ohh right!

  • [Fat Amy approaches as they almost get to their room]
  • Fat Amy: Hey, what's going on?
  • Beca: Chloe is a little drunk.
  • Fat Amy: Yay! I love drunk Chloe!
  • Chloe: Awwwww! *giggles*
  • Beca: [To Chloe] Go change!
  • Beca: [To Amy] She doesn't want Aubrey to know she's drunk.
  • Fat Amy: Ohh! All right! All right. Here's what we'll do, I'll get twice as drunk as Chloe and then no one will even notice her.

“Oh listeners! Guess who called me today! Hint: he’s a scientist and my boyfriend and I love him the most!“

My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x16 "Checkmate"

- Where are you oliver? This feels like in 3x09 oooooh you’re probably looking for Talia, ok. Yep I was right

- ohh I love when my dearies have right!!! hehehe some of the spec I read about Talia working with Prometheus are true. Nice work girls 

-ugh felicity in what you’ve gotten yourself into *sighs* they’re playing you and you fell so easily

-in that Adrian is right. Oliver you have done everything according his plan. He played you so beautifully

- see even one of my predictions is true. Not exactly the way I thought but I DID say Promy would kill DL. Altho she’s still alive but kidnapped and threatened is close enough

- ehmmm well I’m not sure that Oliver, I say he has a play with felicity. That’s where Helix comes in. I don’t think Promy is going to attack Felicity physically. not yet at least. He doesn’t even need his alter ego.  All he has to do as DA is prosecute her for hacking and cyberterrorism

- awww a parallel with a laptop ridden with bullets

- Damn I have to agree with Adrian. It IS more fun now when everything is out in the open

- uh-oh is a fight coming?

- oh At last yes!!! Well done, Oliver. but of course she won’t spill anything out to you but he voiced his concern for her

- Oh my Anatoly, precious man. Oliver should have listened to you but well nothing we can do about that now

- oh Pike you’re so dead :/ see I told you

- oh poor my baby! Adrian has his head so messed up :(

- Thank you anatoly for making me laugh. totally necessary

- grown-ups no, stinking-ass decisions, felicity!!!

- Diggle please put some sense and clarity in Oliver. He needs it so bad right now. Help your brother

- he’s gonna killed her

- see!! i knew it!

- FUCK!!! FUCK FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! They took him

- yes! Quoting Digg! And it’s true baby.

- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAIT WHAT?!!! You can’t leave it there!!! How dare you?!!

This episode was good!!! the only thing i would change is that instead of 2 the dead people were 3. That way it’d have been perfect

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so i guess today is world poetry day or something? i wasn’t planning on posting this ever because i’m not very confident in my poetry but i figured why not! i’m not really sure if i like this one at all but i guess what’s important is that i gave it a shot??

it’s inspired by @boykeats ‘s dictionary poems which i have loved intensely ever since i first read one. i think that if it weren’t for him and his poetry i never would have posted this (or made it to begin with!), so thank you so much for making and posting your work!!


The Skwad playing superhero charades

after a respectful pause, he resumed talking to me about demographics
  • Gabe: you know how your dash is divided between people who are not remotely anime and people who are super anime, even if they're sometimes anime in remission
  • Gabe: and ne'er the twain shall actually meet
  • Gogol: i think the weirdest thing about the past few months has been having
  • Gogol: erupt into yoi
  • Gabe: YEAH that's one of the weirdest things about yoi
  • Gabe: just. how did it... why this...
  • Gogol: it's honorary live action and oatmeal-jawed or something
  • Gabe: what is oatmeal-jawed
  • Gogol: oh. um
  • Gogol: a combination of oatmeal-complected and square-jawed that i didn't think through
  • Gabe: ohh. right.
Queen of Shadows Plots

Chaol: *joins the rebels, fights the valgs to help innocent people, secures the palace so Aelin can rescue Aedion, helps Lysandra kill Arobynn, sacrifices himself in front of the king to help Aelin escape and rescue Dorian*

Dorian: *is hijacked by a Valg prince, has forgotten his own name, yet is still trying to fight the darkness and not completely submit to the evil inside him*

Rowan: …. what am I doing here? ohh right I have a boner for Aelin!!!

It’s me.
Hahahah well guys this day i came for presenting a new character with the name Eno ,why Eno well if you look the name very good you can see the “why”.
Well ,i’m feeling inspirate for this reason i did this character,i do in my style (with traditional method) and now i wanted do her in anime.
For this i have inspiration in Connor Sinclair(Nova vs the forces of aodlescence’s character, @mrevaunit42 character).
Ohh right ,she’s a monster YEPPP a monster ,but a good monster ^ ^ don’t worry,she have a partner called “Owt”.

“P-perhaps… g-gold? N-no, wouldn’t t-that be rather t-too boring…? I m-mean, it’d set the stone out nicely, b-but so much of it m-might look tacky, if I d-don’t get the right finish… a-anyone can drape themselves in g-gold, it hardly m-makes a piece classy on it’s own…”

She paused, recalling a gleaming, tacky suit… and shivered.

“N-no… mmnnn… m-maybe I’m t-thinking in the wrong d-direction… p-perhaps I need t-to start over. M-maybe… p-perhaps I could g-get it made in ceramic…? That w-would certainly b-be unique… t-there MUST b-be some potters I could r-reach through the guild, right? Ohh, o-or what if… m-maybe if I used coral as an contrast…”

In a world where O*icity is endgame: Clark Kent marries Lana Lang, Peter Parker marries Gwen Stacy, Barry Allen marries Caitlin Snow, Batman ends up dating Harley Quinn while Joker dates Catwoman.

And when are all of these gonna happen? ohh that’s right NEVER!

Read a fucking comic book Stephen Amell, please. 

rfaimagining  asked:

gloria, dream sky n fantastic dolly; my dude!!

Gloria: Name a very rare item that you would love to own.

Dream Sky: Have you ever seen a shooting star?

Fantastic Dolly: What cosmetics do you use?

Ohh man, all right. I’m not really sure? I don’t want a lot of stuff that’s rare. Maybe a really cool old book or something.

I have seen a shooting star! Only a few weeks ago, and it was my first time seeing one, too. Pretty cool I guesS??

I don’t feel like fishing through my makeup bag but I shop at Ulta for my makeup. I use a lot of dupes so its less-expensive. 

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