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I'm sorry but the 'Always Dance' scene from A Very Potter Senior Year is the biggest Masterpiece to ever grace this earth

“Sometimes you accidentally kill your family”

“Hey, listen, you know who accidentally killed his sister while he was in a fight with his boyfriend, this guy”

“YAY I’M MAGIC!!!I’M GAY!!!” “Me tooooooooo”

“Wait Tom, your sorting is not done yet, the Scarf of Sexual Preference” “Ohh, interesting, I could see you going a number of ways”

“Hello there! My name is Lucius but you can call me Lui, When I grow up I want to be a Rockette”

“We’ll see how much of a man you are, care for a friendly dance off?”

To, the actual dance off

“When the world sucks, just dance and the world always sucks, so always dance”

Like I’ve never seen a better scene in any musical, play, book, movie, tv show, it’s the finest piece of art to ever exist and you can fight me on it, Checkmate guys

1kawaiineko: I read a comment about how the devs said that she did have a power and it wasnt a good one so maybe hers is wind (hence why a storm happens) destruction or anything really

ohh I didn’t know that, that’s interesting :o and Chloe said the storm maybe was Rachel’s revenge in the other game, so that would make sense


“Oh listeners! Guess who called me today! Hint: he’s a scientist and my boyfriend and I love him the most!“

Steve Rogers adapting to the 21st century would include

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  • steve having a dictionary for every new word he hears
  • him overusing “AF” but not knowing what it stands for
  • “thank you Friday, you’re helpful AF”
  • “Tony, i’m angry AF now!”
  • “Are you sure AF, Buck?”
  • him saying YOLO all the freaking time
  • “Cap, you need to wear a parachute!”
  • “C’mon Nat, YOLO!” *as he’s flying into the air*
  • him almost having a heart stroke when he sees Miley twerking
  • “Steve breath, c’mon, inhale, exhale”
  • “that’s just so …. degrading. Why would someone do this on tv? AND CHILDREN ARE WATCHING THIS???”
  • “why is this phone named after a fruit?”
  • “Tony, you need to take this one back to the shop, it’s used, look, the apple is bitten”
  • “who is this corn-man and why is he on tv so much???”
  • “he’s HYDRA! i know it!”
  • “you should have left me in ice”
  • him calling a 30-year-old his son
  • “what is uhmmm Facehook, Tony?”
  • “ohh interesting, so i can search anyone’s name and then i can contact them?”
  • “Clint, can you help me with this Lookbook thing? i’m searching for one of my friends but i can’t find him”
  • “what’s his name?”
  • “Timothy Dugan, he’s one of the Howling Commandos”
  • “Steve, he’s dead.”
  • “oh! sorry”
  • “Natasha, can you help me with something?”
  • “I need to choose a profile picture for this … uhm … *looking at the writing on his left hand* Facelook account. So which one do i choose: me in a cap suit or in civilian clothes”
  • “Bruce! i got 8 likes on my shield’s photo”
  • him pouting
  • “someone commented saying i’m not the real Captain America”
  • getting angry at the computer
  • “gosh, i’m tired AF i need to sleep ASAP”
  • Nat taking him to movie theater to see “50 shades of grey”
  • him having a seizure in the middle of the movie
  • really getting into selfies
  • taking selfies with Thor during missions, posting them on Instagram and captioning “freedom and justice are what we’re fighting for”
  • taking pics of random stuff that’s red, white or bule
  • “what? it matches my aesthetic”
The Liffey

Characters: Jimin and You

Word Count: 2,841

Genre: Sorta Angsty/Fluff/One Shot?

Summary: two hardworking souls meet at a pub…

Y/N, meet me tonight at The Liffey. I’ll be waiting outside for you. -Jimin

The text message he had sent had been on your mind all day. Out of nowhere, he… of all people had decided to text you.

It wasn’t too long ago when you tried to confess your feelings to him and you were turned down. Since then, you have tried your best to forget him. You buried yourself in school and work. You took up running so you could clear your mind.  You even considered moving away but even that was too extreme for you.

Why now? You wondered. You fought every urge to go and see him but you found yourself in your car, headed to the pub anyways.

This is a mistake You thought as you parked your car.

You finally made it outside to the pub where he was waiting for you. The pub was starting to show signs of aging but it was still a favorite place for the locals. From what you remembered, the Liffey had low prices, good beer, and was a great place to unwind after a stressful day.

Today was different though. You were positive that you were going to die from seeing him again. Were you being dramatic? Absolutely.

Years ago you guys met here. It was a random night with just you and your close friends but out of nowhere a stranger caught your eye. Back then, Jimin was shy and you used to make fun of how nervous he was when he first went up to ask for your name. That night, you and Jimin spent the whole evening talking and you were in awe of how sweet he was and how comfortable he made you feel.

He sat in front of you and listened to everything you had to say. You learned about how he was a singer and a dancer and he learned about your dream of going to school, finishing and becoming a doctor to make your parents proud.

When it was time to go, he asked for your number.

That night was only the beginning. A few days later, you guys met up again.

After a few drinks, you guys continued to open up to each other.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” you asked

“No, we actually broke up a while ago. Why? Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked

“Same here, actually…we’re broken up.”

“What happened?”

You shrugged your shoulders and looked away for a moment. To think about it didn’t make you sad but it was a topic you had not thought or shared about in a while to anyone.

“Life… I guess.”

“That tends to happen a lot”

You looked at Jimin.

“Can I tell you something?” You asked

“Go for it” He replied

You took a deep breath.

“All my life I saw my parents struggling. We didn’t have a lot of money and I always felt like I couldn’t do anything even though they sacrificed so much for me… I was never the smartest student, but I knew that if I worked and studied hard, I could go to a good school, get a good job and be able to pay my family back for always being there for me. I know I deserve to be happy, but when I was in a relationship, it really distracted me from achieving my dream of helping my parents and so I had to end it”

“Wow” Jimin replied

“Sorry  I didn’t mean to go on about my sob story”

“No, no, these are the kinds of things that help shape who you are, and quite honestly, I like who you are. I mean, I know we’ve only met a few times, but I can tell that you are a much better person than most of the other people I have known my whole life.

You blushed for a moment

“Thank you”

“What for?”

“For understanding”

He flashed you a smile but you couldn’t help but wonder

“What about you? You seem like a great guy, what happened to you and your relationship?”

“Ah, now that is an interesting tale. You ready?”

