ohh puppy

Dear Journal,

This morning, Sirius, Regulus and I woke up really early to decorate the house for Teddy’s birthday. The living room was filled with balloons and ribbons! While Regulus and I baked the cake and made breakfast, Sirius walked the puppy. They were adorable! He came back just in time when Teddy woke up. We had gotten a big box to hide the puppy in so Teddy wouldn’t know what it was. I walked to Teddy’s room and slowly opened the door. He was jumping up and down in his crib, smiling.

“Happy birthday Teddy!” I said, picking him up.

“I’m one Dadda! I’m a big boy now!” He said, happier than ever.

“You are my love! Do you want to come and get breakfast with Pads and Regulus?” I asked, knowing what was waiting for him behind the door.

“Did you make pancakes?” He asked.

“Of course we did! They look delicious!” I said, opening the door and revieling a big box.

Sirius and regulus were kneeling next to the big blue box, waiting for Teddy’s reaction.

“Is this present for me?” He asked, smiling widely.

“It is! Want to open it?” Sirius said.

I set Teddy on the floor and he removed the cover of the box. He stood on his tippy toes to look inside the box and gasped.

“Ohh! A puppy! Hi puppy!” He said taking the small dog in his arms.

“Do you like him?” Sirius asked.

“Yes! He looks like a mini padfoot! Is he mine?” Teddy asked, his eyes getting big as he realised it was the new member of our family.

“He is! He doesn’t have a name yet..” I said, sitting next to Teddy and the little pup.

“Hum.. let’s name him thunder! So he will protect us during storms.” Teddy said, petting the happy puppy.

“That’s a beautiful name baby.. Do you want to play with him while I set the table?” I asked.

“Okay, thank you Dadda, thank you Padda!!” He said, jumping in our arms. “c'mon Thunder! I’ll show you my room!” He called running next to the dog.

“Thunder’s a pretty badass name..” Sirius laughed.

“Look at him.. they’re adorable.” I said, as Sirius wrapped his arm around my waist.

“They’re our family babe.. We did it.” Sirius said, smiling.

“We did it. I love you.” I said, kissing his soft lips tenderly.

“I love you too.”

May 30th 1998

When Austin is jeaous...

What if Dallas would come back in the 4th season? I think it would be funny. I’ve always imaged Austin a jealous boyfriend who would dress Ally with his jacket just for the rest of the boys to see she’s his girl, who would kiss her hard and passionately in front of them just to prove his point, so having Dallas back would make him a bit jealous and act different .I can imagine Ally talking and laughing with Dallas at Sonic Boom and Austin watching them intensive,  Dez being Dez and Trish thinking about something:

”Austin, buddy, you don’t have to worry,” Dez said and he put his hand on his shoulder. ”I’m sure Ally doesn’t feel anything for Dallas anymore. You don’t have to be jealous, it’s not like she is going to leave you for him just because he’s smarter now or because he has a nicer hair color than you and that new haircut that makes him look so cool.”
Austin looked at Dallas’ hair worried.
” Or because of his big hazel puppy eyes,” Dez said and Austin looked back at him.
”I have hazel puppy eyes too,” Austin interrupted him and Dez rolled his eyes. ”Let me finish it! Ohh, yeah, big puppy eyes, or because he’s named after the 3rd largest city of Texas.”
”I’m named after a city of Texas too.”
”I know that, but you’re the 4th largest city, he’s above you. Plus, his name is also the name of one of the most famous Tv shows ever. Sorry man!”
”I’m going to ignore the fact you knew those information. Austin is the capital of Texas, I’m above him! Plus, his name is famous only because of that show, but I’m known as Austin Moon, the Internet Sensation, future winner of a Grammy and the lover of the year.”
”If you’re ” The Lover of the Year”, you have to call me ” The Love Whisper too,” Dez said whispering.
”Again, no one calls you like that,” Austin imitated him.
After a second when Dallas ran a hand through his hair trying to impress Ally(in Austin’s opinion) Trish smiled:
”You’re sure he can’t sing? He would be even more famous than Austin if he could,” she whispered in Dez’s ear.
”Hey!I heard that and trust me, that’s impossible.’
”You’re sure?He looks so much as Francisco Lachowski and the girls love Francisco Lachowski.”
”Pfff what?! He may look like that Brazilian guy, but I look like Ross Lynch and you can’t beat Ross Lynch.”