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Hi! I know you're a big Kataang shipper, and I am too, but my views have started to become shaky recently. I saw arguments that Aang had no regard for Katara's feelings (kissing her in EIP, assuming she was his girl in EIP, etc) and is insensitive (tried to stop her from finding closure in TSR), and that it's weird because Katara is motherly towards him (as confirmed in The Runaway) Also her perspective wasn't given much emphasis, so we don't really know how she felt about Aang romantically

Anonymous said: (Cont) but meanwhile Zuko understands Katara and she’s never seen to be motherly towards him Basically the argument was that Katara became a prize for the Avatar at the end of the show and that Aang is kind of immature/inconsiderate about her feelings I’d really appreciate any response to these. I’m in need of pro-Kataang arguments right now :( thank you!

     Okay, my dear, sweet, poor little Anon Friend, you have come to the right place. I might get ranty, and maybe a little pissy, just know: I am not mad at you, sweetie. Just at the fandom and all these really stupid reasons.    Let’s start with this: No matter you come across, no matter what reasons people give you to try to get your faith in the greatest couple to grace this show falter, and no matter how much smutty ‘Zutara’ fanart you encounter will not change one single thing. There is no ‘losing faith’ in Kataang, because it will do absolutely nothing. Kataang happened. Kataang is canon. 
No matter what anyone on the internet say, there is no getting around the fact that Katara and Aang spent their entire lives together. That they married, had not one, not two, but three children together. That they remained married until his death. That she remains loyal to the avatar and uninterested in anyone else.       Got that? Okay. Moving on.       Now, about these totally, horrible, unjustly ABSURD arguments you mentioned. I mean this in the kindest way possible:On what goddamn planet does Zuko understand Katara better than Aang?

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