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Mchanzo Week Day 2

Canon Divergence || AU - Your typical baker/florist au because I love it and I am too uncreative to think of anything else! :)

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BTS REACTION: Your hands being shaky at a fan meeting

It isn’t often for BTS to come to your area, if they are it’s for concerts, so when you heard of the fan signing you just had to go, no matter what. However, the excitement of getting your Wings album signed didn’t out weigh your anxiety in the slightest. You can’t stop how badly your hands are shaking as you hand over the album to the first BTS member seated…

J U N G K O O K:

Your hands are shaking badly, and it makes him anxious just by looking at you. He doesn’t really understand why you are shaking. Is it because you are meeting him? Or are you just this nervous all the time? All he knows is that he wants to help calm you, somehow. Except he’s coming up blank. Should he hold your hands to stop your shaking? Should he wait for you to recollect yourself? Should he make you laugh? Should he somehow guide you to calm down? With so many options and no time to think, he does the worst thing someone could possibly do. He flirts, badly.

“Somebody should call the police because you just stole my heart.”

You tilt your head to the side and cover your mouth. How could you have been nervous in front of this big dork? You fail your attempt to not laugh in his face. “That was horrible. How do you call yourself International Playboy with pick-up lines that belong in the trash?” You say in between giggles.

He feels his face start to warm and stares at you with wide eyes. You can no longer contain yourself. “That’s! Oh my god! Your Jungshook!” He can’t restrain his smile anymore and your laughter starts infecting him too. It takes you two a good minute to calm down.

Once you realize what you just said your face radiates heat, “I’m so sorry! That was really rude of me!”

He bites his lip with a smile. You’re adorable. “I don’t mind you making fun of me, as long as it makes you feel better.”

“I don’t need to make fun of you to feel better. Your music calms me when things like this happen, which is actually quite often,” You grimace. “I sympathize with ‘Begin’ a lot,” You smile sadly, “Of course, our circumstances are different…Growing up, my parents weren’t the best. In fact, they hardly raised me at all. My mom destroyed my confidence almost daily and my dad definitely had his problems. They got better as I got older, but it’s too late now… I cried tears of sadness and I cried tears of pain because of them…I’m messed up now…My friends, they saved me. They help me smile and they make me laugh and it helps me forget. I love them all so much. I’ve never felt as much pain for myself as I do for them when they are hurt. I’d rather they cry tears of happiness all their life even if it meant I’d cry tears of despair all of mine. However, I’m awkward when it comes to expressing these things in person. So I can come off cold or insincere. Instead, I sing this to them when they are down so that they know the extent of my love for them. I would like to thank Rap Monster and you for this song that helps me express myself.” Wanting to lighten the mood you tease him while shoving your album at him, “Now hurry up and sign this. I think I’m holding up the line and everyone wants their time with the International Playboy. Although I’m sure they will be disappointed when they hear what comes out of your mouth.”

He chuckles while signing your album, the small fire in his chest growing more uncontrollable the longer you two talk. He doesn’t want you to leave but is aware he is working. The rest of the boys compliment you on the way you handled the rude maknae’s horrible flirting.

Three years later, and the boys still can’t stop themselves from chucking whenever “International Playboy” is used to describe Jungkook. It causes a lot of confusion within ARMY but they refuse to discuss it, claiming it as a “you had to be there” joke.

They are about as prepared for their appearance at the VMAs as they were for the BBMAs, which is to say they aren’t prepared at all. While their English speaking skills have grown exponentially, Namjoon remains the only one fluent. They are on the red carpet, taking pictures and answering some questions. Just as awkward and frustrated. Even Namjoon is relieved when they finally enter the venue, constantly translating the other boys’ answers can be tiring.

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They sit in their reserved spot, speaking among each other until their attention is brought to the stage by the announcer. “Ladies and Gentlemen! Please put your hands together for the host of tonight, the hilarious and beautiful Y/N L/N!”