“Ohh, do tell”

“Like I said the other day, I’m a singer and a dancer. While most see this as a hobby, I see it as my life. Most people I’ve met, well let’s just say they have a hard time believing that I will get anywhere. My ex was one of those people. She was never supportive and always made me feel like I was wasting my time. And so one day I leave early from practice and I’m walking down the street and then I see her with another guy!

Your eyes were wide open.


“Yeah! They were out eating lunch and everything!”

“Did you go up to them?”

He laughed “No, let me finish Y/n”

“All the time that we were together, I had never seen her smile and look so happy. It then occurred to me that I was never going to be able to give her or anyone that and I realized that day that being in a relationship wasn’t going to work for me if I was serious about my career.”

“Were you in love?” You asked.

He ran his hand through his hair. The question caught him off guard and he seemed deep in thought.

“I think love is interesting in that it never ends up like how you think it will” He replied.

“What do you mean by that?” you asked.

“I mean, it is usually when you least expect it… or when you’re not looking… falling in love just sorta creeps up on you. With her, I don’t think it was love. Or, true love? I mean, what she did was wrong but I thought about it and had to think about why she did it. I was never home. I was always in the studio. She must have been so lonely and I caused that.”

You understood that all too well.

I guess we’re just not meant for love” You joked.

“Hey! I’m quite capable! I just have a lot of goals to achieve before I can settle down!” He laughed.

You raised a glass. “Well then, dreams first… then love! Here’s to us and our dedication!”

He laughed again and raised his glass with you.

Soon, meeting up together became a regular thing for the two of you.

As the months and then years rolled around, you tried to fight your feelings. It was subtle at first and you didn’t think too much about it but then you began to notice the little things about him that just made you crazy. For all the time you spent together, you knew you were falling for him.

For one, you fell in love with how hard of a worker he was. He would always call you late at night to ask how school was going and then he would tell you about how he was still in the studio practicing. If you told him to go take a rest he would refuse until he got his dance moves correct. Once he was satisfied, he would ask you to come out with him for drinks at The Liffey to celebrate his victory. With no room to dance at the table, the both of you would laugh the night away as he would try to show you his moves anyways while he was seated down.

You also fell for his cute charms. He was always laughing and smiling; he was never upset with you or anyone and he always tried to make you laugh when he knew school wasn’t going the way you liked. He was your support system for when you felt like giving up and you were his too.

‘You really like him don’t you?” Your friend asked

Jimin instantly came to mind but you played it off.

“Who?” You replied with a smile

“Ah, Y/N, don’t lie to me! I see you randomly smiling like a crazy person all the time! You guys need to learn how to live properly and give each other a chance before it’s too late! You both work too hard and deserve to be happy!”

You knew your friend was right but with life and all its complexities… the timing wasn’t right. You also weren’t sure about how he felt about you. While he drove you mad, you didn’t know where he stood with you. You both still had your dreams to achieve and love would have to wait. At least that’s what you both agreed on.

The last time you saw him was short. Outside of the Liffey, you both stood in the parking lot before bidding each other good bye.

“I guess this is it Y/n”

“I guess so. You’re going to leave tomorrow for sure?”

“Yeah… Our flight leaves a little after 10. My group and I finally have a chance at becoming a real big thing. Can you believe it?”

He was right. There had been so much buzz about him that you couldn’t help but feel proud of him.

“I’m really happy for you. I know how hard you have been working for this”

He ran his hand through his hair and smiled.

“Thank you for believing in me Y/N. You don’t know how much I appreciate all the support you have given me.”

He leaned in and gave you a hug.

“Promise me you’ll work hard and finish school”

You nodded as you wrapped your arms around him and held him tight.

“I probably won’t get to see you for a while.” He said.

You rested your head against his chest.

“I know” You replied.

“I’m sorry Y/N…”

At this point you were trying to fight back tears.

“Jimin… Before you go, there’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you…”

You lifted your head to look at him.

“I know we said dreams first.. But I can’t do this anymore. I just want to let you know that I have fallen in love with you Jimin. For all the time we have spent together… I can’t be the only one, right?”

Jimin looked at you shocked.

“Y/N, I…. we can’t….”

You felt this coming, but there was no real way to prepare yourself for this. You tried to make him understand.

“I know, but after all this time… don’t we deserve to know? Don’t I deserve to know? I’ve told you everything and yet I have no idea how you feel about me. I’m not trying to stop you from following your dream… I just want to know if you feel the same way”


“Do you really not feel anything?

Jimin couldn’t do anything but stare at you.

“I have to go”

Go? You couldn’t believe that was all he had to say.


You tugged at his sweater.

“ Kiss me” You said.


“Jimin, kiss me. Kiss me now and if you feel absolutely nothing at all… Then I can leave knowing that…but just know that if you walk away, then we’ll never know what we could have been…”

He looked at you with sorrow in his eyes. You were both so close, yet, he pulled away and apologized.

“I’m sorry Y/N”

He walked away and you were left by yourself.

You saw Jimin sitting outside. Dressed in all black, he looked deep in thought. For a moment, you were even afraid to approach him. For years you thought about going back to visit. But of course your fear of possibly facing him again steered you away. You almost turned around to make a run for it but you were too late.

“Y/n! I’m so glad you could make it!”

Shit You thought

“Jimin… long time no see”

He got up and you braced yourself for what was to come.  He smiled and gave you a hug. The last time he hugged you, you didn’t want to let go. Now that he was back in your arms, you felt your tears coming up.

“Y/n, is there something wrong?”

You were quick to tell a lie.

“It’s nothing. I think my allergies are just acting up again. Let’s go get a drink, yeah?”

You lead the way and he followed.

Sitting inside together was just like old times.

“How have you been Y/N? I heard you bought your parents a new car!”

You laughed.

“Who told you!?”

“Wait, you really did? I was just joking!”

“What?! Are you saying you didn’t think I could?”

Jimin flung his body around as he laughed.

“No, no! It’s just that it’s so crazy how time has flown by. I mean, 5 years ago we were in here talking about our hopes and dreams. And now we’re living them.”

It was true. Everything that you both set out to do was completed. You had finished school and found a great job. Jimin was a big star and making headlines everywhere.

“What about you, mister big super star? How have you been?” You asked.

“Getting ready for another world tour soon!” He said with a smile.

The both of you sat in awe for a moment. To say both your accomplishments out loud felt good.

You took a sip of your drink.

“We’ve both come such a long way, haven’t we?”

Jimin ran his hand through his hair… A gesture of his that you had missed seeing so much.

