ohhhh shittt~

their friend drunkenly confessing

Xiumin: *confused minnie* so are you just saying this because you’re drunk or…?

Luhan: *flustered Luhanaish, Y/N why’d you only tell me this when you’re dunk? But do you actually like me? Oh my what will I do with you???

Kris: *thinks you won’t remember any of this*Y/N I feel the same but you’re drunk as hell so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to kiss you?

Suho: *calls EXO for help*

Lay: *tries to maintain seriousness but ends up laughing* oh Y/N you’re so drunk, it’s cute:3

Baekhyun: aaahhh Y/N I knew you couldn’t resist me for much longer

Chen: *awkward laughing* aghhh you’re going to regret this in the morning

Chanyeol: *suspicious puppy* will you still feel the same when you’re not drunk?

Kyungsoo: *squishysoo* oh dark lord you did not prepare me for this…

Tao: ooooh gurrrlll you in for a lifetime of bullying now

Kai: I can’t wait to remind you about this in the morning

Sehun: ohhhh shittt gurl but who wouldn’t want me though


I hope it was okay<3