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Exo's reaction when they are forced to go on a roll-coaster

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So here we go xD

Xiumin: “excuse me!!!! are you serious??!!! Are you asking me to get on THAT" 

Luhan: Just as the roller coaster began to accelerate he starts to freak out "ahhh please y/n don’t tell the members! I sware I am manly! I sware! pleaseeee!!!”

 Kris/ Yifan: when he is putting on the seatbell “wait what- Is-is-is this for reaal! OMG this seems to go up very high oh.s.h.i.t.”

Suho: once it starts “O-OH-OH-OHHM-OHHMYGOD-OHMYGOD OH MY GOD this is trembling too much OHMYGAAAAHD”

Lay: when you are waiting on the line “wueee wuee jagiyaaaa! I don’t wanna do this pleeasee noooo pleaseee!!”

Baekhyun; when he sees the roll-coaster coming for new passengers “wooo here it comes! r u ready?! Wooo seems pretty high from here!!!" 

Chanyeol: trying to scape when your turn comes "no no no….”

Chen: when he realizes it is a roller-coaster slide more than 15 metres high …

D.O: “pffff me afraid of highs?? y/n pleaaaase I’m manlier than Luhan wait and see… just wait and see” squishy’s confidence 200%

Tao: starts doing aegyo to save his ass “please tell me that u changed your mind… I won’t ask Sehun to shower with me anymore but please don’t make me do this pleeeeaaaaase" 

Kai: seeing the roll-coaster…. *in desbelief* 

Sehun: "are yo scared? I’m NOT scared!!l! I’m gonna show you Oh Sehun fears nothing!!!" 

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Meanwhile the father-of-one said he took on a paternal role while filming Breaking Bad.

“I gratefully and fully accept that responsibility. It strengthens the family when you take the time to celebrate moments. And I just wouldn’t allow any bullshit. Otherwise, the unit "breaks down”, he said.

He admits he played favourites with former co-star Aaron Paul, who played his partner in crime on the show.

“I love him like a son. We’ll be friends for life.”