“We really did”

He held out his glass “To us! For never giving up on our dreams”

You raised your glass. “To us”

You both smiled at each other for a while. To be so close together again was almost unreal.

“I really missed you Jimin”

“I missed you too”

He took another sip from his glass.

“Speaking of us… Y/N, I want to apologize for leaving you like that that one night”

Oh no, not this.

“We don’t have to talk about that”

“Please. That’s why I wanted to meet you today. I want to explain why I acted the way I did.”

You didn’t want to be reminded of that night again and so you tried to stop him.

“Really, it’s fine Jimin.”

For once, you saw Jimin get a little frustrated.

“No, you don’t understand. I often came back here to think about what would have happened if I just kissed you that one night. Like maybe if I did, you and I wouldn’t have missed out on so much”

Confusion struck your face.

“What are you saying?”

“I was so scared Y/N. I thought so much about your dreams and then my dreams… and I couldn’t do that to us. I didn’t want to become a distraction to you and school. I also couldn’t live with the idea of you ever feeling lonely if we were together and if I was gone at the studio for days on end.”

At that moment, you finally understood. All this time, he had been living with what you said in his head. From the beginning of when you first started talking to each other… he remembered why you had ended your other relationship and just now you remembered again why he ended his. He didn’t want history to repeat itself again.  

“After all this time, I thought that you just didn’t feel that way about me..”

He shook his head

“I wanted to kiss you so badly but I was afraid that if I did I would never be able to let you go. I wish I could just go back in time and kiss you. Kiss you and make us work. With you by my side, maybe the past few years wouldn’t have been so hard. Thinking of you was the only thing that kept me going..”

He looked at you and you saw him filled with so much regret.

“I was and am still very much in love with you Y/N. It’s not too late for us, right?”

Fear crept inside of you.

“It’s still going to be a challenge with us working and being away from each other”

“I know but I’m willing to make this work if you are.”

You looked at him and you knew he meant it. You nodded your head and smiled.


“You mean it?

“Dreams first, then love” You reminded him. “With our dreams fulfilled and out of the way now, I’m pretty sure it’s time that we gave love another try.”

The biggest smile grew on his face. He got up from his seat and came to you. He gently wrapped his hands around you and readied you for a kiss.

“Y/N, you are my biggest dream and I love you.”

As his lips touched yours, your heart fluttered at how sweet his kiss tasted. The kiss that you had been waiting for was finally happening and it was everything and more than what you expected. With both your busy schedules, you knew things would be tough, but with him by your side you knew things would be okay.

A/N: You best believe I made a fanfic about the pub he was at when they were in Ireland. Also, i’m feeling a little sad so I’m not sure what the hell I wrote. The ending was probably crap too but oh well. i’m just bleh

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When the twins make an appearance in the cult flashback during Chapter 19, do you know what the symbols on their right arms represent? The one on Real!Ciel's arm looks like the alchemical symbol of mercury but I have no clue about the one on Our!Ciel's arm.

Ohh, I like this ask. Such tiny details are so interesting. And I love symbolism. :)

Okay, so you’re right, there seem to be symbols on each of the twin’s right arm in chapter 19. These marks only appear in that chapter (I think). Later, in other flashbacks (like chapter 62) we see bruises there but nothing that seems like a special mark.

First of all, I find it hard to tell who is who here. From the parting of the hair it rather seems like the right one is the twin but since this seems to be the scene where the twin is stabbed it could also be our Ciel… Difficult to say in this situation.

There’s also the possibility that it’s the same twin in both panels and that the mark is really just a bruise that changed its form over time because of new injuries or because older ones healed up. It’s definitely not a permanent mark because our Ciel doesn’t have it anymore (unlike the brand mark on his back).

But let’s assume it really is another symbol that the cultists branded or cut into the boys’ arms.

The left one kinda looks like a “P” and first I thought this just stands for ‘Phantomhive’. But part of the symbol could be hidden by the sleeve of his shirt. So let’s first take a look at the other symbol. I agree with you that it might be the symbol for mercury:

Mercury could fit quite well here. It can stand for the metal mercury often used in alchemy where it’s one of the three ‘elements’ of which everything else is made of (according to Paracelsus) where it represents the ‘soul’ and it’s one of the seven metals in alchemy associated with the seven classical planets and deities (source). Since the cultists may have used alchemy in order to summon a demon they might have marked one of their sacrifices with that symbol.

Mercury also fits with our Ciel’s brand mark quite well.

The brand looks similar to the Caduceus (without the wings). That staff entwined by two serpents is often associated with the Roman God Mercury (source).

And guess what animal mercury is represented by – it’s a serpent (source).

Finally, in astrology Mercury (the planet) is seen as the ruler of Gemini which would fit with the twins quite well, too.

So yeah, I think the symbol that’s on one of the twin’s arm could stand for mercury.

Now the other sign is more tricky. If the symbol on the one twin stands for mercury the symbol on the other twin probably doesn’t just stand for Phantomhive. I searched a few other symbols that could fit with mercury. And if we’re on the topics of planets maybe what looks like a P could stand for Pluto (there are different symbols for Pluto but both might fit here):

Or what might fit better with alchemy may be iron (associated with Mars) or copper (Venus) which are also two of the seven metals/planets (source). 

Since it’s hard to say what the symbol could represent I can’t really tell why one of the twins would have been branded by it. But maybe all of the children in the cult were signed with one of the symbols of these metals or planets if the cult were trying to use alchemy in order to summon a demon.

There may also be a connection to the seals of Solomon which are said to gain control over demons or used in order to summon a demon. There was this pentacle drawn on the floor around the altar where the twin was sacrificed on:

It looks similar to some of Solomon’s seals, namely those of Mars (left), Venus (middle) or again Mercury (right) (source):

So I assume these symbols that the cultists marked the twins with (and maybe the other children, too) were part of the preparation for sacrificing them in order to successfully summon a demon.


- I’m so glad you came.

- I won’t miss Pines’s birthday.

- Nice. Is this my present on you?

- Ah, yeah, it’s beautiful! I like it so much!

- But you more beautiful without any clothes…

- What?! /////o///o/////

* * *

- A lovely couple! Who’s that girl, Willy?

- M-miss, that’s Northwest. Pacifica N-northwest… *wisper* and I’m Will, not Willy…

- And what is she doing here? Especially with Mr.Pines who hates such parties?

- She is a g-guest, miss.

- I didn’t invite her.

- B-but your brothe… Mr.Pines d-did.

- Ohh, how interesting!

