vintagevalentinexx  asked:

Fine! I would like Mr. Ketch to be my Valentine.

(Ohhhhh the petty ideas that came to mind were glorious)

You met at a bar. He was sitting in the corner, swirling a glass with one lonely ice cube and dark liquor in it. You barely noticed him, that is until he sat next to you, ordered you a drink without asking, and declaring that you two were going to be seeing more of each other. The cockiness annoyed you shitless, but the smile on his face was more than tempting.

Your first kiss happened after your fourth date. He walked you to your doorstep, and pressed a soft kiss against your lips, whispering about how he wished he could come in. You responded by pulling him inside by his tie. 

Valentine’s day is spent in luxury, he picks you up in a limo, instructing the driver to go through the city, so that you can see all of the lit up buildings. Your finger are intertwined, and he’s humming under his breath. You’re seated at the best table in a five-star restaurant, with waiters bringing you an array of appetizers and different wines to try. At the end of the night, you both walk through the city, and he tells you a glory story (AKA he gloats about his acomplishments)

Roses are flowers, stars are fire. You, my dear, are my one and only desire

- Ketch