You come out from the stage and wave to the crowd. Their cheers grow louder the more you send them kisses, in moves reminiscent of Jin. “It’s amazing to be up here tonight,” you say into the microphone and Jungkook perks up at the sound of your voice. It’s familiar. “If somebody had told me three years ago that I’d be a successful comedian hosting the VMAs I would have called the police on them for telling me lies.” He plays closer attention to your feature. There’s no way that’s you, right? “Wow, that was a really lame joke. You know, someone one used a similar pick up line on me. The fact that I remember it should be enough to tell you how bad it was. I laughed right in their face. Now, I’m just as bad as them,” the audience laughs at the dry humor you are beloved for. “We should move on though, I don’t really care about your lives so why should you care about mine? Let’s just get on to the first performance. Give it up for Chance the Kit Kat Wrapper!”

The other six members of BTS look at Jungkook, he has the expression of a deer caught in the headlights. He didn’t want you to walk away that day and often found himself regretting it whenever he remembers you. He didn’t think that he would ever see you again. You both are working this time, but he isn’t going to let that stop him from talking to you. He gets the opportunity when you announce them as the winners for the Best Music Video award. The seven of them walk to the stage. Namjoon takes the trophy politely then steps aside to let Jungkook speak to you.

“Y/N, I believe we’ve met before,” Jungkook says, looking into your eyes and grinning with excitement. The microphones easily picks up your conversation.

“Ohhhh, you really want to ruin your reputation here playboy?” You say with the biggest smile your fans have ever seen on your face when being humorous. The entire building is silent, watching your interaction with interest.

“If you are who ruins it, I don’t care.”

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Too Many Feelings Part 10

Summary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1446

Warnings: Fuffly, Smut ( Safe sex, praise kink)

Special Thanks @drinkfantasy for reading and beta this for me.

PART1, PART 2 , PART 3, PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6, PART 7 , PART 8 PART 9

credits to the gif owner

You stare at him; your heart is full of happiness, your hands start to caresses his face “Bucky, are you saying this because you are afraid of losing me?” He shakes his head a no and you can see the disappointment in his eyes.

“You don’t have to say anything, especially if you are not ready; I just wanted you to know that.” You smile at him, he tries to put you down but you don’t let him “Bucky, I love you, I just don’t want you to say it for the wrong reasons”

He places his lips on yours, he places you two in bed with him hovering you. His hands are rooming all over body; he takes his shirt of your body and looks at you but before he can kiss you, you stop him “Bucky, are you sure?”

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Behind Locked Doors


Pebbles sprout up between Shiro’s fingers. It feels as though the dirt stretches on and on forever under his hands. Pidge heeds Lance’s command, and soon she, Hunk, and Shiro are all on their knees, scratching and cutting at the earth, searching for a flash of color amidst the cool rocks and soil. “It’s an impermote,” Allura explains as they dig. “A microscopic parasite that feeds on emotion. It’s using Keith’s memories to illicit a more powerful emotional response.”

“And doesn’t he hate it!” Keith says. “His anger tastes delicious.”

Genre: Hurt/comfort 

Chapters: ½

Fic available below the cut! [And on A03]

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Voltron - Lance/Keith - Vaguely Based On My Own Bad Life Choices With Alcohol - Part 3 of 3

Part 1 / Part 2

Drink responsibly everyone. Do not drink too much and make sure you know your limit. (I learned the hard way a couple of weeks ago.)

Once Lance had finished again, he set his forehead on the edge of the toilet. Muttering to himself, he tried to lower himself back to the floor.

“Oi, let me help you!” Keith said and grabbed Lance by the shoulders once again. “You seem to be more awake and aware now though… How are you feeling…?”

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Kvothe on plum bob
  • Kvothe: Look! Ducks! *points at arrangement of duck figurines*
  • Sim: Yes. Those are ducks.
  • Kvothe: *Grabbing all of them* Theyre my ducks.
  • Sim: Okay, no. Those belong to the building, you can't steal the ducks.
  • Kvothe: *clutching an armful of small ducks* Please?
  • Sim: No.
  • Kvothe: Ohhhh, Sim! I just want ducks! Theyre so nice, pleeeeeaaasse??
  • Sim: ONE duck. You can have ONE.
  • Kvothe: *throwing all but one duck violently onto the table* YES

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7. "Strip, darling."

