ohh the childhood memories

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1. Dream career?
Some sort of comic artist, illustrator or animator ahh

2. Funniest thing in google search history?
I went to check and the 28′th of september 23:34 o’clock I had searched “en fisk” which is swedish for “a fish”

3. Favorite beverage?
Anything with bubbles except beer

4. A childhood memory?
Ohh one time when I was maybe 7 my dad, my grandma, my sister and I went mushroom picking and dad stepped in an underground wasp’s nest (I googled and they’re called vespulas or yellow jackets?? In any case they were HUGE). Immediately we were under attack and we ran away, dad, gran and me, and we were stung so badly. My sister however had found a mushroom on the other side of a tree, the wasps hadn’t seen her and she got away unharmed.

5. A strange obsession?
I twirl my own (and others) hair when I get restless

6. Song that you love but you won’t admit to loving it?

7. Current relationship status?
Very relationshippy with this gal

8. Favorite subject in school?
Music and art höhöhöhö

9. Three words to describe yourself?
Witty, lazy, happy

10. Most traumatic video ever watched?
Ugh. One video of a man breaking a leg, it still haunts me

11. One thing you love about yourself?
I can manage to stay calm and be a rock in situations, das pretty neat

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