Architects was amazing. I got to meet Emily (ohhowardyoucrackmeup) and she gave me a hug :D I got in for the last two Heights songs and saw Tek One they were awesome. Deaf Havana were absolutely perfect, James was in a really good mood kept making the crowd laugh which was nice :) But when Architects came on OMG the crowd were fucking crazy, my hair almost got ripped out on two occasions and i was being crushed half the time, I also got to hold Sam’s leg. I almost died but it was so worth it if i’m honest. This guy next to me was really sweet, he was looking after me most of the gig, holding my waist and let me go in front of him so i could see better, he was so so lovely! But i didn’t get a name which was a shame. He seemed proper cool, he was wearing a black t-shirt and denim jeans and has blonde hair, medium height. His mate was wearing a red top with white writing, if anyone knows who i’m talking about let me know pleaseeee. I’d love you forever. I think it’s safe to say i had an amazing night :D