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I like to think that maybe Keith's mother/ancestor/whatever was one of the previous paladins.

ohh that sounds interesting :o but yeah that would probably be her ancestor if that was the case (didn’t the original paladins happen a loong time before?)

Love Fern


  • Ohh, all of those prompts are interesting. Tbh it was extremely hard for me to choose between a few, but I made my choice. 14 with Kihyun please~ Thank you in advance!!
  • Yasssss requests are opennn… Can you please do #14 with Kihyun and make it so that they’re in a platonic relationship but when another MX member comes over they think they’re living together cuz they’re dating??? Thanks!!! 💛

14) Looking for a roommate? Your bias is as good as any

Member: Monsta X Kihyun x Y/N

Type: Fluff

You clicked idly on your laptop, tilting your head back and forth in time with the music pumping from it’s speakers. You looked up and over the edge of the screen as a knock sounded on the door, your gaze catching the eyes of your roommate. 

“Your turn,” you hummed. 

“Oh shut up,” he grumbled, setting his own laptop to the side. “It’s my turn every turn.”

“Because you’re a big and strong, scary man,” you called after him as he exited the room. “You could ward off any intruders!” 

“Yeah, cause the last time I checked, burglars knocked,” he muttered, turning the knob. 

You chuckled to yourself as you continued to scroll through your Tumblr feed, only looking up when you heard an array of loud voices barrel through the door.

Wonho shuffled into the living area with a happy Minhyuk close behind. You froze for a moment, furrowing your brows as you looked up at the two familiar men. 

“I just want to let you know that I did not invite them in,” Kihyun sighed, trailing behind the pair. “And this is indeed, a home invasion.” 

“What in the hell are you holding, Hoseok?” you asked, tilting your head. You shut your laptop and moved it onto the couch before standing. 

“It’s a love fern!” he smiled, readjusting to better hold the large pot in his hands. It housed a small, tree-like plant that seemed to be half-dead already. 

“Well, technically it’s a ficus,” Minhyuk nodded, reaching forward and touching one of the waxy leaves. He rubbed it softly between his fingers, causing it to instantly detach from the branch with a pop. HIs eyes grew wide as he looked from the tree, to Wonho, and then back to you. 

Wonho looked up as well, his smile as wide as before. “It’s a love ficus!” 

“Why did you show up, uninvited I may add, with a plant?” Kihyun asked, crossing his arms as he looked at the members disapprovingly. 

“To say congratulations!” Minhyuk nodded happily. 

“Congratulations for what exactly?” you muttered. You shot Kihyun a worried expression as he looked on, just as confused as you were. 

“Moving out of the dorms!” Wonho nodded. “And finally taking the domestic plunge! Young love deserves a love fern.”

“Ficus,” Minhyuk said quietly. 

“I’m going to need you to take a step back,” Kihyun said, biting his lip. Both men nodded, taking actual, physical steps backward into the kitchen area. 

“No,” Kihyun groaned. “Mentally. A verbal step back. What do you mean…young love?” 

“You two,” Minhyuk nodded. “Y/N and Kihyun sitting in a tree,”

“Living d-o-m-e-s-t…ically” Wonho finished with a grin. 

“I think you guys are confused,” you said slowly. “Kihyun and I…”

You looked up to Kihyun at a loss. Both boys meant well, but you and Kihyun simply weren’t together. It had never been something you had ever really even had a conversation about. Sure, he was attractive. Sure, you enjoyed spending time with him. Mostly, your friendship consisted of lowkey flirting and spicy sass, but you were under the impression that was how Kihyun acted with most everyone he came into contact with. 

You hadn’t ever really considered the idea until this very moment when it felt obvious to everyone but you. 

“We are very much not together,” Kihyun nodded slowly, looking from you and focusing on his two members. You winced at the way he drew out the syllables. Your expression formed an unintentional look of hurt, causing him to immediately thrust his hands before him, and shake them in defense. “But like, not saying Y/N is undateable or anything. Very appealing. Very datable. Just not me.” 

Wonho and Minhyuk both furrowed their brows as they turned to look at each other. Wonho took a few steps forward, dropping the heavy plant into your hands. He crossed his muscular arms and tilted his head. “…so…what you’re saying is…”

“You aren’t dating?” Minhyuk said slowly, narrowing his eyes. “Then why did you two move in together?” 

“Because I needed a roommate,” Kihyun sighed, leaning against the counter. You struggled beneath the weight of the plant and groaned. Minhyuk rushed forward and helped you place it on the ground before shooting Kihyun a dirty look. 

“Then why didn’t you ask one of us?” 

“I would still be living at the dorm if I wanted to live with one of you two,” Kihyun chuckled, his eyes disappearing in his cheeks. 

“I’m going to pretend like that didn’t hurt my feelings,” Minhyuk murmured softly. Wonho smiled sadly at him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. 

“He didn’t mean it like that,” Wonho hummed. 

“But I did,” Kihyun cackled. “I absolutely did mean it like that.” 

Minhyuk crossed his arms and began to pout as he looked back and forth from you to Kihyun. “Can we even return a plant? What do we say? The love fern is defective?” 

“No, just the relationship is was meant for,” Wonho chuckled, patting his friend on the shoulder. 

“Why do you keep calling it a love fern anyway?” you sighed. 

“To have the commitment of both of you taking care of the same thing,” Wonho nodded. “Not as intense as a puppy…if this dies, you’ll only be mildly inconvenienced. Not like…having to deal with a dead - ” 

“Thank you for not getting us a puppy,” Kihyun grinned, his eyes meeting yours. “We would have felt really guilty about the return then.” 

“I still don’t know how I return a plant,” Minhyuk said quietly, stumbling forward to pick up the large pot. 

“No, no,” you clucked, pushing his hands away. “We’ll keep it.” 

“But, you guys said-” Minhyuk began. 

“It can be a housewarming gift,” you nodded. “We need to learn how to be a team, even as roommates. It’ll be a good thing to take care of.” 

Minhyuk stood up straight and smiled. “Well…good.” 

“See! It all worked out!” Wonho nodded, grinning at his counterpart. He tapped the younger boy lightly on the nose. “The plant was a good idea after all.” 

“I’m still surprised you two aren’t dating,” Minhyuk sighed. “Maybe you should. People may be getting the wrong idea-”

“Oh, who gives a shit what people think,” Kihyun sighed. “We don’t need to date to be able to live in the same space.” 

“It just looks prettier,” Minhyuk grumbled. “Plus you two would make a cute couple.” 

