So as a first time blogger Im feeling a bit intimidated! Im currently following 15 girls on Lalageorgia and their all so extremely talented with their pictures, writing and overall knowledge of fashion.  Thus far “ohhelloAmy” is a favourite of mine. I love her honesty and her personal posts as though she were writing in her private journals.  Her pictorial selections of her fashion finds are fabulous!

I guess what Im really trying to say is that even though Ive been in the Tumblr world for a week now, Im feeling like the kid in the new school trying to find a way to fit in amongst a sea of diverse fabulous people.  

What exactly can I say or post to make you the Tumblr readers or anyone for that matter want to sit and soak up my words and pictures of inspiration.

My boyfriend was wise as he advised me to take my time enjoy what Im doing and in time people will notice little ol me. ( He always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better).

For anyone out their in Tumblrland who decides to one day come across this, please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or a quick “hello” I would love to know that there are still lovely people out there, who could make a girl feel welcome to the blogging world!

Love & Support :)