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i always skip ful stop when im listening to the album. what makes you like the song? it makes me feel like less of a fan for not getting turnt up on it like you do!

Ohh, well, i suppose that everyone has their favorites. I think it’s the fact that i liked it since the first time i listened to it and i wasn’t really expecting that song on amsp but when that groove started and the rhythm that that song has and thom’s voice it’s so creepy and amazing to me!


The Skwad playing superhero charades


It’s meant to be a little visual novel screencap kinda thing ;7;  ! ! !
It may have taken an afternoon to finish but this really was so much fun to make// I may do more in the future, I’m not sure yet/////

I’ll be posting the Aleks and James sprites separately as well~ [[which you can find here!]]