ohh well okay

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Michael's dating this girl called Crystal Leigh he posted on NYE a boomerang of them smooching lol, she's 32.

Ohh okay! Well I hope that when I’m 32 and single I can get a cute boi too.
If she makes him happy, we should be happy for them x

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Oh sorry I should have explained more, I saw your reblog about the posts he liked and he only ever likes pics from about three accounts, he'll like something outside of those every blue moon.

ohh okay, well his instagram activity is pretty rare anyway. it’s picked up since he started promoting his music, but he still lays pretty low and does seem to only occasionally like things from a smaller number of accounts for whatever reason.

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When Christina announced that new job, it was only recurring and she said in the tweet for the next few months, so maybe she's filming it now and will be ready for TO S5. I do think they put her in too many episodes since she does nothing now, so I hope they don't promote her because she likely wouldn't have a storyline, I was happy when they cut the deadweights with no SLs, they don't need to go backwards. She's also been answering questions about Freelin and TO, so I think she's up for S5.

Ohh okay. Well, I suppose we’ll find out.

The writers vs Klaroline fandom (Caroline's side)
  • How I see the war between skeptical Klaroline shippers and the rest of the writing staff at CW
  • Writers: So here is Matt he's nice, blonde, charming and gets used alot as blackmail material
  • Klaroliners: Uhh yeah about that, we actually prefer guys that have never pined for Elena in their lives and put Caroline first, no dice for Matt sorry try again.
  • Writers: fine, here have a go at Tyler, he's a hybrid, has family issues and has actually dated Caroline
  • Klaroliners: You make valid points and we totally respect Forwood, but have you seen Klaus? As in really seen him? He's got more chemistry with her and is way more exiting, plus he's hot and they look yummy together, so no, take back your Tyler NEXT
  • Writers: well here's Jesse he's a nice dude..he ahh goes to college
  • Klaroliners: He's also a walking blood bag with caloric value, this is boring try something else
  • Writers: Dammit there's no pleasing you guys if it isn't Klaus, well then here sink your ship on Enzo, he's evil, has an accent and likes to irritate Caroline
  • Klaroliners: so that's your strategy now, A knockoff? What do you guys take us for,TO fans? Carenzo is a brotp and it better stay that way
  • Writers: YOU ARE ALL CRAZY now have a Stefaroline scene and we swear if you keep being bad fans WE WILL MAKE IT CANNON
  • Klaroliners *silent*: Ohh well that's okay we'll just ship Klefaroline instead
  • Later in the Klefaroline tag
  • *cue party music* EVERYBODY DANCE NOW