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Since Levi is so socially awkward, how would he compliment his partner? He would straightforward say they are beautiful? I dunno he can be so blunt but so awkward sometimes, he confuses me tbh

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

This is honestly how I picture Levi trying to flirt or compliment in canon:

  • “You look like you had a nice shit this morning.”
  • “Not bad…”
  • “Impressive.”
  • “You’re not incompetent.”

Like, I seriously see him being very blunt and short about how he compliments anyone. Not just an s/o. He’d probably keep it very to the point and direct but, still managing to be somewhat round-a-bout in what he’s actually trying to say. Like up top is what he would say, here is what he would mean:

  • “You look pretty.”
  • “Ohhhh shit, I like that. That’s good shit.”
  • “You’re a badass. Straight up. You slay.”
Compliments I’ve Gotten That Are Very INTP-Esque
  • “Your handwriting looks like a scientist’s writing.”
  • “I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture hall listening to the ‘really cool professor’ get off topic.” (Just after I told someone to wait while I collected my thoughts, to then continue explaining something.)
  • “How are you not a famous scientist yet.”
  • (I get a lot of scientist-related compliments)
  • “I can tell when you start thinking seriously about something; it’s like I can literally see the gears turning in your head!”
  • “I like hearing your stream of thought.”

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(bubble tea anon) okAY pls I wanna talk about how perfect akaoisuga is?? first off everyone is blinded by how beautiful they are and omg the dynamic is a++++ u have oikawa flaunting their relationship in everyone's faces and doing his absolute (1)

best for his boyfriends on anniversaries, birthdays etc. then there’s down to earth but sassy af suga who always knows what to do/say. then akaashi who takes no shit & sees past his boyfriends’ smiles w no problem + the reason why oikawa and suga aren’t in jail tbh. also: setting practices that end in intense make out sessions. I’m just rambling I love these three so much save me



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XWP asked by @lazylaziel Thank you so much. Fave show ever, greatest love story no one will ever surpass them sorry yep even you shoot you can’t top that (I still love you with all my heart though)

  • favorite male character: Joxer ^^
  • favorite female character: Gabrielle ♥

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  • least favorite character: Do I have one ? Oh yeah Akemi ^^
  • prettiest character: Well it’s a close tie between my baby gabby and Xena but i will go with dark tenebrous warrior

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Ohhhh pretty you asked ?

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  • funniest character: Joxer ? Gabrielle ? Meg ? :P Callisto ? :D

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  • favorite season: all ? :D Ok not 5 ^^ I like 2 and 6 I think … But really all ♥
  • favorite episode: one against an army, many happy returns, when fates collide (masterpiece conqueror), and also the one well it’s called “le serment d’hyppocrate” in French ;) (when gabrielle is hurt in the battlefield and ephiny is having a baby)(checked : Is There a Doctor in The House ? ). I’m sorry I don’t really know the name of the eps in english :p Also the one where Xena is poisoned and Gabrielle has to take her role (with salmoneus). (checked, it’s The Greater Good) And also the one … Is it the crusader in english ? (with the djins and swans ^^ and jealous Xena). OMG blind faith ! with blind Xena searching for to be married gabrielle one of the best the feels ♥ The price, amazing ep. A family affair is great too with Hope and Xena and finally the reunion. Paradise found good too. (Okay now you know I have a list of the eps in french and english before my eyes because there is no way I know this title in english haha). Who’s Gurkhan?  is perfect arghhhh ♥ Legacy great too in the desert … it’s directed and/or written by Reneé (i don’t remember ^^). The Abyss with the cannibals will always be one of my faves. Then of course i couldn’t miss the trilogy of the rheingold/valkyries …

Ohhhh you said one ? sorry I can’t do that

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  • favorite romantic ship: Well … It’s pretty obvious :p Xena x Gabrielle ♥ “Don’t ever leave me again” yeah thanks to you i’m sobbing !

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  • favorite family ship: Xena x Gabrielle x Joxer ?

