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You have been friends with Moonbin for a long time, he was once your neighbour down the street when you were younger. Whenever you’re bored and had nothing to do at home, you would go over to Moonbin’s place to hangout or you both would go out together. After Moonbin moved away, you were unable go over to his place to hangout, like old times, however Moonbin made sure that both of you won’t lose the friendship by frequently meeting up.

Recently, Moonbin texted you to join him and his friends out to a carnival this weekend. You hesitated at first as you did not know how his friends would be like. You were the type of person who is really shy and awkward when meeting new people. After Moonbin constant persuasion, you gave in and agreed to go on this trip with him and meet his friends for the first time. Moonbin assured you that his friends aren’t bad, and that their actually really nice and friendly.

Days went by fast and the weekends are finally here. Moonbin texted you to get ready at 12 he would be fetching you to the carnival. He’s friends will also be meeting him at the carnival. You told Moonbin that he do not have to fetch you there but he refused to listen and insisted on meeting you at your place first. Thinking of an outfit to wear, you picked out a dark purple crop t-shirt matching it with a demin jacket and jeans. After changing, you went to grab your bag for the day and went downstairs, “mmm 11:50am, maybe I should grab something to munch on first”. You went over to the fridge grabbing a chocolate bar and an oreo cupcake , you decided to pass the oreo cupcake to Moonbin as it is his favourite snack.

At 12 o’clock sharp, the doorbell rang. Your mum headed towards the door but you stopped her, telling her it’s just Moonbin and you’ll be heading out with him today. When you opened the door, you see Moonbin standing there wearing a dark red t-shirt with jeans. He had a smile on his face looking happy and excited seeing you. He leaned in to give you a hug and you return one, since young you’ve been this close so it feels normal hugging him back. “This is for you, I found it in my fridge and I guess you would want it” you passed him an oreo cupcake. He thanked you while eating the cupcake as you head out locking the door behind you.

The carnival wasn’t far from your place despite having to take a train over. As you were reaching the carnival, you see many people crowd around the venue with excitement written on their faces, mostly family, friends and tourist. Following Moonbin, you looked around trying to guess which ones are his friends. While looking around, you saw 5 guys wearing different coloured t-shirts laughing and joking together. You guessed those were Moonbin’s friends because of their happy attitude. When you realised Moonbin is indeed walking towards them, you suddenly begin to feel small and shy.

“Hey!!! guys!!” Moonbin yelled while walking towards them, grabbing all of their attention as they face towards Moonbin and you.

“Wahhh hyung! You’re finally here, do you know how much I wanted to abandon you for the rides?” the guy with a yellow t-shirt said.

“Dongsaeng-ah, don’t be like this” MoonBin replied.

You stood there feeling awkward, not knowing any one of them as Moonbin greeted them with those guy handshakes. Moonbin turned towards you before saying,“ guys, this is y/n”.

The 5 boys turned their attention to you, “Ahhh, so you’re the girl that Moonbin kept talking about. Do you know how much Moo-” one of the boys spoke up.

“Yahhh, hyung !!” Moonbin shouted while trying to cover his friend’s mouth. The other 4 boys were laughing at the scene, as you felt your cheeks redden. “Moonbin talked about me to his friends?” you thought to yourself. 

Once the laughter died down, the boys started introducing themselves. “Hi y/n, I’m Eunwoo” Eunwoo introduced as he was wearing a light blue t-shirt, “and the person who’s wearing green t-shirt is JinJin, yellow t-shirt is Sanha, dark blue t-shirt is Rocky and orange t-shirt is MJ”

After they introduced themselves, you and the boys begin heading towards the ticket entry. The carnival had a ferris wheel, roller coaster, different rides -like the pirate ship and a haunted house, game booths and food stalls. There were drink carts around too! The guys decided to enter the haunted house first, you weren’t really scared of haunted houses so going in there was fine for you. The seats on the ride were 2 by 2 so the guys decided to play rock paper scissors to decide who seats with who. Moonbin asked if he could sit with you however they insisted you should play too, so you can be more comfortable with them and not feel left out. 

You end up being paired with MJ, as you entered the haunted house, a strong wind from the side gushed out shocking you and MJ as he screamed. Looking at MJ’s reaction, you giggled. However after the second time MJ screamed, you couldn’t hold your laughter and begin laughing at him. After the ride was over you were still laughing as MJ, his face looking pale and frighten. As you entered the gift shop, you scared MJ by jumping out behind the pillars. Everyone laughed except for Moonbin, his expression was cold and hard as if he was mad at you or something. You stopped laughing and asked if he’s alright however he just shake it off by saying he is.

Next, you and the guys went on the roller coaster with the same partner. While the roller coaster was ascending upwards, MJ turned towards you and said, “you know Moon bin kept talking about you”
“…I didn’t know that, he probably miss his old hometown” you mention not trying to feel shock about it, “maybe” was the last thing MJ said as it reaches the top. You were unsure by what he means by ‘maybe’ but you were too busy screaming your lungs out as the roller coaster goes downwards. You felt the  adrenaline feeling as the wind gushed towards your face making your hair fly everywhere. MJ was screaming his lungs out too while lifting his hands up in the air. After the rides over, you cant help smiling and laughing at how fun the ride was. You and MJ started talking about how fun the ride was and how other roller coasters can’t be compared to this ride.

“Why don’t you two go on it again since it’s soo fun” Moonbin interrupted, his voice filled of sarcasm.

“Hyung, you okay? you sound unhappy” Sanha asked as Rocky nod his head agreeing.

“Yeah, what’s up Bin” this time it was eunwoo who asked.