“Strip, darling.”

It was Harry’s Birthday. You had a busy day spent with his family and friends and the two of you had not spent a moment alone together all day, you had even had to tear yourselves away from your morning snuggle and kissing session due to breakfast plans with some friends.

Eventually after a busy day of seeing almost all of yours and Harry’s loved ones you got home. You both were a bit buzzed from the drinks you had over dinner.

“So, when am I getting my present?” Harry smirks as you get up to your bedroom.

“I told you this morning that it’s coming in the post.” You reply, not really paying attention to Harry as you try to take your necklace off.

“I know, but I mean my other present.” Harry whispers as he comes up behind you taking your necklace off for you.

“Ohhhh, what do you want?” You spin round to face him, finally understanding what he’s meaning. He looks at you intently contemplating his answer.

“Want you to put on a show for me.” Harry says lipping his lips before sitting on the edge of the bed. “Strip, darling.”

Thoughts on the Villagers that didn’t know the Staff

So, for those of you that have seen the movie, you know that the village woman with the weird bonnet is Cogsworth’s wife, and someone who really seems to enjoy putting Belle down.  She literally incites the part of the movie where they destroy Belle’s laundry-maker.  She’s also part of the raid on the village, and has a delightfully terrifying singing voice (she’s the one that sings “He’ll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free”).  She’s present in the fight scene, where she brandishes an axe and orders several of the villagers to “silence the harpsichord” before Garderobe proceeds to send her flying off the steps for threatening to kill her husband.

But despite how cruel she is, she made me stop and think about some of the villagers’ reactions to members of the staff that they didn’t already know to begin with.  Like Cadenza and Garderobe, for instance.  After the curse was lifted everyone changed back into humans.  And in being a small town, the villagers probably had no idea that they were standing in the presence of two musicians known the country over for their talent.

So imagine her receiving a very wary glance from Cadenza and/or Madame Garderobe and not knowing why.  She tries to ask Cogsworth who they are, but he doesn’t really want to talk, and just says they’re famous musicians.  Well alright then, but later, when she’s dancing at the wedding, she notices Garderobe singing and Cadenza playing and can’t help but think there was something familiar about both of those traits…and then it hits her: he was the harpsichord she was ready to chop into matchwood and she was the wardrobe that defended him.

And she just feels really guilty and tries to find a corner alone with them so she can apologize.

Same thing goes for LeFou, too.  Imagine him wandering around during the wedding and Cadenza and Chapeau both come up to him and talk to him almost apologetically, and he’s like “I don’t know you, but it’s been a weird day, so alright.” 

And then Mrs. Potts comes up to him and pays him a few really heartfelt comments about how he saved her life and she really would like to get to know him more like a sweet little mom would, and for a moment LeFou’s really confused, but then he looks around and sees Chapeau has gone back to admitting the guests, Cadenza’s back behind the harpsichord, and Mrs. Potts is dancing with Chip and it takes a second, but then he’s like “oh.  Ohhhh.”

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Could you please write about Zen and MC on their honeymoon? (With some nsfw if you want) <3

Ohhhh……. Your wish is granted!!

  • With how popular Zen is, they will probably go somewhere remote. 
  • Out of the eyes of camera and public
  • Lots of sex
  • Lots
  • Of
  • Sex
  • Everywhere
  • This beast is BEAST
  • Even when eating, he’s going to make MC do something
  • You know like those body tables? 
  • And it’ll end up with fucking too somehow 
  • Good luck wearing those bikinis because he’ll leave a lot of marks on MC
  • When going out to explore, he’ll take a lot of selfies and candid photos of MC
  • And post them with cheeky captions. 
  • Adventurous with MC as they’ll visit local places and do lots of fun things together
  • Prepared for a special dinner where local people are going to come with musical instruments and he’ll end up singing to MC 
  • Be jealous girls, he’s taken. 

“I sighed, he sighed, the wind and flowers sighed too. I think those marble statues sighed along as well, in their lack of understanding the human condition”