ohh.... no


Me: *sees a bunch of cool edits of Pidge with long hair* 
Me: Nice
Also Me: *starts to think a lot of reasons about how is not a good idea to have long hair in the space* 

Lawless & World End

I call World End Waru [Waru-chan when adorable & Waru-kun when hawt af <3]


@lawlicht4eva & @nahiishirota DAM THESE 2 KNOW ME SO DAM WELL @/////////@ I had them guess “who’s my new brotp??”  AND GAHCK. AM I JUST PREDICTABLE OR SOMETHING. JAHFKAJSHSAF e/////////e AS A PRESENT, HERE’S LAWWARU OR WARULAW HAHAHAHAH 


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Heathers is an 80's movie that got turned into a musical in 2014 (ish) :)!

Anon: (heathers anon) its a really good movie, its on netflix. it’s kinda a chick flick… with a bit of a twist. im not gonna spoil it or anything but its really good; they even made a musical based on the movie! :D             

ohh ok eheh thanks for the info 8′)

Anon: Heathers is a Movie (can be found on Netflix) and a Musical (can be found on YouTube) and it’s amazing and catchy and about high school and murder and it’s so good it’s so hard to pick which is better they’re both amazing (i suggest you watch the movie first then the musical if you’re interested but it’s your choice)            

cookingwithroxy said:    Heathers is a cult classic american film about a girl gang all named heather, the girl who wants them dead, and the boy who comes into her life and helps her achieve her dreams. (of killing people.)    


why i’ll be happy if either zootopia or moana wins.

a quick list off the top of my head!!! i’m sure there’s lots more to be said i’m just so excited about these movies


  • all those messages in the movie ??? like i dont think i’ll ever be over disney doing THAT
  • the fcking scene when judy is talking about how predators have it in their dna to be savage and nick is like wtf?? and she’s like no not you, you’re not like them and he says “OH SO THERE’S A THEM NOW?” AKDFLJA;FIJDAF ;i remember audibly GASPING when he said that ohh my god. 
  • the whole thing on the bus when the prey pulls her kid closer when they’re sitting next to that lion 
  • when the pig is like “go back to where you came from” and the jaguar or w/e was like “i’m from the savannah!!!” like omg how RELEVANT is htat to today’s society?
  • the whole story of how when byron howard pitched the idea to john lasseter, john picked byron up like baby simba (this is a FACT and I even asked byron on twitter if it happened) 
  • the fact that everyone walked in to this movie thinking it was going to be a furry movie and it was actually WOKE AF
  • that scene where nick is a kid and we learn about his back story
  • the fact that the villain used fear tactics to pit predator against prey to try and control everyone does that sound a LITTLE FAMILIAR TO YOU??? she even went out and literally changed them in order to frame them for something they didn’t do


  • soooo much positive energy from this movie
  • all the beautiful people of colour on screen ;o; 
  • SHINY 
  • the positive female relationships between moana, her mum and grandma!! women supporting WOMEN!!! 
  • when moana’s mum helps her pack for the trip instead of stopping her omg 
  • pua and hei hei 
  • when the ocean finally says what every one is thinking and locks hei hei in the boat 
  • i know it’s probably not v accurate but at least showcasing a glimpse of a blend of polynesian culture to the world
  • moana and maui’s relationship
  • the MusIC!!! The SINGING!!!! 
  • The animation in general how they do that with her hair??
  • the fact that moana kept over coming obstacles and managed to reach her goals and made her family proud and changed the minds of her people and left a shell on top of all the rocks.

so yea, i’ll be v happy if either of them wins the oscar! 

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Ohh all the domestic shit that hairdresser must know o.o

i want to converse about dogs for an hour with dan and phil :// why am i not a hairdresser that lives in london and does in house calls

Gifts (Damian Wayne headcanons)

Requested: Yes
Request: So could you maybe do a hubby!Dami hc of him just surprising his s/o (with gifts) because he loves them? I hope you’ll feel better soon!