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  • favorite friend ship: Joxer x Gabrielle
  • worst ship: Hope x gabrielle ? haha I just made that one :P
Stuff Your Mouth [Joe Sugg Imagine]

“Hi guys,I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend Y/N today.A lot of you have been requesting the Stuff Your Mouth Challenge and that’s what we’re going to do today!”,Joe smiled into the camera.

He finally got you to film a video with him again.In front of you was a bowl full of marshmallows placed.

Each of you were stuffing marshmellow after marshmallow in your mouth.
“I’m reapfy”,you said and started to laugh.
“What no,completely full!!”,Joe literally screamed “There’s still space left.”,and put his finger into your mouth.

“Jooooe.”,you whined. “That’s disgufstong”

“You ready?” “hm?” “Ihhf you’re reapfy” “Oh yeah.”,you laughed and held your thumbs up.

“Okay”,you started.
“The youtuber is tall.”
Your boyfriend held up a finger,so you’d stop talking. “Likes Fall??”,he asked what literally made you laugh.

“Taaaall!” “Ah tall?” “Yeah”

The video continued like that,you both laughed a lot and almost spit out the sweets.

At the end of the video was Joe’s turn again.
“She has pretty hair.”
“Ohhhh.”,you said and stuffed a marshmallow back into your mouth.
“Zoe?”,you guessed but he shook his head.
“She’s is gorgouzz,gor-geous.”
“Ugh.”,you whined.His words could describe literally everyone…Zoe,Tanya,Louise etc.

“And,she’s in front of me right now.”,he said after pushing a few marshmallows back in his mouth.

“Me?’,you laughed and before you could even say something else he put his hand on your cheeks and attempted to kiss you.
’‘Ughhh Joe.”,you squeaked.

He made a fake sad face before the marshmallows fell out and he said the used “thanks for watching and please give it a thumbs up.”

I wonder how EunXiao got so close. Like, did Juyeon see Xiao and go, “ohhhh she’s pretty, I must get to know her,” or did she see Xiao and go, “awwww that poor Chinese trainee she’s like a lost puppy, Imma go save her,” or did Xiao see Juyeon and think, “that giraffe girl looks nice, I’ll befriend her,” or the billion other possibilities that rattle around my brain whenever I see them gay things up together.

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so you posted a Kurt x Warren fic on your main blog. csn you do a Nightangel ship headcanon pretty please?

OHHHH! I love this ship and I love you anon! Thank you for reading my fanfics and coming to this blog! My heart! :)
Sidenote: There are no Nightangel gifs!!! WTF!? This is the best I could get with both in the shot. Sorry about hrt baby kurt at the end of the gif.

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Who hogs the duvet
Let’s be honest, these two probably don’t sleep with blankets at all/. Warren’s wings are heavy, warm, and soft (It’s comic canon that Warren’s wings grow back BTW). Their bed is a no-blankets-needed zone.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going
I feel like both do that cause Protective-Boyfriend!Warren and Never-Been-in-a-Relationship-Before!Kurt are always checking on each other.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
Kurt. Everything is handmade and heartfelt. 

Who gets up first in the morning
I guess that depends, both have nightmares and are X-men so they have to get up early anyway. Though I can see both of them waking up before the other and just staying in bed, watching the other until they wake up.

Who suggests new things in bed
Kurt being secretly really kinky is one of the things I live for! He wants to try so much, especially if it involves his tail or Warren’s wings.

Who cries at movies
Both, but Warren is better at hiding it or keeping it all inside until he’s alone.

Who gives unprompted messages
(Rewinding Noise) I feel like both do that cause Protective-Boyfriend!Warren and Never-Been-in-a-Relationship-Before!Kurt are always checking on each other.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick
Well… Warren most likely gets feverish and kinda sick around molting season. I feel like because Kurt has never seen this happen, he freaks out and starts thinking Warren is dying. 
Warren, on the other hand, when Kurt is sick pulls out all the stops. Soup, cuddles, anything you’ve ever been given while sick ever, he has is or will cut a bitch to get it. When Kurt is sick Warren is more protective than ever and will stop at nothing to make him comfortable.

