ohhhh yes

“i’m calling in a favor…” @askinfresh

Pup had texted Sanzy a few hours ago, leaving enough time for the virus to show up.

The blaster ended up pacing back and forth, his red scarf fluttering behind him as he walked. The breeze was at least nice, cooling his form as worry ebbed away at him, teeth gritted together.

He heard Sanzy arrive behind him, and the blaster turned, expression grim as he stared for a long moment, unsure of how to breach the subject.

Then again, Pup had always been blunt.

“I need to talk to your host.”

weep with me now for all the timelines 

where someone else pointed out to kankri 

his mega crush on latula 

and before they said anything he had no idea

that what he was feeling was anything other than strong friendship 

and now its been pointed out to him 

he’s so confused 

and doesn’t know how to speak to her anymore 

and they start to drift apart 

due to indecision, denial and fear

Compliments I’ve Gotten That Are Very INTP-Esque
  • “Your handwriting looks like a scientist’s writing.”
  • “I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture hall listening to the ‘really cool professor’ get off topic.” (Just after I told someone to wait while I collected my thoughts, to then continue explaining something.)
  • “How are you not a famous scientist yet.”
  • (I get a lot of scientist-related compliments)
  • “I can tell when you start thinking seriously about something; it’s like I can literally see the gears turning in your head!”
  • “I like hearing your stream of thought.”