ohhh ned

anonymous asked:

u know what i hate? when u go on road trips right and you stop at one of those rest areas and everyone takes their pees. Except u. bc u are like ohhh i dont ned to peee ooo look at mee, then yall leave and then u have to pee the fucking pacific ocean. OR EVEN WHEN U LEAVE SCHOOL AND UR LIKE do i gotta pee? nah bruh my house is only 30 mins away AND U GET ON THE BUS AND BOOM ALL THE FUCKING GREAT LAKES ARE TRYIN TO COME OUTTA U


I’m that person. Like as I get older I always usually go when we stop bc I don’t want to be that person, but there are times where I’m like nah I’m good and then half an hour later its like “hey can we pull over I have to pee” anD DON’T EVEN SASS ME BC MY BLADDER WASN’T CRYING OUT FOR RELIEF WHEN WE STOPPED AND NOW IT IS