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Fairytale Tattoos and Magical Flowers

A fic for @blaane. Who wanted a tattoo/florist dennor AU. Hope you like it!

(On AO3 too!)

The street was a quiet one, despite being the main shopping street in the town. No cars drove through, only the occasional bike or small motorcycle.

Changes weren’t done overnight.

So when his tattoo parlour was to get a neighbour again, he didn’t expect it to come so quietly.

Preben first noticed that the “for sale” sign in the empty shop disappeared.

Then over the weekend the shop got a paint job. Gorgeous dark green instead of the rather drab and faded grey.

Then one morning there was a sign.

“Magical Flowers” the gold lettering read, beautifully painted on top of a matt black background.

Preben had to stop and stare for a moment. He had an urge to revamp his own sign now.

The coming week he sometimes spotted movement inside the shop, but the blinds remained shut and all he heard was the unmistakable sound of hammering and sawing.

And Magical Flowers proved to be just that.

At least seemingly.

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have you read all things shining?? my fav fic of all time

OHHHHH SHIT it’s Askance, aka one of my favorite writers of all time. 

I have definitely read All Things Shining before, but I can’t recall much of it so it absolutely deserves a reread. Thanks for the reminder - I’m sure I’ll fall in love with it all over again <3

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❤️❤️❤️ You get three for being Mirella-la-la!

I guess this means you get three compliments for Luna-na-na.

It would be easiest to just say you’re perfect except for your single fault that you don’t like tea, but I’ll be a little bit specific. So let’s start with your incredible style and fashion sense. All your looks are incredible and I love them so much. You have the fashion sense (and wardrobe) I wish had.

Then there is the poetry that are your words! Holy shit man! Your eloquence could slay a thousand men! Like, I love your story writing, that’s for sure, but then the way you describe people and feelings and ohhhhh my goodness you are on a whole other level. I’m still fighting my friend to use her calligraphy skills to write up a few of your quotes because my handwriting doesn’t do it justice.

Last one then. (Does your patience for my failure at consistent communication count?) Maybe not that exactly, but I do cherish your patience. We may not both be hardcore in the rotg or blackice fandoms anymore (let’s not lie to ourselves though. That movie will always own a part of our souls), but you’re still here. You still send me the loveliest asks and messages. Thank you for that always. THAT BEING SAID I REMEMBERED ANOTHER THING YOU ARE RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED AT (Srsly you can calm down the talent and share some with the rest of us)!!! Your trailers and movie edits are beyond believable. I still get delighted shivers watching your villain Jack Frost video. It is incredible and so are the rest of your YouTube works!!

Keep being perfect (minus the tea thing)!!! Have a great day lovely!!

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modern au where grantaires cat is a 2000 year old rescue animal he got at the pound. she has grey fur and only one eye and always sort of smells even though grantaire tries really really hard to wash her (he nearly loses an eye himself) and this cat HATES everyone and everything and only likes grantaire bc they have 2am screaming matches with each other but one day R needs to babysit enj's cat for whatever reason (a tiny pure kitten) and when enj picks her up theyre snuggled together and (cont)

(cont) and R and enj just sort of look at each other like “what the fuck is going on who broke the cat???” and R is like ‘theyve been like this since you left. i havent breathed in five hours i didnt want to mess it up’ so they just back out of the room really slowly, half sure this is a really fucked up dream (i love cat aus so much oml)


ohhhhh my god this is precious. I love cat AUs too holy shit (I hope you’ve read That One Cat Fic by barricadeur that shows up at the top of the e/R ao3 tag?? If not here you go please enjoy and come scream at me)

but anyway: it turns out enj and R’s cats have fallen asleep. And they stay asleep. For what feels like forever. R keeps poking his head into the room to see if the cats have moved (since somebody WILL get injured if they try to move them) and also because he’s super nervous about being stuck in the kitchen or wherever alone with Enjolras. And of course Enj doesn’t want to leave without his cat since that’s what he came here for in the first place (yeah of course it’s the cat Enjolras, not like you’re here for someone else or anything) so he ends up sticking around for hours.

So long, in fact, that an exhausted Enjolras just gives up and goes to sleep on the couch. And Grantaire is having such a hard time dealing with the sight of two sleeping cats and a sleeping Enjolras all at once that he locks himself in the bathroom until he calms the fuck down

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Woah, I just noticed that this ending is so damn SasuSaku.
And you can’t tell me otherwise.

I mean, who’s the one that Sakura misses that much? Can’t be Naruto because.. You know, she’s with him ALL the time.



Just notice how Sasuke doesn’t push Sakura away at all, but Sakura pushes away Naruto. HAHAHAH, really, I’m dying.

Happy Wriggling Day dear!! Ho+pe yo+u’re having a great o+ne, be sure to+ relax and enjo+y yo+urself. and have all kinds o+f fun that yo+u kno+w Kanny wo+uld thro+w a fit o+ver~ Lo+ts o+f kisses and hugs and all that fun shit!
((Hope you have a great day H!! Couldn’t resist whipping up a little something, super silly though it may be, and happy birthday!!))