“Yeah, so would you and Wonho, don’t you have somewhere to be?” Kihyun spat. 

You scrunched your face, mildly offended by the ongoing conversation. You were surprised by the vehemency at which Kihyun was warding off any advances Wonho and Minhyuk attempted to make for you romantically. Granted, you didn’t know if you even felt that way about Kihyun, but to see him so put off by the idea of you two together kind of hurt your feelings. 

“Matter of fact, we do,” Wonho nodded, taking the back and forth argument in stride. “I was promised sushi if I carried something heavy.” 

“Right,” Minhyuk nodded. “You two want to come?”

 You looked up and smirked, focusing on Kihyun. “Would that be too much like a date? I mean, I don’t want to get crazy here.” 

“One, I don’t like the tone,” Kihyun sighed. “Two, I already marinated beef for dinner.”

“Can’t you cook it tomorrow?” Minhyuk whined. “We miss you.” 

“No I can’t,” Kihyun whined in the same tone. “Give a man some notice next time.” 

“Man? I see no man here,” Minhyuk giggled. “Other than the hungry one beside me. Shall we go then, Hoseok?”

“Sure,” Wonho nodded. “See you later, Y/N! Bye Kihyun.” 

“Bye,” Kihyun muttered. 

“Bye, Y/N!” Minhyuk smiled, launching forward to give you a hug. “Pity about the whole not dating thing. But it’s probably better for you that you aren’t dating that grouch.” 

“I am a dream,” Kihyun croaked. “And anyone would be lucky to have me.” 

“Just cause you repeat it to yourself doesn’t mean it’s true,” Minhyuk whispered quickly. “Byeeeee!” 

Kihyun groaned as the front door shut and began to drag his body toward the living room. You plopped on the couch, setting your chin on your palm as you stared at the large plant now in front of you. 

Kihyun sat down beside you and sighed. 

“You know…it may not be like…a bad idea?” he whispered, focusing on the plant as well. 

“What wouldn’t be a bad idea?” you croaked. “Getting food? Taking care of the communal plant?” 

“No, I mean…you know,” he nodded, finally looking up and catching your eyes. 

“No, I don’t know,” you said, shaking your head. “But please, do tell.” 

“I mean…like maybe we should…” he trailed, whispering the final part of the sentence just low enough so you couldn’t hear. 

“What?” you asked, tilting your head. 

“Maybe we should…” he trailed. “Or something.”

“Kihyun, you have to speak u-”

“I SAID MAYBE WE SHOULD GO ON A DATE SOMETIME,” he gasped. “I mean…it’s not like the WORST idea…” 

You lifted your brows, trying to hide a chuckle. “Oh? You think so?” 

“It’s cool with me if it’s cool with you,” Kihyun said with a shrug. He immediately looked down to his feet. He liked to pretend he was noncommittal, but you knew he was dying inside as he waited for your response. 

“You don’t think it would mess up this whole dynamic?” you asked, motioning to the apartment around you. “The whole roommate thing?”

“Well, if it does,” he sighed. “As you saw, I could have a replacement roommate in minutes.” 

“You’re just so charming,” you grumbled, shaking your head. You punched him lightly in the shoulder and set him with a serious gaze. “Seriously though, don’t feel compelled because Hoseok was sprouting all of this dumb and meaningless stuff about a love fern.” 

“Not meaningless! Who are we to leave a love fern without two committed parents?” he asked, lifting his brows. “Frankly, I think it would be pretty irresponsible to not date now that it’s in our house.” 

“Of course,” you chuckled. “What was I possibly thinking?” 

“Pfft, well I’m glad I can be here to bring you to your senses,” Kihyun nodded, the smile growing on his face. “So what do you say? After I cook dinner we go for a movie? I’ll even pay for the tickets.” 

“Jees, what a gentleman,” you gasped in feigned awe. 

“I may even buy you some popcorn,” he chuckled. “And maybe even try to hold your hand.” 

“Ooo,” you cooed, wiggling your brows. “Do you think you’ll fake a yawn to put your arm around me?” 

“I may just have to!” he said with wide eyes. He immediately dissolved into a fit of soft chuckles as you both fell backward onto the couch. 

“So…we’re really going to try this…huh?” you hummed, looking up at him through your lashes. 

Kihyun bit his lip as he shifted, leaning so he could better face you. He reached out, letting his arm wiggle around your lower back, and pull you in close. You nearly forgot how to breath as this new development moved into place. You had never been this close to your friend before and never thought you would be. 

“Well…why not?” 

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GOT7 Reaction: You are a Foreign Artist he is Attracted to but he Finds Out You’re Dorky and Tomboy-ish

Request: Hi ! I really liked your Got7’s reaction, so I wanted to request you too, if you don’t mind. Would you be okay doing a Got7 reaction, in which you are a foreign artist. They find you physically attractive but upon befriending you they realize that you are quite a dork and a tomboy. So not at all what they pictured, haha. Sorry for all the details lolol

I tried to do my best on this request, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to add the artist part into this reaction so I wrote whatever I could, whether you two saw each other on the street in SK or whatever country you’re from or met at a music festival - I just hope this was request was good and made enough sense (:


Originally posted by mintokkies

He noticed you at a coffee shop. A few people were swarming around a girl who didn’t seem to be from South Korea, so he was a little curious as to who you were. Jaebum was looking at you with interest. While he was fiddling with the cup of his drink, he noticed how pretty your smile was when a fan tried to tell you how amazing your music was and how gorgeous you looked in person.

I think Jaebum would be a little troubled on how to approach you since he might have have difficulty speaking to you in a way that the both of you would be able to understand each other, but he gathered up the courage and stood up from his table in the corner of the shop, strutting towards your table once you were alone.

He was a bit nervous, but he didn’t show it. Tapping your shoulder, you turned around with a kind smile on your face, leaning your head to the side as Jaebum then made hand gestures trying to think of how to greet you. “Hello,” he breathes, pointing a finger at himself, “I am Jaebum.”

You laugh softly at the way he tries to talk to you and you introduce yourself the same way he did. “Hello, I am ______.” you held your hand out for him to shake and he immediately took it, a relieved smile on his face.

“Are you.. famous?” he stumbles over his words just the slightest, but you still understand, and nod as an answer. You cross your legs and fix your hair while you tell him that you’re a singer, and that you’re in Seoul for a concert that you’re going to perform.

You tell him to sit down across from you so that he is more comfortable in talking to you and he obliges willingly, marveling at the way you look while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. He tries to ask you common questions like what your hobbies are and such.