“You aren’t acting like yourself” JinJin stated.

“ It’s nothing.” Moonbin replied in a monotinus tone.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing” Rocky replied. Eunwoo looked at MJ and Sanha but they shrug their shoulders in respond.

Suddenly JinJin asked Moonbin “ Are you jealous that y/n kept laughing and pairing up with MJ??” with a smirk on his face. Waiting for a responds, Moonbin kept quiet while looking at the ground. 

“So… I’m right !” JinJin laughed as Sanha shouted “MOON BIN LIKES Y/N~~ ” in a singing voice. Moonbin’s cheeks begin turning red, same goes to mine, as he chased Sanha.

After chasing Sanha around, Moonbin came back telling us that he’s going to get a drink. He left before anyone could mention a word. “I’ll go too” you said, telling the boys before running off to catch up with Moonbin.

“Moon Bin ! wait up ! I’ll follow you” You shouted loud enough for Moonbin to hear as he stopped and waited.

Walking to the drink stall was awkward as you and Moonbin did not talk to each other.  Reaching the drinks stall, Moonbin asked you to wait one side as he went to order drinks. You found a place to sit along the side while waiting for Moonbin to come back. Siting there, you begin to wonder what to say to stop the awkwardness around you and Moonbin since this has never happened before. Moon bin came back with 2 drinks in his hand, he ordered a cherry apple blend for himself and an ice blended grape juice for you.

“So-” “So-” , you and Moonbin both said at the same time.

“You first” you said, not wanting to start the topic first.

“ohh okay, well…Sorry for being cold towards you just now” Moonbin replied.

“Noo, I’m sorry for not talking much to you since we entered the carnival” you said apologetically.

Moonbin sighed, “Don’t apologise, you’re not the one that was throwing a temper just now…..”

After hearing that, you looked down at your fingers fidgeting on your lap,you continued feeling guilty that Moonbin always not putting the blame on you even if you are in the wrong.

“Hey,Y/N” Moonbin called however you were deeply in your thoughts.

Without realising, Moon bin stood up and walked over to you. He held your chin, lifting it upwards facing him. He looked straight into your eyes with sincere concern making your stomach filled with butterflies. That’s the exact feeling your mother described you on how she felt when she was in love with your father in her younger days. You had never thought about your feelings for Moon Bin until today, after all it had just happened.

“Y/N, it will never be your fault. Okay?” Moon bin said with sincerity.

“Why are you always putting the blame on yourself when it’s not, Moonbin?”

“I will never do it to the girl I like” 

You stared at him blankly as you repeatedly blink your eyes, not believing what you’ve heard. “Girl that you like….?” you repeated.

Moon bin’s eyes widened. He looked away from you while mumbling to himself “snapwhatdidisaytoherno”

Looking at how flustered Moonbin was, you smiled goofily to yourself as you took your grape juice and sipped saying, “ Ilikeyoutoo”

Hearing that Moonbin turned his head to you in a flash, “Say it againhe asked

You quickly stood up taking his drink and pushed it into his hands, “Too bad if you didn’t catch it”, sticking your tongue at him. Suddenly a voice interrupted the both of you. “Binn, can we sit the Transformers ride already? We’ve been waiting forever for you two” Eunwoo came up from behind and asked.

Moon Bin looked at Eunwoo for a while before replying, “Wait Two minutes okay?” Eunwoo nod his head slowly, “Alright, I’ll tell the rest, hurryy okay” 

Right when Eunwoo walked back to the boys, Moonbin nudged you in the elbow, “Say it”.

“ It ” You replied laughing while running back to the boys. When Moonbin caught you, he sling an arm over your shoulders. “I’m not letting you leave my side” Moonbin whispered in your ear as he winked at you making you blush furiously.

“ So you guys together now?” JinJin said while wiggling his eyebrows pointing towards you and Moonbin, making everyone laugh as you blushed. From that day onwards, you and Moon bin started dating.

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Michael's dating this girl called Crystal Leigh he posted on NYE a boomerang of them smooching lol, she's 32.

Ohh okay! Well I hope that when I’m 32 and single I can get a cute boi too.
If she makes him happy, we should be happy for them x

The writers vs Klaroline fandom (Caroline's side)
  • How I see the war between skeptical Klaroline shippers and the rest of the writing staff at CW
  • Writers: So here is Matt he's nice, blonde, charming and gets used alot as blackmail material
  • Klaroliners: Uhh yeah about that, we actually prefer guys that have never pined for Elena in their lives and put Caroline first, no dice for Matt sorry try again.
  • Writers: fine, here have a go at Tyler, he's a hybrid, has family issues and has actually dated Caroline
  • Klaroliners: You make valid points and we totally respect Forwood, but have you seen Klaus? As in really seen him? He's got more chemistry with her and is way more exiting, plus he's hot and they look yummy together, so no, take back your Tyler NEXT
  • Writers: well here's Jesse he's a nice dude..he ahh goes to college
  • Klaroliners: He's also a walking blood bag with caloric value, this is boring try something else
  • Writers: Dammit there's no pleasing you guys if it isn't Klaus, well then here sink your ship on Enzo, he's evil, has an accent and likes to irritate Caroline
  • Klaroliners: so that's your strategy now, A knockoff? What do you guys take us for,TO fans? Carenzo is a brotp and it better stay that way
  • Writers: YOU ARE ALL CRAZY now have a Stefaroline scene and we swear if you keep being bad fans WE WILL MAKE IT CANNON
  • Klaroliners *silent*: Ohh well that's okay we'll just ship Klefaroline instead
  • Later in the Klefaroline tag
  • *cue party music* EVERYBODY DANCE NOW