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So Hi there could I please request how the rfa boys and v and saeran wrap help mc when she has bad meltdowns due to being autistic (for me personally I shutdown and become verbally aggressive though I never mean it and I become disassociated with myself and thier very invasive like a panic attack almost) if you don't want to do it that's fine but thankyou anyway 💙

 I’m so glad you requested this!! I have some autistic friends, so I know a little about this topic. I hope you like it! I wrote this as the first time MC has a meltdown in front of their s/o.

⭐Yoosung Kim

💚When he finds you in a meltdown, he freaks out

💚probably starts crying as well 

💚this baby has no idea what to do!!! 

💚he will first try to go to you and maybe hug you, but once he sees that makes it worse he removes himself from the room

💚this baby calls his mom 


💚once he gets himself calmed down he will distract himself with cooking, so that he can keep himself calm and give you something that might make you simmer down 

💚he will quietly enter the room with some food, and your stim toys

💚once you calm down he helps you eat and you both use the toys

💚i mean he can’t resist them they look cool and he doesn’t want you to feel weird for using them!! he’ll grab one and ask you what it does and ask you to show him 

💚he is very supportive and will try to keep his calm and help you anyway he can 

🎧 Seven


❤️out of them all, Seven knows the most about meltdowns and being autistic

❤️this dude is a genius and has 100% looked up and studied mental illnesses, i mean

❤️the dude is a mess 

❤️he will gather all your stim toys and your weighted blanket 

❤️will cover you in it so that if you want to hide and rock, you can while getting the calming feeling the blanket offers 

❤️he won’t force himself on you, he just silently says he’s going to go outside and if you need him come right away

❤️has a mini panic attack himself 

❤️because,,, what if he didn’t do the right thing?? was it right of him to leave you alone??? 

❤️also oh god what if you diE

❤️you come out of the room yourself and it’s eerily quiet

❤️you guys just hug it out, and cling to each other. 

❤️after this, seven will do everything he can to help you when your on the verge of a meltdown 

❤️this experience only brings you closer. 

🖊 Jumin Han

💙 wow um 

💙 sorry to spoil this parade but honestly he is PROBABLY THE WORST. 

💙 he has no. experience. with. meltdowns. 

💙 or autistic people in general 

💙 this dude grew up in a box, he didn’t even know what autism was until you came along 

💙 when you have a meltdown he freaks out 

💙 immediately does. all the wrong things. i am so sorry for you honestly

💙 he just doesn’t understand and he just wants to help, so jumin is a mess.

💙 like Yoosung, he’ll call someone. First person to pop up is Jaehee 

💙 Jaehee comes and practically drags Jumin away from you 

💙 The two have to have a full on conversation on what a meltdown even is and how to treat it 

💙 when you come out of the room, Jumin is frozen in place

💙 he feels so bad. after the conversation, he knows. he knows he only made it worse

💙 poor guy can not look you in the eye 

💙 the two of you hug it out, and stay connected for hours and talk it out

💙 legit he forgets Jaehee is even there and she has to invite herself out it’s so awkward 

📚Jaehee Kang

💛 Okay so like seven she knows some stuff about autism. 

💛 even if seven knows the most out of the group, Jaehee has the most responsible approach. 

💛 she gathers the weighted blankets and stims, but STAYS WITH YOU LIKE A PERSON SHOULD


💛 will offer you a massage and keeps CALM

💛 will stay with you even if you yell at her to go away, because she is stubborn and knows that this will pass. 

💛 if you hit her she’ll let it happen, because it is okay. she will grab your hands and look you in the eye and just keep telling you it is okay. You are okay. She loves you. 

💛 she loves you so much

💛 after the meltdown, the both of you cuddle with the weighted blanket and she tells you how much she cares for you and is proud of you

💛 later you will discuss what triggered it. but now, you two just hold each other in silence. 

💛 can you tell Jaehee is very dear to me

🎭 Zen

🖤 oh boy

🖤 ohhh boy,,,

🖤 so. he’s practically as bad as Jumin. But he’s a little better

🖤 he researched autism once he knew that was a part of you, because he loves you and wants to know everything he can

🖤 but. he didn’t know about meltdowns. 

🖤 he thinks you are having a panic attack, so he uses the knowledge he has in that regard 

🖤 he has no knowledge please help him 

🖤 the only thing he knows is your stims and your headphones. so he grabs those and puts on your headphones, gives you your favorite doll and just looks at you. 

🖤 he knows you can’t hear him but he jUST WANTS TO HELP

🖤 zen legit starts reading off his script for his next play

🖤 he has NO IDEA if this will work and surprisingly??? 

🖤 it does.

🖤 bitch cries when you calm down and holds you. even if your the one that needs comforting after the meltdown, zen pretty much was scared so bad and just needs to be held 

🖤 you two will definitely be talking later. 

📷 V

💜 please please give this boy an award 


💜 he’ll hold you in his arms, give you a massage, talk to you about his day, remove all things that might trigger you out of the room, and just is flat out

💜 an angel. 

💜 he’ll sing to calm you down and honestly he is so good 

💜 he sings simple things like lullabies and you love it. sweet and simple and just what you need. 

💜 expect a lot of spoiling and affection afterwards!!

💔 Saeran 


💔 i do so here we GO 

💔 he has been there. so many times. soso many times with no one there to help him. 

💔 at first, he has no idea what to do. it’s like a flash in the past. he sees himself in you and that scares him. 

💔 he will remove himself from the room without a word. he knows he needs to gather himself together

💔 once he’s calm, he practically knows everything. will remove anything sharp or dangerous from the room. will even take off his pointy bracelet. 

💔 gathers some warm drinks because that helped him calm down 

💔 will make you lay down. he doesn’t care where you are. you’re lying down. 

💔 he puts so much weight on you, including himself. on top of all the blankets he just lies down on you and breathes deep breaths. 

💔 no words are spoken. 

💔 you two will probably stay like that the rest of the day. 

i hope it came out well aaaaAaa.,,,, ;-;


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Nursey is sneaking around doing something he probably shouldn't and he somehow overhears/sees Dex playing piano

This was really fun! Warning though, as you can probably tell I’ve never messed with pot, and I have no clue how it actually works. Bear with me and enjoy the music. 


Everyone knew that the third floor of the music building was practically never used. There were practice rooms on the second floor that had nicer equipment, and while there was an elevator that ran to the second, apparently no one thought the third floor had needed it. Or at least, that’s what it felt like every time Nursey climbed up the stairs. There was an unmanned music library situated at the front of the hall, with two more practice rooms in the top of the tower. A little spooky, but it was a good place to find some quiet during the day. After about 6 you took your chances running into someone else whose roommate wouldn’t let them smoke in the dorm.

Nursey isn’t an avid smoker- not like Shitty or even Lardo- but during times of high stress like finals or season playoffs the pot helped him maintain his carefully cultivated ‘chill’ and he tries to be respectful of his roommate when he needs a smoke. 

When Nursey finally gets to the top of the stairs he’s a little surprised to hear music playing. Usually there’s no one up here and it’s a safe place for a little recreational drug use. But finals are approaching, so maybe there are students in dire need of practice rooms willing to take the steps. Still, there’s a practice room across the hall that’s empty, and if the person playing piano is any good maybe it’ll help calm him down.

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