He was surprised to learn what you were interested in that he originally thought he didn’t think you would be into, so he was completely caught off guard. He responded with a drawn out ‘ohh’ of interest, resting his chin in the palm of his hand on the table with an adoring smile on his face, listening to you talk more about your hobbies.


Originally posted by baddabingbaddabang

Mark was in L.A. when he saw you chilling at a table outside of a cafe. He recognized you immediately since it didn’t seem like you were trying to hide your identity. You were wearing sunglasses, slumping in your chair as you enjoyed sipping on your cold drink.

You wore a summer dress that was suitable for the weather, and a snapback to help shield your face from the sun. Mark was enthralled by how good you looked in the dress and how well the sunglasses framed your face.

I think he would have approached you confidently considering he knew English. He walked up to you with a bright smile, giving you a bow when he sees that you notice him. You struggle to sit up properly since slumping in a chair felt much more relaxing, but you did it for the sake of being polite. “Hello,” he greets you, pulling out the chair across from you all the while asking if he could sit with you. You tell him yes and he finally plops into the seat with a comfortable sigh.

“It’s nice to meet you.” he smiles shyly, holding out his hand for you to shake. He held your hand firmly and shook it, his arms getting goosebumps when his fingertips just barely brush over the inside of your wrist.

Mark seemed to be at ease when you told him that you knew who he was and how you loved his work. He responded the same way and went straight into asking you what your hobbies were and all that. You weren’t a person who would question things people do so you eagerly told him all about what you like, what you enjoy doing, and all that. You even mentioned that you normally don’t dress the way you are right now, but because of the weather, you kind of had to if you didn’t want to have a heatstroke.

Mark was interested in hearing this because he didn’t see you as the type of person who wore baggy t-shirts or knee length shorts. He also definitely did not see you as the type of girl to like Pokemon, or watch different mystery/adventure shows. He was so intrigued with the fact that you were different from the way you dressed, and so he stayed outside with you longer; eager to listen more about who you are.


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You two meet each other at the MAMA Awards actually. You were just a guest that was watching the awards. By chance, you and Jackson were seated near each other. He was sitting at a circular table while you were on one of the front seats behind the tables.

He noticed you first, noticing the gorgeous outfit you were wearing and also seeing how nonchalantly you rock it. Jackson was definitely impressed. He turned around in his seat and began talking to you in English, sensing how you only knew a few words of Korean. You were only able to come to South Korea because one of your friends understood and spoke the language, so you came along with them to watch the awards.

You brushed a few loose strands of hair away from your face and leaned closer to him so that you could hear more clearly what he was saying. Jackson introduced himself to you, since it seemed like you had no idea who he was (of course you knew him, he looks too good to not be well known).

Happily, you held your hand out for him to shake as you introduced yourself. He looked at you in surprise and gasped as he took your hand in both of his, smiling brightly. “You’re ____? You look so pretty in person!” he claims and uses his compliment as an excuse to have his gaze roam all over your face, admiring every feature while you take the time to reply.

Blushing, you shake your head and wrinkle your nose. He asks why you’re saying no and you explain to him how you don’t normally look like this. You’re usually wearing sweats or sports clothes since they’re more comfortable than other clothing. You don’t normally wear makeup since you don’t understand how it really works, and you definitely aren’t like the image you have as an artist and celebrity.

Jackson is listening to you intently with amazement and holds his chin in both of his palms as he listens intently to you rambling on and on about how much better and comfortable it is to just be yourself instead of pretending to be what you have to be for contract purposes.


Originally posted by ithadtobeyouforever

I don’t think Youngjae would approach right away once your aura and style attracted him. He noticed that you were a foreigner and famous even, when he saw that people were walking up to you and asking for selfies and autographs; the like. You were just hanging out at a local field where you played soccer with one of your Korean-Canadian born friends.

He was going to play soccer by himself at the same place, but it seemed that you already took a part of the field for yourself and your friend. He frowned at this and sat at the side to watch you play since you had to take a big part of the field just for your enjoyment.

Once he saw you play, he was immediately impressed. He wanted to talk to you, but he wasn’t very sure because his English was a bit weak.

He went up to your friend though and greeted them with a loud call of their name (you were like?? you didn’t know your friend knew this boi), bowing in your direction once you see him come up to you and your friend. You introduce yourself with one hand on your chest, trying to catch your breath from dribbling the soccer ball so much.

Youngjae greets you with his broken english and smiles the best he can, greeting your friend in Korean while you say hello. He was quite astonished when you spoke to him in your own broken Korean and he grinned in satisfaction, even though you yourself didn’t really know what you were saying.

Your friend properly introduced you to Youngjae and he nodded, looking at you with a soft smile.

Eventually, Youngjae warmed up to you because you were so kind to him even though both of you didn’t really know each other’s language. Thankfully your friend was there to translate. When you thought your friend and Youngjae were having a normal conversation, it suddenly felt like your friend was telling embarrassing things about you to Youngjae.

You glanced at their direction and saw him have different kinds of surprise and interest on his face as his gaze spaces out on you while your friend continues talking. In his head, Youngjae can’t believe you’re dorkier than you let on. Hearing your hobbies and what you like to do when you (think) are alone. He laughs along at stories your friend tells him and you’re just wondering about what they’re talking about, a lost look in your eyes and Youngjae continues to laugh.


Originally posted by jypnior

I have no clue how Jinyoung  even managed to get to you. You had a gig at a club, and it just seemed that he was at that very club to have a drink or two with some of his other members.

The club was crowded that night because you were performing a gig. When Jinyoung saw you singing the most beautiful song he’s ever heard, he couldn’t help but basically fall in love with you at first sight (hearing??). You even did some cute gestures between measures of your music while the people in club cheered for you and got closer to the podium you were on.

A kind, warm smile was on your face despite the fact that you were practically sweating buckets. Reaching out to the people who were holding theirs hands out for you to touch, you kept on singing passionately, your eyelids eventually falling shut when you immerse yourself into the song.

Jinyoung stares at you adoringly, his lips slightly parted. A few moments you were acting cute and now you were acting like a true singer - one who sings their emotions. He starts to sway along to the lyrics you let out from your mouth and closes his eyes as the sweet melody of your voice goes through his ears.