  • Ohh my sweet baby boy
  • He is such a kiss ass when it comes to his S/o
  • Like it hurts
  • He’ll see anything that he thinks you would like and brings it home
  • Brings flowers super often too
  • like there’s always flowers in the house
  • Expect to have all the newest gadgets too
  • Just mention something you want and you’ll have it 
  • If anyone says you’d like something
  • He’ll get it for you 
  • He also likes to get them wrapped and leave them on the counters for you to find
  • Just to add a little fun to it
  • He’s great, but also hella over the top 


With love,

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Eh llorado como magdalena en las partes de el ojo de Capri y los pulmones de Acua. Y ahora vengo a darle esas lagrimas, ohh mi gran sempai *entregar lagrimas en un frasco*

*Acepta las lagrimas* ¡Al menos tengo para vivir un mes mas con esto! ¡Gracias!

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Even if you draw rarely, your uploads are always awesome and interesting, you are one of few people for which I turned notifications on)) Guess that's not a big deal, but you should know that your work is appreciated! <3

ohh man, thank you so much… i rly wish i could draw more and actually do original art and concepts for my own projects too, but when i get home from work im often not in the mood or just plain tired. i will rly try to get a part time job bcs i actually need to draw this stuff to complete a portfolio, bcs without that ill never get an art job and i end up stuck. rip.


Tengah layan ni malam jumaat…mcm make love je dengan bodybuilder indonesia ni…kat utube dan slideshow weigh in yg aku wat…satu persatu aku fantasize dorang…kepit telo dan biar gentel nipples..oohh..ahhh..ohh bro…sedap..nikmat…rasa mazi kuar…tahan lama sikit…ohh…syok je

a twelve step program

every time I write fic I go through the EXACT SAME process:

  1. Prompt: oh hey!  this looks like it would be fun to write.  I wonder if I could pull it off.
  2. Contemplation: wow that’s a good line of dialogue. *writes it down* OH hey, there’s another couple ideas attached to that *writes it down* etc
  3. Inspiration: WOW I HAVE SO MANY GOOD IDEAS this is so fun I Have a full page of nonsense notes that no one can decipher but me (barely), but I KNOW that this will be amazing.
  4. Sentences: um… wtf was I thinking… these ideas are way more vague and incoherent than I thought they were… this is harder than i expected…
  5. Writing: Ohh hmmm… there’s a sentence, than another, and another…. oh look there’s a whole scene… there’s a different unrelated scene… this isn’t so bad
  6. Stuck: ooohhhhkay….. Now I have 75% of a fic.  Of disconnected scenes with lots of problems still and no ending and probably terrible characterization and and and–  Time for a break, then it will be better when I look at it with fresh eyes….
  7. Comparison: *reads someone else’s (or my own prior) fully completed, edited, polished story* wtf everything in my current fic is bullshit and will never be good ever ever, and why did I think I could do this and why did I bother with something so disappointing….
  8. Stockholm syndrome: *sigh* well I sunk so much time into this I may as well just power through to the end.  “two cakes are better than one” and all that, maybe someone will have a good time laughing at this shit.
  9. Re-inspiration: Ooohhhhh that’s how I can correct this mistake.  that’s how I can connect these scenes.  Oh look, there’s an ending?? maybe??
  10. Editing: BORING and I am impatient, but this is necessary I guessss.  One last read through…
  11. Posting: I have basically memorized this fic and am convinced it’s boring and mediocre at best, because I already know everything that happens, but I’m done with it now and *leap of faith* it’s maybe better than I think.  May as well share.
  12. First review: “I liked it!”  Oh hey…. I guess this is pretty good….. I am proud of myself???  wow what a feeling!!!!!  this was so fun!!  why don’t I do this more often???

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No lo se, solo me gusta, me encantan los mensajes que ocultas con ese codigo

Ohh, gracias por decir eso.
En cierto modo es como si fuese algo que quería leer hace tiempo, ahh