Who gets jealous easiest
Warren. Kurt is too naive and doesn’t know flirting from friendly. Though Kurt has his jealous moments cause Warren just can’t seem to not flirt back.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music
I don’t really know. Kurt, I feel, likes anything (he just doesn’t like complaining) and Warren like rock music, so neither.

Who collects something unusual
Kurt collects Warrens feathers.

Who takes the longest to get ready
Warren, cause he has to smooth out all the feathers on his wings before he’ll let anyone, other than Kurt, see him. Also, how the hell does he get that jacket on if it doesn’t have snaps, or buttons, or velcro it must take hours to get on.

Who is the tidiest and organized
Out of the two, Kurt is the tidiest. That’s not saying much, though. He grew up in close quarters and no personal space in a CIRCUS! Those places are not tidy.

Who gets most excited about the holidays
Kurt. I can see him decorating Warren’s wings. Like… wrapping tensile around them and hanging little plastic decorations on them. Then there’s Warren putting mistletoe on the ends and moving it to hang above them. Yep.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon
Warren, because of the wings, most likely has to be the big spoon. Though I can also see him sleeping on his stomach and Kurt curling up under the wings or using Warren’s back as a pillow.

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
Warren, but Kurt has his moments. He will not let Warren forget that he is faster than Warren in a race (teleporting vs flying). 

Who starts the most arguments
I feel like most of their argument start because something (Warren) is in a bad mood and won’t talk about it. It hurts Kurt’s feeling and makes him all sulky. Most of their “argument” like this end in someone else, most likely Oroco or Jean stepping in and making them talk to each other. 
– (This gets deeper than I thought it would) – The real true argument, though, with hurt and yelling always (no if and or but) started by Warren and his drinking. Kurt doesn’t like drunk Warren and Warren doesn’t think Kurt should worry about it, plus Warren is probs an angry/grumpy drunk and get plain unbearable to be around when like that. Something like this ends in Erik, Charles, and Hank having to get involved. No one likes it when all three of them get involved.

Who suggests that they buy a pet
Kurt! He wants cats, dogs, bunnies, a unicorn, a billion and a half birds, and a few more cats. Warren just stares at him, thinking to himself “Wtf did I get myself into?”

What couple traditions they have
Warren collects all the fallen feathers that are clean and fully intact and gives them to Kurt. 

What tv shows they watch together

Another couple they hang out with
I don’t know about another couple, but Warren is probs dragged into hanging out with “The Squad”.

How they spend time together as a couple
Cuddling while: listening to music, reading, or just hanging out.

Who made the first move
I have a headcanon that after Apocolypse, Warren avoided Kurt at all cost because of guilt, but Kurt was having none of it. He knew he had no choice in the cage and that he was probably tricked, or promised something, by Apocalypse into being a weapon. 
Kurt was dealing with his own guilt from destroying Warren’s wings and all he wanted to do was apologize. 
One day he finally “cornered” (not really, though) and rushed out an apology before Warren could leave. I feel like Warren would have been really surprised and probably felt a little bad for avoiding Kurt when all he wanted to do was apologize. 
That’s how the friendship started, but seriously Kurt made the first move cause he got tired of Warren taking his damn time with asking him out. They probs watched Star Wars on their first date!

Who brings flowers home
Kurt, but only because that’s what Jean and Jubilee said a good boyfriend does. That may have also been when they thought he had a girlfriend. It works, though, turns out Warren really likes flowers.

Who is the best cook
Warren. Though he can’t cook much. If you like mac and cheese and tortilla chips for lunch and dinner then you’ll like Warren’s cooking cause that’s about all he can do.

Who snores
Probs Kurt cause he most likely sleeps with his mouth open a little bit. He’s got huge teeth and those things are super sharp. 

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