He opens his eyes once he realizes you’ve left the podium, his gaze trails after you until you enter the dressing room. Jinyoung stands up from the stool he was sitting on and sneakily enters the room you entered after knocking and you telling the person to come in. You were surprised when you saw him, but he just gave you a smile and proceeded to compliment you and your voice and how breathtaking you looked when you sang your heart out.

You cooed at him, responding with a gentle kamsamnida. Even though you didn’t know much Korean, he was still satisfied with how many words you knew. You didn’t find it that weird that Jinyoung was in your dressing room, you enjoyed the company and you knew him as a fellow celebrity and so you two talked about a lot of things. You shared a lot of stories about yourself and even threw in a few lame jokes here and there.

Your jokes caught him off guard - they were even so bad that he laughed at your jokes for being so bad. He shared a few better jokes with you, and laughed twice as hard as you did when you opened your mouth to share another bad joke, sometimes sighing in despair when the joke is especially bad. He seems to enjoy your bad jokes and cute gestures though, so it is okay.


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You had a fansigning at the mall and it so happened to be that Bam Bam was at the mall when you were singing a part of one of your songs all the while signing a fan’s album and photobook. Your voice was filling the whole place since you had a microphone that was hooked up to two large amps.

You voiced a few Korean phrases, giggling happily when your fans cheered or said ‘gwiyeowoyo’.

Bam Bam was walking down the escalator to see who was doing a fansigning at the mall today and when he saw you, he had to do a double take. His mouth fell open just a little while he watched you run your fingers through your hair. You held the microphone to a fan that was letting you sign their album. She tried her best to sing your song even though she stumbled a few times over the words.

Grinning at her, you lightly squeezed your hand before she went and continued to sing along to your song while signing photobooks and albums, receiving a few plushies and cute headbands in the process.

Bam Bam immediately went to go meet you. He didn’t have anything for you to sign so instead he held out his phone case for you to write on. He wasn’t sure if you were allowed to sign things other than your merchandise. He was relieved when you signed it anyway and kneeled in front of your table for a little longer, hoping that they wouldn’t force him to keep going.

They did force him, but you held onto his hand once you recognized him, giving the guards a double chin frown when they keep telling Bam Bam to go. He giggles behind his other hand and you do the same, looking at him with a wide smile. “I know you! Wanna hang out after my fansigning?”

He quickly nodded and you two shared memes with each other after you met at the food court. He absolutely adored you already, even if you just showed him two memes. (What can he say, they were really good.)


Originally posted by got7arrival

Yugyeom actually met you at the Duet Song Festival. Everyone at the festival thought you were just a normal foreigner who enjoyed singing music in your spare time.

No one had an actual clue that you already established yourself as a singer in your home country before moving to South Korea where you thought you could have a career in the industry here too. You weren’t as well known in SK as you are at home, but at least a few people recognized you.

You had to practice a song with Yugyeom before it was you guys’ turn to sing on stage.

Yugyeom was quite shy around you at first since he thought you were just a normal girl with an extraordinary voice. You two hung out a lot whether it was practicing for the festival or you two just wanted to chill and get to know each other more.

He found you quite funny because you had really good jokes and he was content of the fact that you were semi-fluent in his language. He struggled a bit with English (or your native language) and all, but you both spoke in Korean most of the time so he didn’t have to embarrass himself with his broken English.

He was attracted to you, no lie, but he didn’t know how to approach you with that fact at the back of his head. He was still shy around you, but was much more comfortable once you two got to know each other much more. He was surprised at how boy-ish you dressed when you were either outside or inside and was happy at the fact that you knew how to play the piano and ate very well.

When he found out that you were actually a well known celebrity outside of SK after the festival was over, he squawked in surprise and asked you to show him your songs.

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hi! i read your posts about the possibility of sheith being canon, and i just wanted to let you know there's one more interview where the producers talk about lgbtq rep. if you google "fighting in the war room lauren montgomery", it should be the first result. it's a podcast interview, and the question about rep is towards the very end of the interview. ofc, that doesn't mean sheith will be canon, but i agree with you that the creators seem genuine about wanting to put lgbtq rep in the show.

hi! ohh thank you that was really interesting!!! for anyone else who never listened to it, it was an interview with lauren and joaquim. here’s some highlights:

  • they both thought the korrasami ending was fantastic, and were proud to be part of it
  • when pressed if voltron would ever “take that step,” lauren said “we have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope” and i mean, well. we know that they got that contract for 78 episodes, and then apparently it was expanded even more and now we have seasons, so…that sure sounds like enough time to put in representation if you ask me…particularly if this was something they were thinking about in the meanwhile and kind of setting up already 
  • lauren said representation is about “moving the conversation forward” and offering “more accurate representation of the people that are out there and our world” 
  • something really interesting i didnt consider: joaquim said that “in the future the paladins live in, these aren’t even issues that come up, and people are just accepting of who they are.” so apparently people in the voltron universe are a hell of a lot nicer than the ones in ours. and really i hope that means the death of stereotypes like “straight with an exception,” a character having an “oh no im gay” “scare”, making a character lgbt just for “Angst” because if youre gay then you must be very sad and tragic and suffering, that shitty thing where a character like acts out or bullies others and they claim its what internalized homophobia looks like, ect. most importantly, voltron is geared toward younger viewers. i think it really means a lot for lgbt kids to see themselves represented in a world where everyone is really accepting and supportive. 

so ya i really do think the staff cares, and that makes me really happy. i would be over the moon about sheith of course, but id also be thankful to have representation in any capacity, whether that manifests as something like a character’s romantic orientation or pidge’s gender or a relationship, i do think they’ll put in something, and i look forward to it. but really thank you this cheered me up! 

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Scenario please! Revali and Teba have an s/o who is super passionate and excited about a topic and they going on and on about it, all excited. But then they suddenly stop and apologize, looking all sheepish. Because someone in the past had told the s/o that they were annoying or that no one cared about what they were saying. How would Revali and Teba react to that?


  • He had been listening to you ramble on for some time now, but he didn’t mind. How could he? He never seen you so animated and the way your eyes sparkles made him a little memorized. Sure, he hadn’t heard much about geology, but your passion seemed to rival Princess Zelda’s love for archaeology, and it was quite informational that even he made a few notes.

    However in the midst of your sentence, you clammed up, face turning red and a sheen of sweat appearing on your brow. Revali was perturbed at the sudden cut off and watched as you stammer an apology. His brow twitched, and his crossed wings fell to rest on his hips. What the hell were you apologizing for? “You know, [Name], it’s impolite to drop the conversation… I was listening.”

