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Saeyoung: Ohhhh, Saeran! I’m so happy! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Saeran: Yeah…you too. Happy birthday…idiot.

Saeyoung: Hey, let’s take a selfie with your new phone! Get over here!

Saeran: *sighs* Alright.

Saeyoung: Smile!

Saeyoung: This has been the best birthday EVER!! Thank you, Saeran…

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it was basically like, imagine that it's been a really long day and e is home alone kind of driving himself crazy and so when r comes home e kisses him and climbs into his lap and just starts talking a mile a minute. r is grinning like crazy but he's like "what is this about ange" and e just tilts his head like it's a confusing question and says "i just missed you"

Ohhhh man, I’m so glad it came through this time, I love this!!

It’s been a long week for R.

He can’t quite explain why, aside from the near constant feeling of sullen apathy that’s been saddled on his shoulders; he has no way of reasoning it away, no way to trace it back to where it might have come from. He has plenty of reasons to be happy, after all - he’s got the best friends he could ask for, he’s got a pretty decent life, a nice apartment with a beautiful view of the city, and he’s got an angel who brings the sun in his wake for a boyfriend. There’s no true reason for him to be sad - right?

He sighs as he walks back towards the apartment, shoulders slumped ever so slightly. He supposes there’s no need for a reason or a cause; the result is the same, either way. The past few days, the world has just felt a little different to him, and he isn’t sure what might change his perspective. The colors are a little duller; the sounds a little more distant. The rest of the walk back to the apartment hardly registers to him. One moment, he’s on the streets, lost in his own thoughts as they run about in circles - and the next, he’s at the door, key in hand and making his way inside.

He’s barely made it to the couch to untie his shoes when there’s a flash of red in front of him, and suddenly, there’s another living body on his lap. For a moment, R is stunned - Enjolras hadn’t been anywhere in sight when he had opened the door, but here he is all of a sudden, lips pressed to his and hands on his face, holding him as if he’d been gone for months. It takes the breath from his lungs for a moment. Enjolras is generally a bit less abrupt in his affections; he would usually greet him verbally at the very least before stealing a kiss. He’d ask how his day had gone, where he’d been; if he’d seen anything interesting, or what he’d had for lunch. But today, there’s a strange, frantic energy about his Apollo. It takes his mind away from the rainclouds that have been following him for just a moment.

Then, Enjolras has rested his forehead to R’s - he’s nuzzling their noses together as he speaks so quickly that Grantaire can hardly keep up, his bleached-blond hair brushing against his cheeks; and it all clicks. Enjolras had been cooped up over the past few days as he studied for an upcoming exam. Being inside for so long, without interacting with many people in person or going out to do things, left him with a lot of pent-up energy that he had no way to get rid of. Now, however, it seemed that he was getting it all out by pressing a hundred kisses against his face - over his cheekbones, across his forehead, against the bridge of his nose, the corner of his mouth - and speaking so quickly some of his words seem to tangle with one another.

He presses a kiss to Grantaire’s jaw, his wild hair tickling his nose; he can’t help but to laugh, wrapping his arms securely around his waist. “What’s this about?” R asks, finally managing to return one of the kisses a bit more calmly. Enjolras drapes his arms around his shoulders, and a soft smile curls up the corners of his lips. R wants so badly to kiss his dimples, but he wouldn’t want to interrupt Enjolras. “I missed you,” he replies, so casually that it takes Grantaire an extra moment to process it. “that’s all.”

That’s all? he wonders to himself, staring at his Apollo like a man seeing the sky full of stars at night for the first time. Warmth creeps up in his heart, and a grin comes across Grantaire’s face. For once, he doesn’t question him any farther. He doesn’t press for answers, or ask him why he missed him so much when he was only gone for a few hours. For once, R does not think to convince himself that he is unworthy of the affection, or that Enjolras deserves someone who can match him step for step.

For once, he’s able to accept it with a smile and a kiss, and he realizes with a sense of strange peace about him that things are okay. The bad days will never go away - no, there will always be storms, in the sky and in his mind alike. There will be days he is sad for no reason, and days that Enjolras will wind himself up far too much.

Even if Enjolras cannot chase those clouds away for Grantaire, he can still break them apart, even if only a bit - and R knows that, somehow, he will find a way to do the same for his Apollo. Maybe they don’t need clear skies; they only need to brave the storms together.

The wolves howl for you,
and we are breaking our bones in this forest

In this treetop of wants,
in this body full of timber,
in these spaces where you prowl out of the door
and my arms freeze open to the shape of your waist.

like this -
stone cold waiting.

This is how we do:
the beasts cry for you, teeth bared, incisors falling out of their mouths, snarling guttural at the moon.
I do the same.

I leave my gentle at the door and at your feet.
I leave my surrender wide eyed and holy-mouthed.
You crawl back into our bed sometime after midnight,
blood in your teeth and clutch my hair in your fists

lift me by the neck and taste the back of my mouth
hands around my throat - surrender
we break our bones together.

You take my spine and hold it between your teeth.
Shake and release. Shake and release.
I touch the ground with my toes and you bury all your brutal in places that it cannot be lost.

I hold your face and tender you
and we break our bones together.

—  Azra.T “Howl" 

Sondertale: Prologue - Part 9

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as the words dribbled off of its chin,

 it said “I’m lost” 

sooo I’ve recently been associating a lot of The Mars Volta music with Gaster especially Inertiatic ESP and did a little comic based on the last part of the mentioned song b/c i love it, it’s so good

translations when you click on the images but heres for u mobile peeps:






also don’t worry about Sans, just another bad dream

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What are the best Harry blogs to follow? Thank you

Ohhhh the best?  I haven’t been around long enough to know rankings or anything like that (not that I believe in them anyhow because each blog is special in its own right) BUT these are some blogs I thoroughly enjoy and are v deserving of your attention if you aren’t already aware of them:

@permanentcross (she sucked me back into fan fiction with her incredible writing and it is so believable that Harry is literally palpable radiating from her words through the glow of your laptop screen, and, she’s E too!)

@trulymadlysydney (such a sweet gal and her blURBS OF HARRY OH MY GOSH PREPARE TO DIE also she talks about astrology so that’s always fun to check out)

@canistayhaz (I JUST REBLOGGED HER SMUTTY ONE SHOT IT’S PERFECTION BUT….anywho….she’s funny and nice and the writing is on POINT)

there’s other writing blogs i’m enjoying and forgetting so I apologize for my horrid memory, but these blogs in no particular order also have v lovely people behind them that are a joy to see pop up on my notifications and to message as well :)






There’s lots more, but here’s just I few I enjoy!