerrard on its back.  “

- i tried to translate it from Bosnian (x)