    “A-ah, I’m sorry. I just kinda remember someone a long time ago telling me it’s boring when I ramble…” You sheepishly said, rubbing your forearm.

    His eye twitched, “So you will listen to an imbecile who does not have the brains to keep up with you? You have no reason to apologize nor quell your conversations.” He scoffed, crossing his arms. The feathers on his neck rose in agitation. “I have half a mind to seek that blubbering fool for instilling that into your brain. You are the only one around here with a decent discussion.”

    You bit your lip feeling pretty happy and you started up telling him about different minerals. Revali diligently listened feeling more intrigued than before out of spite for that jerk.


  • While he was tending to his bow he was listening to you speak about entomology. He didn’t really see the appeal in insects, but he figured who was he to crush what you were so passionate about? You obviously knew your stuff from how you were explaining the functions of a centipede’s legs. He would glance at you every now and then, nodding to let you know that he was listening.

    Unfortunately, you had took his looks the wrong way and your sentence waned down to nothing. Teba noticed the sudden silence and looked back at you curiously. You just shrugged feeling your face warm and a twisting knot form in your stomach. He furrowed his brows and set his bow to the side and grabbed your wrist to pull you into his lap. You weren’t prepared and tumbled down before bashfully staring at Teba.

    He sighed, his usual tone flat, “I know you think I’m not interested-”

    “Ohh. That’s not it…I-I’m mean, yes, but-” You sighed, collecting your thoughts, “From experience I know I can talk someone’s ear off and I know it’s not the most interesting thing in the world…”

    Teba just gave you a long look before he nuzzled your face. “Well, I’m listening.”

    It took a second to register before wrapping your arms around him. You then buried your face into his neck to mutter, “Thank you…”
"I ship it" - Archie Andrews

(please like and request for more, it would mean a lot!!)

Hey (y/n) wait up! I heard a voice call from behind me. I turn around only to come eye to eye with Archie Andrews, The golden boy of Riverdale high. “Hey Archie what’s up?” I ask curious to the reason why he wanted to talk to me so bad. “I need to ask you something… would-” Archie started before getting cut off by Jughead running up and saying “Archie I really need to talk to you right now!” “Okay Jughead I just need to-” he started before being cut off again “No this cannot wait!” Jughead started pulling Archie away. “(Y/n) I’ll talk to you later promise.” Archie said as he was pulled away by Jughead. Laughing I shook my head and started toward my first period class.

When the bell rang for lunch, I put my books away and headed to my usual spot under the shade of a tree near the football field. I sat down and opened my book to where I left off, falling into my own little world once again.

Archie’s pov

I look over my shoulder to find (y/n) sitting over in her usual spot, completely ignoring the conversation Veronica and Betty have been having for the last ten minutes about who knows what. “I still can’t believe you haven’t asked her out yet.” Kevin says grabbing my attention. “Ohh who hasn’t he asked out?” Ronnie asks suddenly more interested in my love life than the conversation between her and Betty. “(Y/n) (y/l/n).” Kevin states pointing in (y/n)’s direction. “Well I would have this morning but someone had to interrupt.” I say looking toward Jughead who had his arm around Betty. “Aww you guys would be cute together, I SHIP IT!!” Ronnie basically yells. “Would you be quiet!!” I say a blush coming on to my cheeks. “Well then get your pretty butt over there and ask her already.” Kevin demands basically pushing me off the bench. He’s right I just need to man up and ask her I think making my way over to (y/n). I tap her on the shoulder causing her to look up at me, wow she’s beautiful. “Hey Archie, you wanted to ask me a question earlier?” She asks as she starts to stand up. “Umm… I was wondering if you would….um maybe want to join me for dinner at Pop’s tomorrow night?” I ask stuttering my words. “Are you asking me on a date Archie Andrews!?“ She asks surprised. “Ya but if you don’t want it to be that’s-” she cuts me off saying “Archie calm down! Of course I would love to go a date with you.” She says smiling. “Okay Pop’s at 7:00 tomorrow?” I add “sounds good to me, Bye Archie I have to catch up on homework see you tomorrow” She says winking at me then turning and walking away. I walk back to my table of friends only to have them attack me with questions. “Guys calm down, she said yes.” I say the smile never leaving my lips. “YESS MY SHIP IS SAILING!!” Kevin yells on the top of his lungs earning weird looks from everyone around us.

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Ohh. Interesting thoughts. I’m interested to hear more about all of these angles. Like how Chara would’ve survived or come back, and what would fill someone with that much hate.  

Those are 2 things I am happy to say nobody has ever asked me to do.
And uh wow how did you find out don’t you believe in me, friend?

Oh? This one is interesting, too. Props to this pacing.

nicoless88  asked:

Since in the SnK world, the characters are supposed to be Germans(?), but are Japanese (somehow...) But they are introduced with spoon and fork as table utensils, so what if they would be told to practice chopsticks, how good/bad the 104th and vets would be and what are their reactions?

The characters aren’t supposed to be any nationality I think (In the way you think at least, of course they still kinda show many cultural aspects of a certain group and all, but yeah), although the SNK world is a mirror of our own world the nations as we know them don’t exist really. Also the characters already use chopsticks in canon, as well as knifes and spoons, but I get the idea so let’s just pretend ;)

Mikasa: Would need some practice but enjoy eating with chopsticks more as it’s more challenging
Reiner: Tries, but doesn’t really get the concept
Bertholdt: Does kinda well actually, is a bit confused though
Annie: Does pretty well, thinks it’s nice
Eren: wonders why you’d do that when you can just eat with fork and knife?!
Jean: Can’t really do it, but really wants to be able to, to impress
Marco: Takes a bit but does pretty well actually
Sasha: Can do it in the first try, but doesn’t really like it, because she has to concentrate more on the process of eating than on the flavor of the food
Connie: Just sticks the chopsticks into the meat and eats off it
Historia: can do it quite well and will gladly do it whenever needed, but prefers fork and knife
Armin: Has read about this but kinda lacks practical skill, it’s pretty cool anyway and he thinks it enhances the experience of the food
Ymir: “Oh no, Historia, I can’t do it!!!11! PlEaSe ShoW MeeH!” Wink
Levi: It’s more hygienic, so can everyone just use chopsticks please so we don’t have to touch food ever again?!
Hanji: ohh that’s funny and cool!
Erwin: Interesting, will use it for foreign relations
Nanaba: More concentration on eating means you’re gaining less weight, very good
Mike: Can catch everything you throw at him with chopsticks, bye
Moblit: Too shaky for this shit